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  1. Ciiber

    DayZ Update Thread

  2. Ciiber

    Add more clothing

    If we're worried about mods not updating we should just add mods that seem like they're very active and update quick.
  3. Ciiber

    Fistfighting tips

    I meant that you wont die to glitches if you just shoot the guy. Glitches will always exist, and also gear thieves which is why I dont fist fight.
  4. Ciiber

    Fistfighting tips

    No need to fist fight if you have a gun You also won't die because of glitches
  5. Ciiber

    Increase AR spawn.

    I think there's way too many guns right now, both civilian and military. If you look at zombie movies and tv shows most people have pistols and struggle to find assault rifles of any sort. Examples: Early seasons of the walking dead. But instead we have people doing laps around military bases in order to find that gun they can't RP without. People's attachment to their "RP" outfit and gun is one of the reason I feel less motivated to play on this server. Rant over.
  6. Ciiber

    Stamina system - distance modification

    I think it's a waste of time, some people die so much it wont even help them. If you need more stamina it should be modified.. or maybe drop some of that gear you're carrying.
  7. Ciiber

    Lack of cars are killing the server

    Think there are other things killing the server honestly, cars aren't one of them. How would the lack of them kill the server when cars are too busy killing you?
  8. Ciiber

    Gas mask buffs

    This honestly would be the best compromise. The filters could probably deteriorate over time of use like shoes and shouldn't be repairable.
  9. Ciiber


    No sound like the ODB, this guys wack but it's catchy.

    1. Craig


      ODB isn't wack, wtf!!!

    2. Ciiber


      Uhhhh yeah he is, but it's great.

  10. Ciiber

    DayZ Update Thread

    I think they listened to us
  11. Ciiber



  12. Ciiber



  13. Ciiber

    Gas mask buffs

    I have a military issued gas mask and it effects your breathing because you can't freely inhale oxygen as it needs to be filtered through a filter. Every single soldier I've met says that running with a gas mask sucks so I highly doubt you on that unfortunately. This is quoted directly from the CDC (Centers for disease control) Reference: https://www.cdc.gov/niosh/npptl/topics/respirators/factsheets/respfact.html
  14. Ciiber

    Gas mask buffs

    If they are forced to remain in the shop they should have different colors ie: working (white) not working (black) so you can easily differentiate gas masks. Since I as well as others dont want to have to use binoculars to tell whether something is a store mask or a normal mask before tossing gas nades.
  15. Ciiber


    Cargo shorts plz so I can focus my inner 90s grunge phase.
  16. Ciiber

    DayZRP 19.8.1

    So umm.... when are you adding the Seychelles? @Kamenici
  17. Ciiber

    Gas mask buffs

    It might not be the best identification method as there's tons of people wore them before and there'll only be more that wear them now. Armbands have been a staple for identification since the beginning of DayZ. Not only that but potius cras and the late liquidators all wear gas masks most of the time, it's nothing unique. You can be refunded, it's considered protective gear now so for example: I wouldn't consider a plate carrier part of my look. I'm sure you can tolerate not having a gas mask for a little while till you find one in a police station or military base. Isn't there military spawns and police spawns on the prison island? That's where I'd see a problem since people wouldn't throw gas grenades as they'd think people would have gas masks. Even giving a damaged texture most of the time the items don't actually show the damaged texture unless you are close.
  18. Ciiber

    Gas mask buffs

    Sometimes you can't even tell things are damaged from afar, and to actually tell if something is damaged (atleast for me) you have to be within 10 feet where it won't really be smart to throw gas grenades.
  19. Ciiber

    Gas mask buffs

    It's time I bring to you another one of my terrible suggestions... With the new tear gas that was just added I am now fearing that everyone I now bump into will be wearing gas masks turning the atmosphere into something that replicates S.T.A.L.K.E.R, what most people don't know is that Gas masks (with filters) restrict your air flow, sort of like breathing at high altitudes. When doing strenuous activities like running or anything that brings your heart rate up and with it your breathing. I personally have done physical activity with gas masks during my service in the military and I can tell you, it fucking sucks. It increases your fatigue, your goggles fog up and you can't drink water unless your hook up a bottle to your gas mask (some gas masks have drinking tubes). TL;DR Gas masks restrict your breathing similar to training masks. My suggestions: 1. I suggest gas masks should limit your stamina moderately (while worn) so people can't be constantly sprinting around with them to the point where you have no advantage over them even though your breathing isn't restricted. This will allow those not fortunate enough to find a gas mask to at least have an advantage in stamina over people with gas masks in the case that they are using tear gas and you're able to avoid it. 2. Gas masks should be removed from the shop so people can't spawn them in the middle of a fight. You may ask "why should we remove them? We could just remove their effects so they don't have the same qualities as a spawned gas mask" because why would you throw a tear gas grenade at a group of people with gas masks not knowing whether they were spawned or not Vote in the poll and let me know what you think below. Thanks for reading, have a good day everyone... Slava Kamenici
  20. Ciiber

    Allow Megaphones to be More Viable

    Same would go for every firefight, you never know how much backup someone has in the trees or buildings. It's called an ambush and someone got the drop on you. It's a normal occurence that already happens in game. It would be unrealistic to peep your head out and tell someone to put their hands up. People already initiate from behind cover and using a megaphone just makes it so everyone gets the message instead of the often claimed phrase of "I didnt hear the initiation".
  21. Ciiber

    Allow Megaphones to be More Viable

    +1 As long as the initiators explain who they're initiating on and who they are. If you dont know what position your iniators are at it's your fault you didnt keep an eye out. Walking through a dangerous area should not be a walk in the park. Reasons I believe this should be allowed: Not a big fan of seeing people run away from people in order to avoid their voip range for initiation. It's completely meta and if a large group of people chase after you it should be obvious enough you'll be killed if you keep running, in real scenarios you'd probably be shot.
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  24. Ciiber


    Going to stream DayZRP today, back to playing clyde.

  25. Ciiber

    Další Stránka [Selective Recruitment]

    This looks like the wolf pack with extra steps... Just kidding... good luck
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