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  1. Failed Robberies Thread

    lets get this back on the topic of failed robberies
  2. Finn


  3. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    Nope, don't remember the last time I blacked out. Dream job?
  4. Finn's Free Shit

    *Finn presses on the PTT button* "The store is now open. Feel free to stop by to chat and see if you're interested in anything." *He releases the PTT button*
  5. Finn's Free Shit

    *Finn presses on the PTT button* "Hey man, unfortunately I don't think I'd be able to get my hands on a pickaxe because it would be a pain to carry around. But if I find one I can give you the coordinates on a map or just tell you what town it is in..." *He releases the PTT button*
  6. Finn

    Apparently I'm a gearRPer?

    1. Boston


      GearRP is a false accusation. No such thing exists.

    2. NinjaGriffon


      I only think they call you that because your roleplay style focuses along looting.

    3. Grayfox


      it's true your character requires a lot of looting, but since you you run miles to search for people needing stuff to give some to them, only a retard would call you that.

  7. Finn's Free Shit

    *Finn picks up his radio as he enters Stary, pressing on the PTT button* "Hello peeps, this is Finn and if you don't know me I'm a dude that gives away free shit." ... "Anyways, I've always wandered around giving it away to those that need it. But now I've found myself a small shop to set up as a place of business." ... "I'll be located in Stary Sobor, in the grocery stand on the east of town." ... "I'll be there around this time every day to distribute free supplies and weapons to those need it." ... "Anyways, good luck out there." *He releases the PTT button, listening in for whoever decides to respond*
  8. Finn

    Only time the server is full during the week is when there is an event happening :P

    1. NinjaGriffon
    2. Spartan


      I bet you never play in the weekends

    3. Finn


      I know, I mean during the week dude

    4. Samaritan


      Weekends are normally full to be honest and events always get a peak an interest. Looks like events is the way to go during the week.

  9. Finn

    Apparently everyone knows my character now, that's pretty kewl

  10. good luck bois, graphics need some work but I can help if you need any help with graphics
  11. A new group. (Open Frequency)

    *Finn picks up his radio, pressing on the PTT button* "Sorry if I cause any damage to your business, but I give away free stuff all the time to those that need it." *Finn releases the PTT button*
  12. Paid Staff

    I'd rather have the community be filled with staff that actually want to help, rather than being paid to help. I'd like to help as well, and I'd apply for staff if I felt like they were under staffed but they're doing just fine.
  13. Community.

    I actually like where we are right now, there's a lot of decent groups. It's easier to find RP with one server, and its barely ever full but you're still able to find people and have decent events on the weekends when the server is full.