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  1. The Deal With It Attitude

    It is supposed to be like that, which is why this thread has been made. To deal with the outcome of that decision.
  2. The Deal With It Attitude

    Neutral bystander with no involvement in the situation here; Let me start this off with this, I by no means have anything against staff or anyone in the community. With that said lets move forward shall we? What Aiko did was wrong, plain and simple. Staff members involved in a report, whether it be directly or indirectly, should not be Rule fouring anyone. This would never have been thought of let alone done a year or so ago so what has changed? @Oliv @Spartan @Aiko @Rolle From what I've read your leniency seems to be over, so are we now onto the "You are either my friend or my enemy" mentality? What happened to staff following every point of view? What happened to fairness and not taking one person's side over another? @Aiko I was in staff with you, I've worked with you, I like you as a person but you've changed and not for the better. You've forgotten how to be humble and show humility at the same time. That report would have been a quick solve, I'm sure the video evidence you had would have proved their guilt and gotten them an in-game ban, but as soon as they mentioned "False Report" you R4ed them. Something that is prohibited when I was last in staff. @Rolle while you may agree that Aiko's decision was correct, the action was not. Another admin or yourself should have preformed the R4 without Aiko's presence, that would have stopped a thread like this being made in the first place. Your greatest asset is this community, don't discard what is said in this thread it could be the difference from an empty community and a full one. - This might not make sense as I am writing this on a phone with my stupid auto correct enabled, if clarity is needed I am more than happy to oblige when I'm at my PC.
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  3. o7 Staff <3

    All the best Loscham, I hope everything works out in the new place. Take Care. o7
  4. "Howdy People I Guess I'm Back Now"

    Welcome back Welden.
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  6. bye staff.

    Jamie..... Why not mention? After that amazing tip I gave you, why? On a more serious and humble note, you've done a fantastic job here mate. Take care of yourself, see you in game when I get the motivation to jump back in. @Rolle please do one thing and....
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    Streaming soon, come join if you'd like.


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    @IAmJackBandit Thanks for the follow here and on my stream man, I just missed you as I was doing a spot of tidying and didn't have my head phones on.

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      Jack Bandit

      No problem bro hopefully I can get my PC situated so I can start streaming again :) 

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    Gonna stream some PUBG, come join me if you want. I promise, I don't bite :)


  10. We All Need To Chill Out

    If you are in the process of building a group to combat the big groups, good for you (not trying to be sarcastic). And I don't know if you have been getting people throwing salt at you or whatnot, but I will be honest with you. While MilitaryRP isn't fresh, it is the easiest to adpat to and can provide very good RP. What you are doing has been done in the past by people who weren't very successful and have stained it for others who would like to do it. For all I know you could go on to provide phenomenal RP with this group but because of previous attempts it isn't going to be easy for you. Stick with it, take the OOC and the IC hits and listen to what others have to say. You might actaully find that some people are actually trying to help. + You could always ask the lore masters to help you if you want to make your lore fit in with the new lore.
  11. We All Need To Chill Out

    I can't say I've met a cannibal in the new lore, nor have I met anyone that wants to take away my trumpet which is always great :). I think I can agree that people need to chill about some of the things they see in game but I believe that if people see something that can potentially be seen as trolly or bad rp then they should report it. But all in all I've had very decent RP from everyone I've met. As for this While you may have an OOC reason for having assault rifles (I don't know if you do or you don't), while you have an OOC reason (Being criminals/ex-military) others don't know this and therefore treat you as a civ, if you then tell them that you are ex-military they will assume that you've deserted your post and arrest you (take you hostage). If you then announce that you are criminals, they will detain you (probably torture you depending on the group) and then send you on your way with some basic gear, food and water. From this point on you have two options, accept the loss of you assault rifles and the ammunation OR you can build a group of like-minded people to confront these people and use numbers to try and keep your weapons. If I were you I'd accept the loss and go out and look for a smaller/less powerful weapon.
  12. DayZ RP Streamers