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  1. Just realised thanks for the quick response o7
  2. Hi there, I keep getting this message whenever I try to join the server; battleye admin kick (you must accept the new ping rules before playing) I was wondering what was causing this and if I could get some assistance to repair the issue. Thanks.
  3. Thank you kindly! Much appreciated!
  4. Hello there, Been a good long while since I last played and it would appear that a lot has changed in my absence. So, if people would be so kind as to direct me to what I need to do in order to play and join the server that would be awesome. Thanks in advance for any and all help, it is most appreciated.
  5. Since when has staff gone on a 'Case by Case' basis for something that is clearly stated in the rules? Now don't get me wrong, I haven't played in quite some time but the last time I did, 'Case by Case' basis was only ever used for something that could be misinterpreted which cannot be done here. Just focus on the last part of what was quoted above "leaving them with a realistic chance of survival when they are released." Now correct me if I'm wrong, but, leaving a hostage with nothing to defend themselves with or no supplies to reach the next town with not only sounds like a rule break, but is in fact, by the definition of the rules of this community, a rule break. If you want to use the 'Case by Case' excuse, fine go ahead, but at least make sure the rule is ambiguous enough to argue that point because otherwise you're giving people the means to break the rules. Now, just so I'm fair here, I'll give you credit that giving a hostage a weapon can sometimes be a good and legitimate decision, but now that there are new threats in the game that prevent people from safely getting from one place to another, you're screwing over the hostage big time by not giving them something to defend themselves with. As for food and water, that should be a given, if you can't give them food or water to survive until they can gear up again, then you need to seriously reconsider whether or not taking hostages is the right course of action at that time. Just my thoughts on the topic, bash me if you want to, doesn't make the point less valid that it is in the rules.
  6. Take care blue, I didn't get the chance to meet you from what I've seen you're a decent person. o7
  7. So let me get this straight? People have let/are leaving because A) someone came back on amnesty B) unhappy with the state of things and C) unhappy with the leadership? Did I miss anything out? Because to me two out of three of those statements can be fixed quite easily, the final one not so much but meh what can you do? Like meatloaf said 'Two outta three ain't bad'
  8. Wasn't the biggest incentive to change the New Life Rule was because when two fighting groups met each other there wasn't the issue of Person A (Victim) and Person B (Hostile) going the entire route of B saying "Hey, I Killed you last night, how are you alive?" and A going "How could you have killed me? I'm stood right here."? At least when the rule was changed and people could remember what took place there were consequences to these actions making people think twice before they, took someone hostage and tortured them. Doesn't the current version of the rule allow for more RP to be had by both sides? As for the needing a reason to initiate, that was a stupid move. It takes all of the randomness out of an interaction. The only way to get a bad reaction from someone would be to make an insanely extreme person that has extreme views and little else to live for that to argue and torment other people.
  9. I see what you did there. And yes I agree, when someone is ignored because of disputing opinions issues can and will continue to grow. I apologise if my thoughts came out as insensitive @Taryn that was not my intention, I simply meant that you were a fantastic Mod and had you have made GM I'm sure you would have been just as fantastic. @Ender if this is the state of things now in the staff team, Rolland needs to start cracking down on those who have done this as it shows that not only can they not function within a team, but they don't hold the necessary social skills to benefit the community with a fair and unbiased view. @Whitename as stated above I didn't mean to sound insensitive and have now correct myself. Thank you for pointing that out.
  10. You did good Taryn, but in my honest opinion you shouldn't have quit. You were a good Mod from what I've seen, and you should give a fuck if people don't listen or talk to you about their issues. You were a member of the staff team for a reason, someone thought you could bring something valuable to the table. But alas it is ultimately your decision, and if you feel the need to resign then take away that you've done a great job.
  11. I have discord. I attempt to use discord to play pubg. Discord is bad, discord needs to be destroyed and sent back to the fiery pits from whence it came. In all seriousness though, this is a bad choice. Discord severely lacks in what it can do compared to TS and could potentially make some members of the community resort to using back up TSs or other communication platforms. I would hold off on making any chances for to the communication platform until Discord enables half of the stuff that makes TS popular (which sadly isn't in the for see-able future). I understand that TS is costly and that Discord is free but until Discord developers get there shit together and actually work on making the program function smoothly (i.e. updates every fucking day, but that is a hole different topic in itself) you should stick to teamspeak, besides any/all newcomers here have access to youtube and there are plenty of tutorials out there to help new users to use TS. Plus if newcomers feel more comfortable using Discord there isn't anything stopping them using Discord themselves, they don't need an official on to jump on to play on the server.
  12. Well who would have guessed? England can actually win a penalty shootout!

    Come on boys! Bring it home!

  13. Sooooo..... Germany are out of the world cup huh?



  14. Oh god lord your back! ? Welcome back Helix. You've not missed much, pretty much the same as usual.
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