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  1. Ciiber


    We really need to go more in depth on the rules, people still think pulling a gun on someone aiming at you is NVFL and people think stealing guns from a tent is griefing.

    1. Rover


      I think a sturdier whitelist would be a great start to this. It is mostly people not knowing... The information is out there in plain speak, its just not being retained, or read. 😕 

    2. Wolffe


      I've been shot dead for aiming my gun after opening a door in a non-combat scenario. Wasn't worth the report. It's pretty sad

    3. coolman23


      Honestly, what happened to the mentor program? I think what a lot of these people need is just someone to teach them because a lot of people want to have these experiences that they watch on twitch and youtube, but they don't see all the work that goes into those little moments you know? 

    4. Wolffe


      Mentor program is basically R.I.P. Thought of making a thread on it but I honestly don't think that people will be up to riviving it

    5. coolman23


      I will single handily teach people if I need too lol. Jokes. but seriously if it does I'll try my best to contribute to it and spread the word of it


    6. Wolffe


      I'll try to make some graphics and perhaps revive the idea, I'll have something up by tomorrow if so

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