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  1. Finn

    Wild dogs

    Biased, you are obviously a cat lover... jk I wouldn't want packs of dogs to be more than 4-5, most commonly 3 in my opinion. If anything they could be made very weak, infected levels of damage and health just for some variety in-game.
  2. Finn

    Wild dogs

    I came up with the idea when watching Stagg's stream that towns are quite empty at the moment and I think one fix would be to add wild/feral dogs to the server. It would provide a nice dynamic and if we retexture wolves I'm sure we could achieve it it could consist of several different styles consisting of different breeds of domestic dogs that have turned feral. Unlike the wolves the dogs should be dealing less damage and have lower health while being slightly more common. Let me know what you think, I know it would be annoying having more dangerous animals to deal with but I think it would make sense and would make towns feel less empty and give a larger sense of life and fear running into random towns. the wild dogs of Chernobyl (Above) Let me know what you think and please vote on the poll.
  3. I think PVP should always be a last resort but RP would be nothing without it. If groups want to control a region they should earn it, it shouldn't be given to them freely and they should expect a fight. Servers that target hostile groups because they are better at PVP just puts a bad taste in my mouth.
    1. Sleepyhead


      hewwo toebean!

  4. Toby Johnson was born in Ottawa, Canada on October 3rd of 2002. He was the only child of a very rich businessman who came to neglect him as he grew up. His father owned a rather large business within the greater Ottawa area and massed a large amount of wealth. Toby's father sent him to many different private schools across Canada and the US in an attempt to cure his abnormalities. His father gave up and sent him to an expert to find out what was wrong with Toby and he was diagnosed with High functioning autism / Asperger's. This made his father neglect him even more as he was hoping to have a son to pass off the company as his mother could no longer bear children. He did rather well in school as time went on, but his social skills would never develop properly. He would eventually graduate and move onto working a part time job at a grocery store stocking shelves since he was rather obsessive over the organization of items on the shelves. He was awarded employee of the month many times throughout his time working there. His father would continue his neglect and abuse of him and his mother until during one fit of rage he fell victim to a heart attack and died. His mother would inherit his fathers company and money, selling off the company to retire to a life of luxury where she could take care of Toby. She decided it would be nice to show Toby the world outside the neighborhood around him and took him on a trip across Europe and Asia. They would stop in Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy eventually moving onto Ukraine and Russia stopping in the small oblast of Chernarus on their way to the beautiful city of Sochi. This would be their final destination as they were trapped within the country as an infection spread, his mother would do her best to protect Toby as they sought refuge within abandoned towns free of the infected. They would continue their search for safety until his mother would sacrifice herself to save Toby as a horde swarmed their town. After burying his mother he continued to roam the region by himself without a goal in sight.
  5. Happy 6 years!

  6. I'd rather the developers add C4 or some other explosive that can be remote denotated, it's much easier to control who you attack rather than a grenade that is likely to roll down hill, bounce unexpectedly, etc and might harm someone you dont intend to. Also unless flashbangs were buffed to effect your vision I don't see a reason to have them back.
  7. Most lone survivors who create bases create them for holding gear and not RP. Groups that want to use a base for RP can create a group page and apply for a prefab. I'd only be fine with this if it was restricted to groups and not singular players looking to safeguard their gear they'll never use. Also @GaryCash oil rig prefab when?
  8. That's just the way it is, I feel a lot of people join the server just to loot gear without fear of losing it on a PVP server. People would rather wait for you to log off to exploit offline raiding instead of trading with you through RP. Now we have traders which just encourages people to steal more than they need. No longer will you be able to track down your stuff to somebody's camp, because it will already be sold off to an NPC trader.
  9. watch my boi

  10. I'd prefer player run traders, I've been a part of many trader groups. What I've noticed is people whether they're bandits or not people will exploit the fact that traders Log off during the night to sleep. I guess what goes through their head is: "why would I trade stuff, if I could just use the tools I currently have to break in and steal when they aren't around?". It's obvious that many prioritize gear over RP. Player run traders would never work out unless they were safe from offline raiding so it would never work.
  11. Finn

    DayZRP 20.10.1

    Thank god, its almost as if ive been overheating for the past few weeks.
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