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  1. loved those days, there was no real basebuilding, and no customizable outfits. So people wouldn't focus on making impenetrable bases or creating stylish outfits that didn't even fit the situation they're in, so everybody focused on the RP instead.
  2. An unbiased staff team. Active staff roster, who are heavily involved in the RP on the server instead of making decisions without even spending any time in the game. Passive Groups that can take a loss, instead of exploiting the fact that their death is up to them and they can just move instead of roleplaying with hostile groups. Hostile groups that have significance, actually have internal RP and don't go searching for any reason to initiate on someone. Characters that aren't a copy of their IRL counterpart, act realistically according to the situations they're in, avoid fairytaleRP, VRChatRP, FashionRP, etc and understand not everything can go their way. A report section that is open, which promotes transparency between the staff and members of a community.
  3. I really enjoyed back in the day where there was really developed lore with the Russian Forces, CLF, etc with their respective settlements. Playing a spy for the CLF and being dedicated to sitting in the Russian settlement and roleplaying with them was super fun. Too bad nothing came from it because that lore was literally thrown under the bus because some action from the admin team caused every person in the Russian lore faction to leave.
  4. Although open reports can promote negativity and drama, closed reports promotes intransparency and unjust verdicts.

    I'm not sure about most people, but most of my knowledge of the rules revolves around looking at the evidence and verdicts of reports. People will share screenshots of reports and drama will still spread regardless.

  5. 1, because DayZ Standalone has always been a poor attempt at quick money for BI. Starting off as a shell of a game and became neglected, taking 7 years to reach 1.0. It had monthly updates that consisted of new bugs and patches, with a car or weapon thrown into the mix on a rare occasion. You had to prepare every time they updated the game for another game breaking bug. Yeah the game might be pretty stable now but it's been almost a decade and at this point it's a far to dated game to properly enjoy. You almost have Stockholm syndrome if you still like DayZ Standalone at this point.
  6. I don't play for 3 reasons: 1. DayZ is an old game that rarely gets updates and deserves to die. 2. There's no real storyline, or significance to roleplay. Feels like the same shit in 2015. 3. Server staff has a total different mindset compared to how it was before.
  7. There's nothing that sets this server apart from other DayZRP servers, I loved the freedom to roleplay as you pleased back in the day. Streamers also shouldn't be prioritized over the whole server just because they want to stream to 4 people. People running around screaming the N word for the hell of it would fall under trolling and from what I've seen I've rarely seen it done back in the day.
  8. Even if you added the mods people would still find ways to work around it. For example: people will still look over walls in 3rd person, only taking out their weapon once they're ready to shoot, will be especially useful to have a cooking pot AK in this situation. This will give initiators the upper hand as taking out a weapon will definitely disorientate you. But yeah, like WongRP said it's another way of killing server pop for the minority of people that actually want this implemented.
  9. There's lots of veteran roleplayers with years of experience that were loyal to the community that got banned for pointless reasons because of minor things they've said to people that barely gave the community the time of day. I feel this is a good opportunity to give those people another chance without forcing them to pay more than the game is worth to be unbanned in a community with dwindling players. From what I've seen on the website user list this has sparked a large amount of interest. However the rules have long since changed from what it was before and don't make this server much different from the other ones I see, but we'll see how it goes I guess.
  10. Looking at old forums be like.

  11. 3678412 zombies to go.

  12. Idk, they asked what was my favorite weapon. Anything could be a weapon, and the best weapon I've seen so far was fear. People are scared to lose things, scared to PK characters, lose gear, etc. It creates a great atmosphere in game. Without fear RP is meaningless. Maybe I should've explained it better gave it more wording. But a weapon is a weapon, it doesnt have to be a firearm and the thread was not restricted to firearms.
  13. If I had a favorite firearm, it would have to be simple open bolt, blowback operated SMGs. As you can literally build one yourself if you have the proper tooling. What specific firearm is my favorite? That would have to be the PPSh-41, designed by Georgy Shpagin. It has a high fire rate and a very capable round for close range engagments, it is also capable of medium range engagements with its decent muzzle velocity. It also is able to use drum mags, making it somewhat of a Russian tommy-gun.
  14. 9mm, downgrading to .380 would be terrible. It's original cartridge (7.62x25) is more capable at long ranges than 9mm and downgrading to .380 would just be crippling to what the PPSH is.
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