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  1. Finn


    Damn, looking through reports and people are talking to each other like people do in Rust. Like jeez people need to realize that this is an RP server.

  2. Finn


    Probably wont be in game till the end of May. Sorry if anyone misses Clyde.

    1. Elmo



    2. Xehara



      How can I give negative beans?

    3. Finn


      Yeah, I'm just about to get off an exercise and then next month I'm on another one but that should be it until the fall. Shitty but I think I needed a good break anyways. 🙂

    4. Kordruga


      I miss clyde, it's been months since I've experienced his severe autism 😞


  3. Finn

    Review group recruits

    Makes sense, thanks for your input everyone.
  4. Finn

    Review group recruits

    Groups dont do that and haven't over the past history of the community it wont change without the staff intervening.
  5. Finn

    Review group recruits

    I'm sure theres been times where you look at a group roster and look at a certain character page and wonder "Why is that character even in that group?". What I'm trying to suggest is staff reviewing each new member to a group to ensure that it makes sense for this certain character to join the group and make sure that their character fits this groups ideology. Because I've seen many characters follow a certain groups goals/ideology only to join a new one and completely throw away their old ideologies. If you have to provide a realistic reason for finding yourself in chernarus for the whitelist, why shouldn't they need to provide realistic story for each group they decide to join? Because what it looks like to me is that characters are changing from Military operatives -> Gang members -> Anarchists -> Communist separatists -> Mercenaries and it doesnt make sense and only makes them look like they're just joining up with every group that holds power over the others. Dont get me wrong, I think they can join any group they want. But I think they should make new characters first. Tl;dr If someone joins a new group their character should fit the ideology and goals of the new group, should have a proper backstory to how they joined and shouldn't be switching ideologies every time a new powerful group pops up. Staff should review group/character stories in order to avoid having characters who make no sense being in certain groups Let me know what you think.
  6. Finn

    Increase the damage of smaller caliber ammunition

    .380 can sometimes take over 5 to take down an infected. Including headshots. It also needs to spawn more. But yeah I think the damage overall should be increased so people wont always be searching for military weaponry all the time and settle with the MP5 or CZ61 they find within 10 minutes of spawning. Too many people carry assault rifles nowadays for the dispatch of infected and complain when people rob them too much.
  7. Finn

    Remove buried stashes, increase barrel & tent spawns

    I'd rather be able to stash a lot of things above ground than a few things underground. Remove underground stashes or just the large ones and increase the amount of storage containers. Especially since Clyde farms alot and the only way to store it would be to use underground stashes. Who the hell digs a vegetable out of the ground only to put it back into the ground to store it?
  8. Finn

    Where is all the loot?

    I suggest sticking to civilian weapons, especially if you're a lone wolf. Having an assault rifle will just bring you trouble, although you might say it's for defence but really are you going to fight back against 5+ hostiles?
  9. Finn

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    Things I personally dont like about the server right now. One, Civilian characters dressing in all black or like soldiers and feeling the need to carry an assault rifle although they're always outnumbered. Two, Hostile groups have lacked creativity lately and always band together. They have shared the same goals many groups have had before and often execute someone for the simplest non compliance ending the RP there. Three, Another emphasis on clothing, too many civilian characters dress in all black or full military. It makes no sense, even for those who are ex military. There have been times where I was the only person in a settlement who had any sort of color in their outfit and it's a giant pet peeve of mine. Four, People carry alice backpacks and get attached to the things they've collected for weeks and after getting those items stolen their RP is usually effected. People need to learn to travel light instead of hulking around a giant backpack. Five, people need to stop using female characters if they play a Male character. I see it around way too much.
  10. Finn

    I know most like to kill people but...

    Since I play an autistic character he can be quite "stubborn" at times and I always try to make the RP interesting but when someone gives a demand I can try and refuse to do it if no threat is added to it but I'm always afraid of committing NVFL when I'm only trying to roleplay as realistically and as entertaining as possible. I do feel like theres a lot of groups out there that will execute you on the slightest backtalk or non compliance just so they dont have to provide RP for the gear they wanted.
  11. Finn


    love the graphics, goals are great. Story is very well written.
  12. Finn

    The Signal

    Good luck! I like the graphics.
  13. Finn

    COMPLIMENT the person above you

    Very kind
  14. Finn

    Make Cars a Little Harder to Obtain

    I'd rather have more cars, and have them remain spawning fully equipped. Especially when there's people who just strip your car of everything overnight just to ruin your day.
  15. Finn

    New anti-rape rule suggestion

    I've seen it in Kab, that's for sure.
  16. Finn


    So I stored my car and since they didn't have the parts to take it themselves they decided to remove my cars wheels. Seriously? People need to grow up and stop being so selfish to what someone else has.

    1. Eagle


      Surprised they didn't burn it.

    2. Finn


      Same, they probably wanted the effect. It would've despawned otherwise and I would've logged on to find nothing. 


    3. Simatho


      There are some serious POS when it come to griefing on this server.

    4. Craig


      *Clyde will remember that*

  17. Finn

    New anti-rape rule suggestion

    Sexual RP should also be restricted to third party comms or a Timeskip (fade out, fade in) scenario. In that case it isn't really being forced, and more focused on story progression. This isn't 50 shades of grey I don't want to read that shit when I'm roleplaying.
  18. Finn

    [Game] 25 posts before Jack Lemons posts

  19. Finn

    Old recording Camera

    Damn, must be a heavy hat then with an old camera like that.
  20. Finn

    Clyde's Custom Weapon Schematics.

    //Not really custom but it was requested, kinda over did this one with my attempt on shading with scribbles.
  21. Finn

    Dead Batteries {Heavily Recruiting}{Active}

    Pretty good group, could use some more adrenaline abuse and adrenaline fueled screaming tho to really fuel that Raider vibe. Example:
  22. Finn

    Clyde's Custom Weapon Schematics.

    //Completely original design.
  23. Finn

    Ban Rape RP

    Voted on the condition that consensual people could still do a fade in - fade out scenario or 3rd party and say they did it instead of cluttering the chat box with lewd words.
  24. Finn

    Ban Rape RP

    I think all periods of ERP or Rape should be a fade out - fade in scenario sort of like Fallout, or if they actually wish to roleplay it out they should be restricted to third party communications. Yes, they can roleplay as if they had sex after the situation, but I don't actually want to see every detail in the chat box.
  25. Finn

    Ban Rape RP

    If this happens to you in-game just report it. I'm not really one for seeing ERP in-game, and I'm glad when consensual people take it to DMs in order to roleplay it out. Like mystery said if they force it on you without your permission it's power-gaming and a bannable offense.
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