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  1. Finn

    Valning Map

    Experienced roleplayers can created developed characters withing a few days of playing. If you were around during the lore wipe you'd know that it only took a few days for the Russian Military to have personalities and would talk with one another immersively. Didn't take me long to learn how to play as an autistic character. 200 hours isn't laughable when most of those hours are spent RPing instead of being wasted away getting "RP" gear or building hoard bases. Most of my rewarding RP came from ditching the gear and going for the RP you never lose when you don't care about materialistic things.
  2. Finn

    Valning Map

    If a lore wipe is what makes you lose a character, chances are you've played that character too long and should change it up. I personally don't play a character more than 200 hours, after that it gets boring/stale and I either bench the character or PK them to create a story arc for other characters.
  3. Finn

    Valning Map

    For the smaller current playerbase we need a smaller map, playing on Chernarus is not only stale but it's also too large and spread out. This will allow the very few players to at least find others.
  4. Finn

    Valning Map

    I'm all for a map change, might get back to playing. However it must be separate from Chernarus, new lore for the region, and no travel in-between. Otherwise nothing will change, it will be the same hostilities, same groups and the same people that awkwardly decided to travel to the same place at the same time or because of some cliché lore reason. There will be nothin new about it except for the map.
  5. Toyota: Sell trucks to African militaries and their opposing rebels

    Also Toyota: "We don't want our cars in street racing games because they send the wrong message."

  6. I'm going to keep this short because I've said this many times. I personally don't play because I there is nothing that brings spark to my RP anymore. My motivation to play began to plummet after the Russian Armed Forces were archived a few weeks after the lore began and I feel like the lore was ruined by just that. We had a chance for something new with Namalsk, a new lore, new groups and dynamics but people are overattached to their characters and required the map be accessible by Chernarus. Even if that means having a frozen wasteland near Sochi, which is known for being warm this time of year. Using a very poor example of a lore event to make an excuse for people to evacuate Chernarus and obviously all we found in Namalsk was the same hostilities, drama and characters. Even if you don't play it's easy enough to peek in on a stream and see what's going on. Plus I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but hiding the player count only destroyed my motivation to play when this server began doing that, so it did more harm than good for me because to me, it just looks like the server is in denial of a shrinking player-base.
  7. This would make sense in a Public server where RP isn't really a thing, but wouldn't really make sense on an RP server where people remain the same character even after dying to several different causes losing this skill even though their character didn't actually die. Personally I would prefer to be able to pick skills for each character that transfer even after death: Ability to sew (use less kits) Gun savvy (ability to use cleaning kits) Hunter (know how to dress animals properly, get more meat) Athletic (use less stamina while sprinting) Strong back (The amount of weight you carry effects your stamina bar 25% less) and so on, it would allow people to depend on one another and not just have everyone be a jack of all trades with people that have no background in hunting being able to shoot the first deer they see and gut it like a pro.
  8. Roleplay has always been gear focused before NPC traders were even a thing, with many people going around with encumbering backpacks because there was no danger being slow and sluggish on an RP server as nobody could pick you off from a distance. Now with NPC traders involved more and more people have become more and more greedy with how they play as people are obsessed with currency they'll never end up using. This also in turn drastically decreases the chance that someone will PK their character, especially if they have a large amount of money set aside. My analogy is that NPC traders turn the server into escape from tarkov, except that people don't need to worry about getting killed by NPCs or Players as long as they exploit VOIP distance and avoid everyone they see...
  9. The reason RP is so stale on Namalsk is because it's the same groups, people, and atmosphere. We could've had new lore, new groups and characters separate from the other map to bring something new to the server but instead we decided make up an excuse for characters to evacuate Chernarus to a frozen Island south of Sochi, even though Sochi never gets snow this time of year. It goes to show that people don't want to try new things/are too attached to their character as with the Character leaderboards if you do your calculations many of the characters are averaging 15+ hours a day, are they sitting AFK in a bush? Who knows... Could've made it an island near Alaska to try an American map but it's too late now, people would rather stick with the same overplayed characters where they're numbed to the point where they don't even act realistically anymore.
  10. Ah yes, IGN rated Cyberpunk a 9/10 but a monstrosity of a game like the Last of Us 2 a 10/10.

    I'm not trusting them one bit.

    1. Duplessis


      Keanu Reeves in the trailer alone counts for 5/10 of the games' score.

  11. What next? Rideable polar bears? +1
  12. Probably would be more motivated to play Namalsk if it wasn't just the same characters and groups but a different map.

    1. groovy blisna

      groovy blisna

      its what happens when you put the island right next to chernarus in the lore

    2. Finn


      I guess, but it just seems stale with all the same people. Could've been an opportunity for a new lore and new stories but it's just the same stuff on a different map. 

    3. Hofer


      christoph waltz nod GIF

  13. I like the idea given it's a mysterious military island, but I think some fresh new characters would've done this group better. It feels like a group that just popped up out of nowhere instead of a group that existed long before any refugees settled on the island from Chernarus due to the fact that almost all of it's members are all from Chernarus.
  14. I'd rather switch to a smaller map like namalsk. I also think this could be abused by someone in a chase. I can see a gear hoarder seeing a group of hostile players and immediately teleports to avoid their interaction because they're afraid of losing their gear. -1
  15. With a folding stock you are easily capable of concealing an AR under your jacket. -1 from me, and I dont even use it.
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