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  1. Mischief

    Beni's Character Page Rating System

  2. Mischief

    DayzRP Members as Cats Thread

    I'm bored, avoiding final projects and want to contribute in a meaningless thread to be remembered for jack all shit. So, here's a thread where I post a cat picture that best represents every DayZRP member I know/have known/will know. Post here if you want me to do you in my ultimate auguring cat skills. Examples here: We'll start with the Staff. @Rolle @JimRP @Oliv ENDER LYCA @Aiko @Spartan
  3. Mischief

    Beni's Character Page Rating System

    s-sorry, beni.
  4. Mischief

    Beni's Character Page Rating System

    ...we had stars?
  5. Mischief

    Bundle Up [Open Frequency]

    A Chernarussian voice of a girl chimes softly after the long message. "Those who do not know how to survive in a country not their own, do not deserve to live. here" A mild giggle. "You all act as though this is the first hard winter here. Only foreigners make it sound like big deal... Like a melodrama! If they do not know how to survive Chernarus, let them die and decrease "surplus" population." The response ends with static.
  6. Mischief



    1. Taryn



  7. Mischief

    BeanZ WAR

  8. Mischief

    To those listening (open)

    Another frequency chimes in, the voice child-like, female with a thick Chernarussian Accent. "Ano, and all pirates die in the end because they get Old. Watch out for great Crocodile." And a high pitched whooping ends her message.
  9. Mischief

    Net Neutrality (US Concern)

    thing is, we do those things to get our voices heard and then the 1% people with the most money pay to shut them up
  10. Mischief

    How do you deal with the pain? (Open Freq.)

    A soft, childish voice of a girl chimes in over the radio transmission. A tiny thumb presses the PTT as she chitters away, her accent distinctly Chernarussian. "Is clear you have never been in a state of war. Weak blood is weak blood, and your blood is thinning!" Another giggle and the voice cuts out with a high-pitched whooping call.
  11. Mischief


    A musical little laugh sounds through static, the accent Chernarussian. "You act like children!" A voice of a young girl shouts before the static cuts it out, ending the transmission.
  12. Mischief

    • Mischief
    • StagsviewRB


  13. Mischief

    • Mischief
    • Buddy

    LOOOK AT ME!!!!

    1. Buddy


      I have been for the last god knows how many hours O.o

      re-sync your ts now you stinker



      I love you




    2. Jamie


      You guys are actually adorable. I thought myself and Sleepyhead were pretty cringe, but yeah lmao. 

    3. Mischief


      does that mean we're cringe?

    4. Buddy


      We shall take that as a blessing of your approval :^) 

      Thank you, dearest James of the Juice~~~


  14. Mischief

    10x Hall of Fame giveaway

  15. Mischief

    • Mischief
    • StagsviewRB

    staggs for customer support representivitve

    1. StagsviewRB


      I guess I was drunk?

  16. Mischief

    • Mischief
    • APositiveElmo

    u smell

    1. APositiveElmo


      U suk

  17. Mischief

    Hi, my name is Jean

    Welcome Jean! Good to have some RP veterans around!
  18. Mischief

    Sightseeing [Open Frequency - 89.5Hz]

    Clattering static can be heard and then the least a soft voice of a young girl pipes up as she presses the PTT. Her accent is thick, Chernarussian. "The Labyrinth of giants. Great, tall rocks. Towering. Get lost here, unless you know your way." A soft giggle is heard before the radio cuts out. A moment later the voice chimes in again. "South of Berezhiki. In the hills, by the coast. Be lost here." And then it fades to silence.
  19. Mischief


    greetings yung wun! be sure to sync up teamspeak and pop in to say henlo!
  20. Mischief

    BeanZ WAR

  21. Mischief

    *A Voice Pierces your Frequency* (Open Freq.)

    The voice is disembodied and clear. Female, high pitched singing clear notes with the language unclear. It sounds like simple words, focusing more on the notes than the language itself. In the background there are soft grassy crunches of hooves. Bells jingle, likely local cows. However it's strange, to those who might have been near the source, coming from the rocky maze south of Berezhiki, would have heard the voice piercing the crisp air through the trees. It's eerie, but likely nothing.
  22. Mischief


    heck so much love, sO MUCH LOVE

  23. Mischief

    Nonsenze :)

    greetings friends, be sure to ask staff for any help at all! also check out our mentor program, it's the bee's knees <3
  24. Mischief

    [GAME] Rate the person's signature above you

    10/10 i wonder who made it...
  25. Mischief


    kill with a can of tactical bacon
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