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  1. I don't want to make drama, but I decided to take my leave from this community. My life has become more complicated than expected and I don't really have time for video games anymore. I loved every minutes I spent in this community, I mean it. It was great while it lasted but life goes on and I can't stay here. I have been a community member since 2013 so I consider myself a veteran but I feel lost in this "new community" as everything changed. A lot of my good friends have left as well and I will follow them. Most of you probably don't even know me anyway but a few old members might remember me... Thank you everyone for the wonderful time and especially to CLF and Khardia <3
  2. No Longer A Staff Member

    Take care Zhunk ! I'm glad I had the honor to work and play with you You will be missed...
  3. Papa taking a break from admin duties.

    Take care Papa ! You have been there since forever and done many great things for DayZRP, you deserve a break
  4. Leaving Staff

    You are one of the best person I ever met on this server, take care. See you soon as CLF
  5. No Private Teamspeaks.

    Well people use private TS just like DayZRP TS? It's like a private radio. If they metagame when you made them drop their radio, report them.
  6. Steam Summer Sale

    I always end up buying tons of games I will never play...
  7. Finally!

    #GtaVRP Been waiting for this for a while.
  8. Hi ! I suggest you have a look at this section of the forums, there are tons of guides about DayZRP. Goodluck with the whitelist !
  9. Stashed car

    /Moving to questions.
  10. I won't give a rate, but in my opinion The Forest is a little better. I see more potential in the future and the graphics are better. But if you enjoy multiplayer more than anything, go for Stomping land since The Forest does not support it for the moment. Both are great games but The forest has more potential imo. (Survival, Crafting, Cannibals but no dinosaurs.) Best = Buy both games.
  11. [Official] The Forest thread

    Yep, this game is awesome but we already have a thread for it. http://www.dayzrp.com/t-official-the-forest-thread /Closing.
  12. Game of Thrones TV Show Discussion (no book spoilers)

    I really hope he will die, all the characters I love dies but I keep watching this show for some reasons... (It's awesome)
  13. Oh my gawd, #Hype So good to see you again, thought you would never come back !
  14. Official THE FOREST Thread

    Are you sure abut this? I played yesterday after the hotfix and still couldn't save the game... I hope your right !
  15. Game of Thrones TV Show Discussion (no book spoilers)

    Well, I wasn't expecting that...