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  1. every time i watch an episode i tell myself i cant because of the gore and methods of how to make it honestly i keep watching just to see what they'll do next. cutting off the lady's arm with wire? WHAT WILL THEY THINK OF NEXT---
  2. Hold on lemme try it. Nope... lemme try this again.
  3. It's that time of year to be orange and pumpkin spicey and it's also time to look like a shabby hobbit. Or you know, match the voice and be a munchkin from Wizard of Oz. Are we not supposed to post more than one selfie or
  4. Also I think it's safe to say that if you do something incredibly stupid and waste resources multiple times in one night, you can call it pulling a Charlie.
  5. I just.. What? Q_Q oh im sorry i mispelled it's johnson paladozo. jackson pollock jennifer pigiggidy james popupbook-- or was it june pooperoni? your name is so hard to remember bruh.
  6. Soo tonight was an epic roleplay, and I mean EPICLY SCARY. Going to Berezino with Alexander, Jack, Dominik and Dean to get a supply run for medical stuff, end up getting hit so many times and running out of blood faster than meat-- well getting stuck on that goddamned roof was scary enough, RIP Dean, man. Dramatically i may add things got so damn hairy but it was the best roleplay ever. Now Charlie has to deal with a shit ton of survivor's guilt. And a lot of other stuff. Le whoops. All in all, you guys are amazing and I'm glad I joined this server.
  7. You guys are horrible. I am actually a gremlin hobbit. thank you
  8. It me. To prove I'm not a twelve year old boy, even though I sound like one.
  9. Nice meeting back up with Sin again! Meetin Jonathan was a good one, and Josh up at Solace. Nothing like a nice brisk run up the hill to avoid unsavory folk, amiright?
  10. No one mentions the squire... An d faithful squire Borin. Archie and Theo would be borin without you.
  11. Bless everyone I've met so far from Ana to Ulman, Lt. Alex, Jason Pargosi-- Uh who else, there's Dwain and then today was the best laugh I had in ages. Met up with Jack Abbots and Joshua Steele, ended up dying at a supermarket run if it wasn't for Jack I would be dead and upset about it too. Lotta fun running from the Russians, also. Let's not forget getting stranded in the middle of nowhere. So yes, thankfully Charlie met Lt. Alexander and managed to comm him in. Very eventful day, filled with fun and action. Also theodore and archibald are my new favorites here on DayZRP.
  12. Shout out to Dwaine for trying very hard to hit on Charlie, and break the "tough" cookie. Had me in tears.
  13. Nah not really. While it was interesting, I ended up dying. Right after getting all of that stuff and help from you. I have never felt so sad in my life.
  14. And my character is currently stuck in an outhouse after wandering in the woods alone, IN THE DARK. As soon as it starts to get light I found and outhouse and hid in it. Conveniently after finding a can of fruit. So yeah, I think my first day in this has gone pretty well, considering.
  15. I mistakenly bought the Standalone thinking it would be fun. It's not, it's incredibly erratic and not a damned soul plays on it. Like Lucas said, you need someone to accompany you to make it more fun. Last I played I wound up on a ship, soaking wet and despite finding new attire my character was still wet and died of starvation. It's still hella bugged and really disorganized. :\
  16. So, this is me saying hello to you all. I was recently introduced to this game via watching various youtubers try their hand. I've been excited and just started to get my bearings in the game, practicing and what not. I'll be very excited to meet you all very soon. also, i figured people might squint at the username-- it's pronounced kree-fee-awn. I hope to have a good time, currently working on my whitelist thingy, and will see you all soon!
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