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  1. Finn



  2. Finn

    Remove Garden Plots from the Build Anywhere mod

    Maybe a compromise? craft able roof plots? 4 planks and 10 nails = enclosed garden plot (Also persistent and doesn't despawn)
  3. Finn

    Remove Garden Plots from the Build Anywhere mod

    But.... then I can't make gardens on my roof I say you just add logs from something like that.
  4. Finn

    Whats good , good lookin's

    "Hello there"
  5. Finn



  6. Finn

    AaronH - Nice To Meet Ya

    Welcome to the community, pal!
  7. Finn

    Power Tools: Balancing the Easy Way

    Rather have power tools so effort is needed to destroy walls, instead of some passerby with a melee weapon who can break it down in 15 minutes.
  8. Finn

    DayZRP 19.6.3

    glad for this. As much as I like an armory filled with dozens of weapons I'd rather see less people with M4s and more with mosins, SKSs and other Civilian or police weaponry.
  9. Finn

    DayZRP 19.6.3

  10. Finn

    DayZRP 19.6.3

    also IRL you sleep in your bases and we would hear it.
  11. Finn

    DayZRP 19.6.3

    Love the update... but 15 minutes is a bit quick, especially when it means you won't be able to properly run a store without it being broken into every night because people would rather steal your things than roleplay with you.
  12. Finn




  13. Finn



  14. Finn

    The troubles of base building, and how I propose to fix it.

    Just kidding, thanks for your input Cali. I think there is some work that should be put in, but I've spent my whole week doing this.
  15. Finn

    The troubles of base building, and how I propose to fix it.

    Thanks for the input white, the main reason I'm making this suggestion is because although settlements should take a long time to build which I agree with. I shouldn't be building all week, I should be roleplaying. After all this is a roleplay server, it should take a bit of time to do but it shouldn't get to the point where I'm without RP for a week because something is being built.
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