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  1. Haven't gotten sick once, but that's because I'm constantly eating multivitamins while I'm in the presence of sick people. Still annoying that everyone is sick, it should be harder to contract.
  2. Finn


    Tactics on how to get hypothermia. Real operators use lilypads and bamboo shoots
  3. I've went through training with gas masks in the military (C4 Gas mask) even with the voice diaphragm you have to yell to actually have people make sense of your words. They aren't very clear and normal speaking isn't going to cut it like everyone is doing in game. Could not imagine hearing someone talk with a gas mask without a voice diaphram. I'd assume they'd just sound like kenny from south park because you're trying to speak through a rubber mask.
  4. No from me, I feel like too many people wear gas masks for no reason at all. This really gives people an incentive to take them off when they don't need them. I've used gas masks IRL, you literally have to yell to get people to hear you.
  5. Enjoyed meeting up with @Poster and friends. Apologies if you thought my RP was boring, trying something new away from the norms.
  6. Like everything except the police station that's plopped down right in the middle of the school. Everything else looks as if it could be found in the game.
  7. New wheels boiiiii


    1. Eddie


      Damn, those are nice!

  8. s3exmKh.png

    bruh, how do I change my damn active character?

    1. Mademoiselle


      You just change your name and play them on the server. It changes automatically now. You don't have to wait 24 hours to change your character anymore.

    2. Finn


      Ah well it says "Bad Character" I'll try again

  9. TJ was born in Ottawa, Canada on October 3rd, 1997 as the youngest child to a family consisting of his brother, businessman Father and a nurse Mother. His father was ashamed of him however his mother and brother were very kind to him. TJ's brother Adrian was his best friend and only friend growing up. He was discovered to have a form of autism at a very young age and growing up with it has been a struggle for him as he has troubles socializing with people. For most of his time in school he was partnered with an assistant in order to learn things properly. Although he did graduate at the same time as everyone else he was helped quite a bit to get there. After graduating highschool he scored a job at a local grocery store and mostly worked in the back on simple tedious tasks others didn't want to do. It was mostly to just get him out of the house. A few years later he was given a special trip to help those with autism see the world, he was able to bring one other person along so he brought his brother. He saw the England, Ireland flying to Italy and moving up through Switzerland to see germany over through poland and eventually landing in Livonia. Some illness had them stuck in the country, which eventually turned to the worst as he witnessed people beating each other in the streets. TJ and Adrian fled to the forests of Livonia in order to find safety, but unfortunately they ran into a pack of wolves traveling through the forest. Adrian sacrificed his life in order to save him and TJ has been wandering alone ever since.
  10. Felt cute might delete later. Yes I'm an elf.
  11. Finn


    The god is back, hopefully you stay for a while!
  12. Real superpowers use etch n sketch to create propaganda
  13. Russians use Microsoft paint for their propaganda.
  14. Finally got my car, my jaw dropped when I saw it.

    Drove it 200km home after replacing the battery and filling it with fuel since they gave me the car with a dead battery and an empty tank.

    Pretty dirty from the drive but I'll be cleaning it tomorrow and storing it in the garage until its warm enough to take it out for drives.








    1. Kordruga


      Absolute death traps, love MR2s

      Health to drive brotha

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