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  1. Finn

    DayZRP 20.8.1

    And this is an RP server, not a public server. Basebuilding was designed for public servers with a lower population than we have currently. Basebuilding is horribly unoptimized and causes lag to servers. Rust however can have a map full of gigantic bases and it barely effects the performance at all. Most updates the DayZ devs add are focused towards a smaller, less dense population. Same reason why sicknesses spread like wildfire, because they weren't optimized for a dense and social playerbase.
  2. I really wish we could do a do-over, I'm really upset how the current lore went. I lost all motivation to play after the RF left. It seems the server is just back to how it was before the wipe in my opinion. No need to restrict what characters people can play though, some of the best RPers I've seen play foreigners.
  3. Finn

    DayZRP 20.8.1

    Glad to see base building gone, this ain't rust. I prefer moredoors all the way.
  4. Like @neom said if we had outside military forces people would just play the cliche supersoldiers that we always used to see. Even if you can't do an accent you could always play a young chernarussian. In many european contries english as a second language is very common and you could pass just having a very light accent. At a certain point it becomes annoying to see western super soldiers running around in uniform especially since they aren't getting paid at all and they have no commitment to fill out. It's just my personal observation but it always seems they're the ones to complain about being robbed yet they tote high-grade military weapons and gear yet they're always the ones to comply and never use their military weapons. Being a supersoldier is not unique or interesting, it is overplayed.
  5. The problem with many bases is that they aren't really used as strongholds and more of a giant vault to keep gear. Vanilla base building looks terrible, and I think it should be removed in order to make way for prefab bases that look much better in every way. I've seen much better RP come out of prefabs than by base building because most bases that are made by vanilla base building. Most player built bases are secluded, provide no RP or entry to outsiders due to the fact that most of the time they're used for storing gear. With prefabs you can both create a well suited storage area while also being able to fortify another area for RP to happen like the RF did in novo. When people prefer to loot military bases over and over because they don't feel comfortable RPing without an AR even as a civilian it is totally grounds to call them GearRPers.
  6. The more people I tag the more beanz right?

    1. Blisna


  7. Bases should be limited to approved groups in my opinion and created with prefabs. That way they can create hubs for RP and people don't solely RP away in a base in the middle of nowhere because they use this server as means to be greedy and hoard gear. Yes people should be allowed stashes in the form of tents, but a single person or a few people shouldn't be allowed a giant fortress with triple walls, and a double airlock because these dudes never got anywhere on a public server. If we remove the ability for bases (aside from more doors) and only give the option to approved groups to create hubs it would: Encourage travel to these areas and create more RP Bring RP to a centralized area so we could find it easier Less hoarding, good loot economy Free up slots on the server for people actually RPing instead of people pretending this is a place to hoard gear that they'll never use. Less lag on the server, more server stability We all know these bases aren't used for RP, I've known the types that create these towering bases and I call them socialite bases because nobody is ever allowed to enter and the owners rarely do unless they feel like looting the same military the base they did yesterday because that makes sense.
  8. I wish you good luck. This is an interesting group and I hope it lasts.
  9. As much as I hate ponchos I had to vote for @Dookie It's a great shot.
  10. Old vid

    @Brayces that was the funniest shit ever.

    1. Sylvester Todd

      Sylvester Todd

      Have you grinded out for the update tomorrow? New pass + New Role 75 Gold
      See the pain in my eyes


  11. Finn

    The Pedlars

    Man, I faintly remember making these graphics. That was a long time ago...
  12. Finn's honest hour:

    In the end, the amount of beanz you have doesn't matter, some of the best RPers I've seen in this community have less than 100 beanz. They don't make you better than anybody else or make your opinion more important.

    Once you're in-game beanz don't exist.

    1. Eagle


      But they sometimes deter reports.


    2. Sylvester Todd

      Sylvester Todd

      B-but my internet points

    3. edgy Dingle

      edgy Dingle

      But... How am I supposed to identify whitenames otherwise...

    4. Finn


      Theres one just in case you need it for a report @Eagle 👌

  13. Finn's honest hour:

    Giving your character an accent doesn't make you a good RPer and doesn't make your character more unique or important than anyone else's.

    1. HarveyLR


      Slava Chernarus dogpig

    2. Finn


      Hur Hur I have rushan accent, get out of cuntry


  14. One of the reasons I don't play anymore. Remove this shit.
  15. Like every else said, if you gear yourself up like a super soldier and carry around a military rucksack filled with massive amounts of gear you shouldn't be surprised if someone robs you for it. It's a lawless state currently much like the wild west. Someone wouldn't be driving around with a cart full of gold if they aren't able to protect it. Its also pointless to be toting an AR if you don't need to use it. It only attracts bandits that depend on ARs. I barely get robbed even with a good amount of military gear. But I never carry big bags because the less gear you have a chance of losing, the less disappointment you'll have to face. All of that considered you shouldn't be focused on Gear, I see people constantly doing laps around the airfield and other bases trying to get a loadout going for hours on end instead of RPing.
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