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  1. "//ooc i'm not comfortable with this" "//ooc tough shit deal with it IC." >female rper combat logs, gets reported for combat logging during a "robbery/rape" nice guys nice. why was it ever removed, why was it not announced that it was removed why is there a discussion on this, when if people wanted to do this as RP consensually they would discuss it OOC over steam and then continue it on steam Why was this not made a discussion before the rule was removed, keeping the community involved about it? A rule that sort of protected people in general from this bullshit. so now female RPers are gonna get cornered, god forbid they actually were raped IRL and are confronted by dudes who are yelling at her and telling her to take off her clothes and it's supposed to be IC and "good rp". make said female RPer afraid to come back on the server for a period of time instead of usually having fun roleplaying in general... great, i get development. but now you guys opened up another can of worms. personally i'd like my money back from donating to a server that no longer protects people from you know, shit that happened to them IRL. i dont have to fear a fucking zombie apocalypse every day, finding food or trying to survive in an unfamiliar environment i do have to fear every single day if i'm going to get attacked. Again. i tell people all the time to not even make rape jokes when i'm around because golly it still reminds me of how people just don't fucking care about this shit. cause heaven forbid if you bring it up you get slapped with "it's just RP, it's not real, god you're so sensitive you SJW." so long and thanks for all the fish @Roland turn on your PM's so I can get my account deleted, thank you
  2. :<>

    1. Buddy


      Image result for wink gif

  3. :<>

    1. Buddy



    2. Mischief


      Related image

  4. I just wanted you to know.... that I farted on your pillow last night ?

    1. HarveyLR


      I was going to make a comment but I felt like I was being overly intrusive, considering the intimate nature of this comment.



      That made me moist.

    2. Buddy


      I ain't shy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  5. just leeeeavveeeee meeeeee aloooooooone.

    1. Buddy


      I'd say call it flattery but....

      Apparently it's possible to be so dense that no amount of hinting or demands will get through ones' thick empty skull

      Pathetic really 



      But hey I love you!

      Related image



  6. ..... aaaand i think im gonna  uh.... just... wow. this site, guys. this site.

    1. BostonRP


      Surprised you're just now taking off the rose-tints.

    2. Mischief


      they've been off fam just have been dealing with life than focus here..
      but every time i come back it's like


    3. BostonRP


      Ah, I can't say I blame you.

      Focusing on real life is less stressful than focusing on here. That's saying something.

    4. Mischief


      in some cases, yeah but honestly real life drama is more important than the petty stuff I see constantly popping up here, it's ridiculous.

    5. Spartan


      That gif is literally me waking up an hour ago and checking the forums..

    6. Mischief


      its like coming back to highschool and having ptsd flashbacks from it

  7. rate my profie meme

    1. Ender


      i love it

    2. ChewyLR



  8. today is my favorite holiday. discount chocolate day.

  9. i am bisexual, love my boyfriend @Buddy and support my ace sister and gay best friends whom we ae hosting a wedding part here at my house. Bob Ross themed. gay everywhere!
  10. WHEN U alone on valentines day and ur boyfriend is 1200 miles on the other side of the country: when u actually spending it w/ your parents who told u that u were conceived on valentines day and therefor u drink all the prosecco to forget:
  11. josei and the poosycats!

    1. Popet



  12. nope. your dream has answered tho. <3 buddy boy are you there?
  13. this community man, developing into



    1. YNW Jasper

      YNW Jasper

      Developing into? It's been Toxic. It's a nice toxic sometimes, in fact one of my favorite toxics,but yeah, toxic. 

    2. Buddy


      we're talking like britney spears toxic mannnnnn!!!!!!!


    3. YNW Jasper

      YNW Jasper

      Stop being toxic buddy. 

    4. Buddy


      The toxicity runs in my veins thicker than blood!!!!!


    5. YNW Jasper

      YNW Jasper

      Hey ?️Uddy

      why don't you relax. Before I call my dad and get you put on final. He works in staff. 

      His name rhymes with BimbGarbee

    6. Buddy


      but i sleep with the entire admin team... didnt you know?

    7. YNW Jasper

      YNW Jasper

      Toxic. But kinky.

    8. Lyca


      Kinky is always good.

    9. Dusty




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