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  1. Ciiber


    Easily applies to PVP in DayZ

    1. Crim


      haha yeah a classic

    2. Zero


      Hopefully we will be able to mod the camera in the future so people can still use third person for looking at their character but not being able to abuse it for pvp. 

    3. CamoRP


      I always found 3rd person PvP to be rather petty. I never liked it in the gaming industry. Instead of thinking of tactics or taking risk, you can just peek a corner with camera, then pre-aim, and hold the trigger down as you walk around the corner.

    4. Ciiber


      fight fire with fire I guess, everyone does it now so it's kinda dumb not to do it because of "morals". People won't care about how petty it is if they come out of the firefight alive.

    5. CamoRP


      I get that, however... that's the problem though, morality has changed in the culture of gaming. The analogy of "Everyone does it, so I should do it." mindset shouldn't apply here, if we're strictly speaking of fairness.

      One could argue it's fair because everyone can do it. But in reality of it all, it's not fair. If you have the upper ground (such as a roof) you can see down below you without having to peek out. The person below can't see you, no matter how they rotate their camera.

      Honestly I think the only reason argued in "1st person only" threads in the past, was to allow players to see the character they are roleplaying as. Not for the sake of PvP.

    6. Ciiber


      As long as ability to peek using third person people are still going to use it whether you like it or not. I would totally love something to combat that but I think that would be impossible.

    7. Zero


      Personally I like walking in 3rd person and rping in 1st person. There was a mod in Arma 3 where if you went into cover in 3rd person the camera would zoom in to near your shoulder / neck area eliminating the ability for you to 3rd person peak. 

    8. CamoRP


      I like the feature that SCUM has, I don't know if anyone is familiar with that counter-method.

    9. Zero


      Yeah but it’s buggy and kind of weird. 

    10. Ciiber


      I gotta say, things would become way more tactical if Third-person peeking was removed

    11. CamoRP


      Agreed, thus I like a challenge. It keeps forces players to think before committing an action. Instead of running and gunning, hoping to hit something.

    12. Zero


      I stopped playing here because this place isn’t about the RP anymore. As much as I like the idea of nerfing the PvP meta I doubt it will happen. Look at the fog threads. “Plis remove fog, pvp 2 hard noaw”. 

    13. CamoRP


      @Zero Yeah, I left Novaya Petrovka, and don't plan on heading into a city any time soon. Most of the roleplay is rather dull because people haven't developed their characters enough to engage in basic conversation. When they're not socializing, they're blowing eachother's brains out. 

      I created a shop in Kabanino, etc, for a while to balance the activities out. Have people come to do trade, and have conversations with, and then they go brawl in the street, or rob people outside town. Which was enjoyable to watch and do. Everyone was having a good time. But then players just ruined that eventually by constant megaphone initiations, or just randomly starting shit in the center of the hub, without any good HostileRP involved.

      I now started playing with those roleplayers who "hide in the corners of the map because of the obscene amount of PvP", because they're more fun and better to roleplay with. They actually devote their time and effort when playing to create the roleplay environment and character development.

      I am all for HostileRP man, but explicitly playing in this community just to kill eachother without any other purpose than to do so, is not what this place is about, I am sure plenty of roleplayers would agree.

      I remember when HostileRP was of high quality and done right. Of course there were times when there was BadRP, but generally it was better back then, than it is now (now being the past year or so).

      FactionRP with all these battles looks like a lot of fun, but it's done incorrectly. Thus a lot of these BadRP and Invalid Kill reports pop up on a daily basis.

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