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  1. I think the sway is realistic, I'm sure it would be different if you were at a relaxed state instead of running through the woods. There is holding your breath too.
  2. Pretty sure the purpose of it was to watch where your bullets land while using a bolt action rifle.
  3. Pretty off topic but I'd really like to see some cannibals that arent cliche and maybe just come off as normal people until they get you at a point of vulnerability. Kind of like a walking dead terminus like thing. I'd honestly like kuru to be removed because all kuru does is force you to be a cliche cannibal.
  4. Most of the time people rob people is for their weapons as an easy way of gearing up on lone walking treasure chests. A single person with an M4 is pointless as you arent going to use it, it only makes people rob you for your weapon since a single person wont use their M4 against a group of 3 or more. I can easily manage with a double barrel shotgun, kills infected easily, kills wildlife easily, kills people easily.
  5. Tons of civilian weapons that nobody uses because they need assault rifles to RP.
  6. It's already been proven that gas tanks / pump dont blow up when shot by traditional ammunition. If anything it will only turn into a uncontrollable fire. When I see people shoot a gas pump, it's usually because they're bored. I really see no strategically use of blowing up gas tanks other than to deny others the use of it which 90% of the time isnt the reason the blow it up. They blow it up cause they can.
  7. This is my usual load out Courier bag - food Combat pants - pocket MP7, some ammo Hoodie/gorka jacket - ammo, supplies Plate carrier, Russian plate carrier or ballistic vest Shitty ass weapon on my back to make people think I have no REAL weapons. If they initiate? Pocket MP7, If I die? Who cares? I had nothing really in the first place since most of the stuff I can regear in half an hour.
  8. Finn


    That's one sketchy ass way to work on a truck.
  9. Nah, people will always meme as they always have. It would be hard to regulate.
  10. I personally like the realism, I think both Livonia and Chernarus should be cut off from one another. But here we are coincidentally seeing the same groups, people, and conflicts going on in a different map. As for radio on the forums, I personally think it should be removed. It's filled with shit talking and people bragging about killing random peeps. One of the reasons why I don't play anymore, there is no change from Livonia to Chernarus.
  11. Big brain time bois, I'm getting tired of seeing all these problems with two different maps. Common radios wouldnt reach from one country to the other, which many people fail to realize. It would take many, many days to walk and a good while to drive. Would be different if it was deer isle but this is a country over 3000km away.
  12. Honestly I think everything should be seperate. People are continuously using simple radios to communicate a distance of over 3500km, it is completely unrealistic. Plus it's quite a coincidence that all these groups arrived in the same place and we're having the same exact conflicts as before. I don't think groups should be able to transfer over imo, it just makes the map feel the same as it was on Chernarus.
  13. Keiichi tsuchiya, the legend.


  14. Please I beg of you, don't do dis. This is going to turn the game into a DayZ rendition of escape from tarkov. But because there's no risk of getting shot wherever you go people are just going to farm the military bases and go to these trading posts on the quiet hours of the server to avoid contact with people. If they do see people they're just going to avoid RPing with them because they're focused on material items in a video game. If anything at least enlist players to be the traders so it at least doesn't feel like a pub server with the NPCs and actually includes a middle man so there's some sort of RP going on.
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