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  1. Finn


    When the roleplay gets too relaxed it legit turns into the DayZ version of VRChat. People run around with megaphones yelling at eachother with borderline troll behavior. That's why there needs to be a good balance of HostileRP and Normal RP or it will legit turn into a shit show when everyone is bored.

    1. Zero


      Report it if there is an issue.

  2. Finn

    *You suddenly hear a voice via the radio (89.5)*

    *Clyde presses on the PTT button* "My parents say I need a therapist..." *He releases the PTT button*
  3. Finn

    How about some Optimism?

    The server has been staying at around 25 or more people for a majority of the day so that means something.
  4. Finn


    People need to understand that not everyone is going into a great mood to talk IC, someone ran about 500m across a field to talk to me and then questioned why I sounded like I didn't want to talk. It's a zombie apocalypse, not a meet and greet.

    1. Clumsy



      But you have to stop and talk to everyone, if you act realistic and scared of people it means you're hiding something. There is stories to be shared! lol I've had this happen a few times with my very nervous character. Kept getting asked why I was backing up and what I was scared of...um...everyone with guns?

    2. KyleRP


      B-but its a roleplay server, where player interraction is encouraged 😞

      then again its an IC mood, so

    3. Ender


      That fine line is always hard to find. I love that Roleplay and player interaction is encouraged in the server, otherwise it'll only be a loot/pve server. but seriously the amount of times I've told someone to fuck off IC because they decided to stride across the town dodging zombie after zombie to come up to a group of 13 or so people armed to the teeth for small talk "hows your day? Need some food? you see any (insertloot here)" Pisses me off. it is an apocalypse. its not fucking kindergarten i don't want to be friends with you. GO away!! 😄 

  5. Finn

    cant join server

    I had to play the game with logs, I had the same problem. Just press play -> Play DayZ (with logs) -> change server and put this in the address bar let me know if that helps
  6. Descendants

    • Descendants
    • Finn

    ooohh, the r32, es so nice

    1. Finn


      Plan on importing one once I save enough money. 🙂

  7. Finn

    *Enters Kabanino*

    I guess I'm back now, saw those new rules and that's pretty cool. A majority of my time away has been dedicated to furnishing my new home, working and playing FiveM, but I'm bored of that now so I think it's time to come back here. I Hope to see you all in game soon and hope this community starts becoming active as it once was.
  8. Kordruga

    • Kordruga
    • Finn

    Dear Finn, you’re perfect. always showing me a good time. Making sure I'm consistently happy. You’re everything I hoped for... I’m so happy god sent you my way. It’s been a long night sooo ttyl? Ps... thanks for the cool chill. Pss. I set your keys on the dining room table. Come see me later sexy 😘😍😏

  9. Finn

    *Enters Kabanino*

    This is probably my 3rd time taking a break from the community, but sometimes you just need one every once in a while. I've really enjoyed my time here and am glad to have spent it with all of you regardless of how things went IC. I feel as if I connected with a lot of people over my past few characters (Ondrej Bezdek, Clyde Matthews) and I hope to come back to a fresh start and hopefully see new people, new groups and hopefully I feel more motivation to play once I come back. I hope this community changes quite a bit before I get back and I would tag a bunch of people but you don't need me to tag you to know you're appreciated, if you shared RP (Hostile or non-hostile) with me I already appreciate the time you shared with me. Cya later everyone and thanks for everything.
  10. Finn

    Allow the robbery for items once again.

    This was a group of roleplayers new to the community, they probably had no hostile experience at all but managed to display quite a good hostile experience. Roleplay goes both ways and these guys had the chance to steal all of my gear but decided not to and they maintained a good standard roleplay. They had no reason to initiate but this is the kind of stuff I would love to see in the community and that's why I did not report them.
  11. Finn


    People really need to start roleplaying more seriously instead of running around and being a meme.

    1. Hephaestus

      YO! MF! I'm trying, but my time zone is f***ked for RPing

  12. Finn

    Guitar Man

    I also play guitar and sing, not that well. But I play in-game sometimes and hide my horrible singing voice behind the accent I put on because my character is Chernarussian Hope to see you in game.
  13. Finn

    Volkswagen Golf Commercial

    Hope we can hide behind the back seats >:)
  14. Finn

    It’s been a blast

    I'm so heartbroken I posted this so late, you were one of my bestest friends on here. I hope you do what you need to do and I will miss you. I'll be here when you get back
  15. Finn


    I would say it's BadRP if they're playing a Chernarussian character and out of nowhere they start speaking without an accent to avoid being initiated on or to get the drop on somebody. With my character Ondrej if he attempts to speak without an accent, you can still tell he has an accent as he finishes certain words.