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  1. Dark Knight

    *Hangs Up Mod Hat*

    I see what you did there. And yes I agree, when someone is ignored because of disputing opinions issues can and will continue to grow. I apologise if my thoughts came out as insensitive @Taryn that was not my intention, I simply meant that you were a fantastic Mod and had you have made GM I'm sure you would have been just as fantastic. @Ender if this is the state of things now in the staff team, Rolland needs to start cracking down on those who have done this as it shows that not only can they not function within a team, but they don't hold the necessary social skills to benefit the community with a fair and unbiased view. @Whitename as stated above I didn't mean to sound insensitive and have now correct myself. Thank you for pointing that out.
  2. Dark Knight

    *Hangs Up Mod Hat*

    You did good Taryn, but in my honest opinion you shouldn't have quit. You were a good Mod from what I've seen, and you should give a fuck if people don't listen or talk to you about their issues. You were a member of the staff team for a reason, someone thought you could bring something valuable to the table. But alas it is ultimately your decision, and if you feel the need to resign then take away that you've done a great job.
  3. Dark Knight


    I have discord. I attempt to use discord to play pubg. Discord is bad, discord needs to be destroyed and sent back to the fiery pits from whence it came. In all seriousness though, this is a bad choice. Discord severely lacks in what it can do compared to TS and could potentially make some members of the community resort to using back up TSs or other communication platforms. I would hold off on making any chances for to the communication platform until Discord enables half of the stuff that makes TS popular (which sadly isn't in the for see-able future). I understand that TS is costly and that Discord is free but until Discord developers get there shit together and actually work on making the program function smoothly (i.e. updates every fucking day, but that is a hole different topic in itself) you should stick to teamspeak, besides any/all newcomers here have access to youtube and there are plenty of tutorials out there to help new users to use TS. Plus if newcomers feel more comfortable using Discord there isn't anything stopping them using Discord themselves, they don't need an official on to jump on to play on the server.
  4. Dark Knight

    dimitris theme thread

    An SU fan ehy? Last episode was pretty good....
  5. Dark Knight

    Dark Knight

    Well who would have guessed? England can actually win a penalty shootout!

    Come on boys! Bring it home!

  6. Dark Knight

    Dark Knight

    Sooooo..... Germany are out of the world cup huh?



  7. Dark Knight


    Oh god lord your back! Welcome back Helix. You've not missed much, pretty much the same as usual.
  8. Dark Knight

    Adieu for now, Staff.

    You did good Chewy, you did good.
  9. Dark Knight

    Well, it's been a good time.

    Best of luck Strawberry! I hope your business takes off and you become a huge success. I won't say goodbye on the off chance you return, however I will say this; In case I don't see you, good morning, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight!
  10. Dark Knight

    Dark Knight

    Going to play some fortnite, if you fancy watching come watch.


  11. Dark Knight

    DayZRP rule changes - March 2018

    Whatever happened to the good ol' days where you were always cautious of other people, the thrill of not knowing whether or not the person walking towards you was going to be hostile or not? Not knowing was the best part of each interaction and that needs to come back. What we don't need at this point is some namby pamby system telling everyone that regardless of the situation, treat it like you're heading down to the pub to a crack a few cold ones with the lads. This only reassures the overly friendly players that regardless of what a hostile person wants to do, they know have to become your best friend.
  12. Dark Knight

    DayZRP rule changes - March 2018

    I know I've been gone a while but Jesus H Christ these rules seem to be very restricting. This completely limits the type of RP you can receive in an encounter.
  13. Dark Knight

    The Deal With It Attitude

    It is supposed to be like that, which is why this thread has been made. To deal with the outcome of that decision.
  14. Dark Knight

    The Deal With It Attitude

    Neutral bystander with no involvement in the situation here; Let me start this off with this, I by no means have anything against staff or anyone in the community. With that said lets move forward shall we? What Aiko did was wrong, plain and simple. Staff members involved in a report, whether it be directly or indirectly, should not be Rule fouring anyone. This would never have been thought of let alone done a year or so ago so what has changed? @Oliv @Spartan @Aiko @Rolle From what I've read your leniency seems to be over, so are we now onto the "You are either my friend or my enemy" mentality? What happened to staff following every point of view? What happened to fairness and not taking one person's side over another? @Aiko I was in staff with you, I've worked with you, I like you as a person but you've changed and not for the better. You've forgotten how to be humble and show humility at the same time. That report would have been a quick solve, I'm sure the video evidence you had would have proved their guilt and gotten them an in-game ban, but as soon as they mentioned "False Report" you R4ed them. Something that is prohibited when I was last in staff. @Rolle while you may agree that Aiko's decision was correct, the action was not. Another admin or yourself should have preformed the R4 without Aiko's presence, that would have stopped a thread like this being made in the first place. Your greatest asset is this community, don't discard what is said in this thread it could be the difference from an empty community and a full one. - This might not make sense as I am writing this on a phone with my stupid auto correct enabled, if clarity is needed I am more than happy to oblige when I'm at my PC.
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    iz dat Goku in ur profile pic

    1. Dark Knight

      Dark Knight

      It is indeed.