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  1. Finn

    Got to see one of the last two remaining Flak Panzers today, its been sitting in a memorial park for about 40 years and now they're restoring it to working condition which is good to see. Then they'll put it in the museum on base, hell.. the old engine it has still runs.

  2. Finn

    Streaming now: https://www.twitch.tv/streloksix chat with me. I'm bored.


  3. Finn

    Going to start livestreaming again, might end up streaming a shit ton of DayZRP.

    1. Finn


      Cause what the hell else will I play?

    2. Odap the Corruptor

      Odap the Corruptor


    3. Finn



  4. Finn

    from many videos I've seen, RP is still not serious enough for me to actually be interested in playing.

  5. Finn

    prooooooobably going to play tomorrow

  6. Finn

    Hard to find time to roleplay with a roommate and weapon tests twice a week.

    1. Beni

      Finn mate...

      Is your room mate lettin' shots out the back window or something? 

    2. Finn


      nah man, I'm learning how to take apart and inspect various weapons.

  7. Finn

    I swear I'm not a communist

  8. Finn

    Pretty excited to be finally working with weapons, I've been dreaming about this job since I was in grade 7.

  9. Finn


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    2. Rory


      its germany and japan wtf u on

    3. Finn


      poland is hidden in the sushi :)

    4. Hebee
  10. Finn



    This is my new car, image was taken above lake superior at 7 in the morning during a 20 hour roadtrip.

    1. Rory


      It's not a tesla... BUT I LOVE IT 

  11. Finn

    I love my job... I'm just far away from home. I miss my family and friends.

    1. Rory



    2. Finn



  12. Finn

    Bought a newer Honda Civic, thing will last until I'm in my 30s

    1. Spartan


      so a good 20 years? :D 

    2. Finn


      Yeah, I'm 10. But I did just drive it almost 2000 Km from my hometown where I bought it to where I'm currently stationed for the military.

      Really nice sights along the way.

      Wait... did I just tell a staff member that I'm underage?

    3. Spartan
  13. DayZRP Community Memes

    When you tell someone you're Russian ICly then they start speaking Russian to you.
  14. Finn

    You will now breathe manually, you will now blink manually and you will now move your tongue manually.

    1. Cid



    2. Finn



  15. Finn

    join queue... 19 go to take a shower while I'm in queue, I come back 17....

  16. Finn

    what happened to this thread? 



    1. Max

      This, it seems:

      "Welllll seeing as we didn't have many takers I dunno. Thought everyone wanted this tbh. But if not I think this can be said that since there was little to no interest. We can say there most likely wont be anymore."

    2. Finn


      dayum, Rip screenshot thread...

  17. Finn

    Don't understand why people mass KOS when they know they're about to get banned, how can people become so selfish when it comes to a damn video game.

    1. Jamie


      An attempt to leave a mark? Idk. 

  18. Great time role playing for the first time in a month, It's a great start to my new character. @Cthuluz it was a great time tagging along with you and almost getting caught by the VDV. "128 Oakland lane" I lost it, I couldn't stay serious after that.
  19. Rebirth Media Thread

    That last screenshot is probably one of the best screenshots I've ever seen... damn son
  20. Finn

    Decided not to base my profile around Finn the human anymore... I don't even watch that show anymore :P

    1. Sylvester Todd
    2. Finn


      I've just been in this place before! 
      (Higher on the street!) 
      And I know it's my time to come home! 
      Calling you! 
      And the subject's a mystery! 
      (Standing on my feet!) 
      It's so hard when I try to believe! 


      Deja Vu!
      I've just been in this time before! 
      (Higher on the beat!) 
      And I know it's a place to come home! 
      Calling you! 
      And the subject's a mystery! 
      (Standing on my feet!) 
      It's so hard when I try to believe! 

      Save the future 
      Into the present 
      See my past feels 
      In the distance 
      Try to guess now 
      What's going on 
      And the band begins to play. 
      Don't you see my 
      The Picture? 
      There's come and running again, 
      Can't you see now 
      Riding into your mind... 

      1st verse and Chorus


  21. Finn

    Puush removed it's older version so it could use ShareX as a much more reliable client.... yet it fails to upload pretty much everything I ask it to.

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    2. Finn


      I liked the old Puush....

    3. Grimnir


      I had that problem once, it didn't want to fully upload and I had to stop the upload and start again. Other than that never had issues. 

    4. Finn


      It tries to upload... doesn't then tries again but then can't and gives me the same error....

  22. Premium upgrade question.

    I feel like getting Tycoon, but since I'm HOF do I still need to pay the full price of 200 EU for the upgrade? Thanks. nevermind, with some looking into it I realized I can upgrade by looking at my purchases. Thanks, this can be closed now. Finn
  23. No, because I don't want to be branded as a white Knight :))))))