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  1. Finn

    The Free State of Zagoria

    thank god, would suck to have to rely on barrels of water that taste like chlorine tablets
  2. Finn

    The Free State of Zagoria

    Looks good, hopefully this will bring activity to the area Too bad there aren't any wells in your state
  3. Backstory Equipment Kalashnikov or Skorpion Mixed military and civilian clothing Likes Equality Giving to those in need Farming Fighting for those who can't Dislikes Greedy people Corruption Capitalism Fasism
  4. Finn

    Na Buachaillí Glasa - [Closed Recruitment]

    Good luck guys!
  5. Finn

    Application for forcibly disbanded Clan Revival

    Yes, with proper reasoning. I know there were groups banned for rules that are no longer in effect, and banned for being improperly run, so if that can be fixed, all will be fine.
  6. Finn


    Possibly, but you need a functioning car to really get into things
  7. Finn


    Well dayz game me a blue screen

    1. Zero


      Did it kill yer computer tho?

    2. Finn


      nah all good

    3. Finn


      And anotha one

    4. Zero


      I think I remember seeing a guide on how to fix the BSOD somewhere on here when I was at work.

    5. uSx


      You need to verify files and re-install the game. Apparently, that fixes it. Had the same issue, re-installed, haven't played long enough since to check if the issue was resolved.


  8. Finn

    • Finn
    • KennethRP


    waiting on RDR2 online like

    1. KennethRP


      I heard it's coming the 27th. 😉

  9. Finn

    Voip volume behind me is low.

    I can hear Voip fine in front of me, but when I'm facing forward I can't hear voices that good behind me.
  10. Finn

    Voip volume behind me is low.

    I'm not sure if I can get any help on here but I've switched to a new headset and it's much better quality for both sound and mic but for some reason I can't hear voip that good behind me, but I hear it clear as day in front of me. I think it might make a hostile situation go bad and I want to figure out if I could fix it. My headset is a Corsair HS70, not sure if anyone else has had this problem with this brand.
  11. Finn

    Development Blog #1

    I've done 3D modeling of Weapons in the past, not sure how I'd get them to function like the weapons in game but if you guys need any help I'd be happy to help out with making objects too.
  12. Finn

    Real life picture Thread

    If I accidentally initiate I'll blame it on the cat, then show this picture.
  13. KennethRP

    • KennethRP
    • Finn

    Let's look for treasures!!


  14. Finn

    Not Bad For A Coward, eh?

    I'm not going to lie but I skipped through a lot... but it is structured very well, and sounds like something a novel. I think it's great and I think with writing skills like that and the determination to make a story that deep you will go really far in this community.
  15. KennethRP

    • KennethRP
    • Finn

    Shall Kenneth and Clyde build a house?


    1. Finn


      *Clyde keeps hammering the nail even though it is properly set in place*

    2. KennethRP


      *Kenneth sleeps under some planks*

    3. Finn


      *Uncle joins the hobos*

    4. KennethRP


      Uncle is the OG hobo?

    5. Finn


      Hobo god