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  1. The clock strikes 12 as you tune into 66.6 out of boredom of luck, you are responded with dead air. Just as youre tuning out you hear a badly converted audio playing the X files theme in the background. The sound of bottles spilling over, a few nicotine stained coughs and the sound of a microphone adjusting. "Fena..is this working? Can you hear me?" microphone taps "Yes hello. Welcome to PAPAS, Post Apocalyptic Paranormal Activity Show. My name is Vasily -nice to meet your aquiantance. This will be a radio show where we discuss all the strange things we have seen throughout South Zagoria and in extension Chernarus. In these strange times when unknown viruses are causing strange things to people who knows what other unknown things have been released to the world. I decided to make this broadcast to discuss any strange sights that YOU have seen and make other people aware of this. For example, there are rumours of a strange witch living in the forests east of Myshkino. What about the strange drawing that suddenly appeared one day in the field? How is that possible? And of course, what is the purpose of the Alter?" Sounding out of breath, Vasily turns off the annoying X files music and takes another sip of his beer. "I will break the show down into three segments, new rumours, sponsors segment then I will take calls to discuss ONLY paranormal activity theories or sightings. If you are interested in sponsoring or fanmail, please leave a letter in one of the many garbage cans marked with a red X that are dotted throughout the South Zagoria, I will usually respond within three to five working days. I only say this once. Do not try to shit in the bins or try to ambush me okay? I don't want to touch or smell any of that. And if you try and ambush me I will know, okay? Good good." Another burp and microphone scuffing noises are heard in the background, along with the sound of an angry Chernarussian Babushka yelling. "Anyway. Now I will be talking about rumours. I recently heard sightings of a hairy figure walking around the forrest east of Tisy. I call bullshit, it's clearly a hunter in a ghille suit or my ex wife. Next." Sounds of paper rifling "Hmm.. a swamp monster sighted in the black lake around midnight... Okay if you are going to write letters of these claims AT LEAST try to back it up with a picture. Do you know how often I investigate things and its either a stick up or another infected vermin caught in the mud? Amateurs!" "Well, I need to re-read these notes I have taken down, perhaps a more thorough method of confirmation is needed. Very well, I will now be taking calls from anyone interested in sharing their paranormal experiences right after this break." A clicking noise is heard followed by a badly recorded song:
  2. WIP Vasily was in his early twenties when the Union collapsed. After returning from a tour in Takistan, he fled the collapsing Union for his home country in Chernarus. From 1992 to 2002 he served in the CDF where he was promoted to Staff sergeant. After a heated dispute with the Captain of his regiment he left and joined an organisation which provided training for private military contractors in Takistan. In 2009, he reluctantly decided to return to his home country after hearing a civil war had broken out, and offered to train young CDF recruits in Kirovograd. When the outbreak occured, Vasily fled with some remaining CDF soldiers to South Zagoria after hearing of a working military stronghold.
  3. The silence of a forgotten town is broken by a loud revving of engines coming from a nearby scrapyard. With each rev a dim glow brightens, then fades to blackness. The closer to the scrapyard, the stronger the smell of burnt rubber and gasoline lingers in your nose. The sound of gears and bolts create a metallic harmony that which is reminded of a time before the dark days. In the yard a lone man tirelessly works away infront of a metallic behemoth, like a possessed blacksmith hammering away at an anvil. Sweat trickles down Daniel's furrowed brow as he tightens the remaining parts on the engine. After hearing that satisfying final 'click' when everything is put together, he steps back and closes the hood. Wiping his greasy brow, Daniel admires the view of his most recent project. Months of salvaging parts and resources has led to this moment. Daniel wipes the oil off his hands with a stained rag and steps inside the car. He starts up the engine and pulls out to the main road. Stepping on full gas, Daniel yells in delight at the speed and power. The loud four stroke engine and ear-piercing screeching of the tyres cuts through the silent night like a knife. The Dead Phaethon Racing Club is a club consisting of vehicle enthusiasts and mechnanics that roam the streets to search for usable car parts to continuously upgrade their vehicles. There is no leader, but the founder, Daniel used his experiences from his time in the Pathfinder Platoon in Takistan. In the Pathfinder Platoon, Daniel spent up to a week performing reconnaissance behind the red wire in a small team and a couple of landrovers. After being abandoned by the UN in South Zagoria, Daniel had to survive how he knew, which was through cars. From what became a simple way to survive quickly became an obsession as Daniel improved on the cars defences and engine. The name Dead Phaethon comes from Greek Mythology. Phaethon was the youthful son of Helios (God of the Sun) who begged his father let him drive the chariot of the sun. The god reluctantly conceded to the boy's wishes and handed him the reigns. But his inexperience proved fatal, for Phaethon quickly lost control of the immortal steeds and the sun-chariot veered out of control setting the earth ablaze. Zeus, appalled by the destruction, struck Phaethon with a thunderbolt, killing him. The DPRC are riders of the Sun Chariot; riding through the infested wastelands without regard of safety or fear. 1. Restore any salvagable vehicles in Chernarus 2. Find a suitable workshop to repair the vehicles and trade wares 3. Strengthen relationships with groups that have vehicle enthusiasts by participating in races If you are interested in joining, please send a breif message about yourself and why you want to join.
  4. Born to a middle-class family, Daniel Slate enlisted with the British Army in his early twenties in the year 2000 and worked his way up to Pegasus Company, the Parachute Regiment's training ground in Catterick. After passing selection and training, he was eventually assigned to the 3rd Battalion, Parachute Regiment (3 PARA) due to his excellent record from the battalion's previous operations during the Iraq War. This also earned him a promotion to the rank of Sergeant, and an opportunity for even more specialised training. With the onset of Operation Arrowhead in the Green Sea Region nation of Takistan in 2012, Slate was given command of a paratrooper squad, callsign Lancer Blue. After several more months of routine counter-insurgency operations in Takistan, the country begins to spiral into chaos again due to bitter infighting between government forces and the regional warlords. Slate becomes jaded with the seemingly futile situation of the country and eventually requests a transfer to provide humanitarian aid to the recent South Zagorian infection outbreak. Upon arrival, the scale of biological disaster was unprecedented, forcing the UN to withdraw from the cities towards the boarders and declared South Zagoria a quarantine zone, on a scale similar to Chernobyl and Fukushima. The new plan was to withdraw from the cities to the boarders to contain the infection to the area and starve out the infected. But after speaking to the soldiers in the CDF about their families and people surviving in the cities by themselves, Slate requested to the CO to help assist in evacuating with the growing rate of infected. Slate, frustrated, decided to leave the British Army and personally help the CDF find and evacuate survivors.
  5. WIP - Ryo was born in the summer of 1990. Being the son of a single mother and a father who abandoned him at birth greatly affected him. From a young age Ryo secretly financially supported his mother, a hostess in a host bar. Ryo worked illegally in a steel factory as an underage employee faking his age throughout his junior and high school years, where he met his future employer in the debt collection business. Once Ryo graduated high school he decided to work full time as a debt collector, his larger than average size often intimidating people in debt. Although most people complied, there were rare moments when he had to resort to fighting. As he became older, his resent for his father grew, and he found out that he was a United States soldier posted in a military base. Ryo interrogated his mother, he was told that he was an unwanted pregnancy from a rape. After hearing this news, Ryo left his mother to work less legal jobs for his boss, venting out his frustration through heavy drinking and fighting.
  6. There is a man across the hallway. [align=justify]He is clutching a hammer drenched in blood. His wild, bloodthirsty eyes burn deeply through mine straight into my soul. Behind him are the dismembered remains of my wife and children. Blood is streaming down this his face, flowing like the river Styx. There is a man across the hallway. [align=justify] [align=justify]The synapses in my brain refuse to connect as time slows down. Questions that I should be asking, "who is he", "what does he want", "why is he doing this" have blurred out and disappeared like many other forgotten memories. I try to open my mouth, to formulate words, anything. The man stands rigidly still, waiting to hear my response. The blood on his hammer dries up, forming small cracks. There is a man across the hallway. [align=justify] A tide of blood and grey matter oozes past the mans shoe, seeping through the gaps between the floorboards. All is quiet except for the sound of fluids dripping underneath the house. Time speeds up. I see flashbacks of my wife pushing my oldest child on the swings. My vision blurs. I feel blood rush back to my head and I let our a blood-curdling scream. There is a man across the hallway. I charge towards the man in a manic frenzy, like a martyr with nothing left to lose. I want to tear this man limb from limb. The man runs towards me. I feel a crunch on my foot as I step on a shard of skull. The man raises his hammer, ready to strike. I raise my hammer, ready to strike.
  7. Kronos

    Clarification on being "hit" by car (Explanation inside thread)

    I think getting hit by a car without a just cause is a blatant KoS attempt and should allow you to retaliate. But if you do get hit and want to roleplay it, depending on how you get hit by the car you might have to role-play your ribs being broken, having a concussion etc. The rules of this world become more complicated each time with every update!
  8. Nice to see you getting back into DayZ RP! Good luck with your whitelist, it has changed a lot since then but I am sure you will be fine!
  9. After what seemed like days, Desmond's blurry vision adjusted. As he slowly came to his senses he heard a flurry of hushed mutters. "Дедушка, человек просыпается!" A young boys voice would say exitedly. "Дайте ему немного места ." Another would say. As Desmond strained his neck to look around the room he gasped as an immesnse pain echoed throughout his temple. He looked around the room to see a small crowd of people surrounding him inside a dusty shack. A single beam of light poured through a crack in the planked walls. "You be sleep for week. We think you may have кровоизлияние. I do not know how to say in English." A softly spoken voice would emerge from the crowd. "Wh..where am I.." Desmond mumbles. "Somewhere safe. Drink this." An old man would raise a steaming mug against Desmonds lips. "Drink." He would say. As Desmond lets the liquid slide down his throat, he would feel an instant urge to hurl. Spraying out the liquid from his mouth Desmond would gasp, "What the fuck are you poisoning me with?!" The crowd surrounding Desmond would chuckle at his reaction. "This make you better. It taste bad but it help. Drink." The old man would once again press the cup to Desmonds lips. Desmond grimaces as he takes down the bitter brew. "Good, good. You rest now." The old man would say as Desmond takes a closer look at his features. He wore a battered woolen coat, and his face had about a hundred wrinkles. "You could have left me. Why?" Desmond asked the man. "Because when you have nothing left to give, you have nothing to lose." "Оставьте человека в покое." The old man would say to the crowd. "Rest well, Englishman." The old man would say as he closes the door. Desmond would stare at the dusty ceiling in thought, before sliding into sleep.
  10. Kronos

    The Dark One

    pretty spooky tbh
  11. Kronos

    Possible Group Idea? for future

    Since the combat rule is 500m even average level quicksc-snipers would be able to participate.
  12. Kronos

    Interest in ArmA3: Exile server?

    ^ This. While the devs are away, its arma we play
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