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  1. Ciiber

    PK/Delete Obvious Troll Characters

    I've have people love my character and people hate my character.... I'd rather not get a character deleted because one person didn't like my character.
  2. Ciiber

    Unconscious before death.

    Developers are currently working on Non-lethal ammunition so I think it's too much work to add this as well and also quite unrealistic especially if you dump around 10 rounds into someone... they're going to die realistically. I can easily see this abused as people in firefights just keep reviving their friends and bring them back into the fight where they won't even think about roleplaying out the injuries they sustained from a bullet penetrating their skull. Honestly if someone tried to shoot your friends would you waste medical equipment on them in order to teach them a lesson and let them walk away or just to execute them?
  3. Ciiber



    1. coolman23



  4. Ciiber



  5. Ciiber

    Non-lethal Bullets/Weapons

    So what effects will they have? unconciousness?
  6. Ciiber

    Add Safety Mechanic to Guns

    Some weapons don't actually have applied safeties, I honestly think it's a waste of time.
  7. Ciiber


    Totally forgot about this, still gold.

  8. Ciiber

    New Assault Rifle

    -1 I prefer more civilian weaponry, and less common military weaponry. Everyone, even child characters run around with assault rifles at this point and it's not what we need.
  9. Ciiber

    • Ciiber
    • RavenousRP


  10. Ciiber

    When does a fun character become trolly?

    I've been playing Clyde for about 2 years now, although Clyde isn't a very serious character I try to treat the character that way. For as long as I've played him I've always been studying how autism works and I've been told by many that I portray it very realistic as someone who isn't autistic. Some could say it's a troll character but at the same time I've never been reported for BadRP for roleplaying as him.
  11. Ciiber



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  13. Ciiber

    Belt Pack

    I think there's a point where you're capable of having too much inventory space. I think this especially is an example especially when someone can wear one on their smersh vest and their belt.
  14. Ciiber



  15. Ciiber


    Yes, bring back the lock please.
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