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  1. Server and location: S1, Novaya Petrovka Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2/27/2019, approx 20:00 server time. Your in game name: Savannah Springfield Names of allies involved: None. Name of suspect/s: Unknown. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Highlighted the Vod of the entire event. Detailed description of the events: I logged in at Novaya and walked around trying to RP with some people that were walking around the town. During a conversation with a woman and random elderly male, a third subject with a black armband walked into the conversation. My character made mention to the subject's grass covered gun and the subject immediately asks the old man if my character is "his son". My character, being a woman, is offended and tells the man to go fuck himself. Three more subjects approach, all wearing black armbands and without a word, the black man wearing all white and grass on his head, punches my character repetitively until unconscious. This alone wouldn't had been enough to urge me to write this report, however, this in addition to their continued attitudes and terrible roleplay is what did it. After regaining consciousness, one of the men stole my rifle and taunted my character while the other woman attempted to get the subject to return my rifle to me. The entire time the group of subjects in black armbands insultingly calling my character a male, transvestite, and cringy, while the subject with grass on his head who punched out my character speaks like a Ugandan meme. The subjects eventually return the rifle to my character, but not without continuing to call my character a man and insult me. Eventually two of the subjects start fist fighting each other in some sort of fighting ring setup in town, and then start just randomly hitting each other outside the ring too, and I walk away for a moment. I have a conversation with another elderly male across the street who tries to fight me for vodka and the server crashes. When the server restarts my character runs to the other woman who was actually a decent human being to her, saying that the man was trying to beat her up. She says how one of the black armband subjects has a crush on her and asks her age, and then they continue to be disgusting and insulting. Another random subject walks into town with a t-shirt and white hockey helmet on. The man with the helmet runs off and possibly shoots himself in the head just down the road a little ways and everyone runs to check it out. The black armband subjects take off the man's pants and start being even more trolly before randomly shooting the helmet subject in the head again. I leave to go actually have a decent roleplay with a subject from the Saviors. I'm directed towards the "Saviors compound" which is in an industrial area behind a gate in town to go speak to their leaders. I walk up to the gates and call out, even using my megaphone to try and find someone behind the gates, when the black armband subjects show up again, some behind the gates somehow. They try to take my megaphone from me, again continuing to be insulting and calling my character a male. I eventually just leave, not even wanting to roleplay with them anymore and start walking down the road. The black armband subjects run after me some, watching me from a distance and a shot is fired behind me. I continue to walk away before they fire another shot at me and hit me in the back... me being the only person on the road and no zombies around me. I have to hide in a shed and bandage while zombies from the other side of a wall inside a compound down the road get aggro'd on me before running further down the road while more shots are fired behind me in unknown directions. I kill the zombies and continue to run down the road away from town when the black male subject with a black armband who had punched me out earlier and spoke like a troll runs after me, attempting to "apologize" while continuing to call me a man and insult me. I tell him to fuck off and he eventually leaves. I played on this server a long time ago, and eventually left because I was done with the toxic behaviors, trolls, and just terrible roleplay. After being away for several years, I decided to come back to attempt to just play on the server and have decent roleplay and actually stream it. This is the most poor excuse for roleplay I have ever experienced. This is just flat out a group of kids being edgy, toxic trolls and trying to hide it behind "roleplay". Even the subject at the end running after me to "apologize" only because he knew he would actually get in trouble for RDMing me, still lacking the self control however to not continue to be insulting. If this is how the server is, I honestly don't really have anymore interest in playing past this if it continues. I spoke to a moderator verbally about the incident, explaining how disgusting it was and that I honestly was not even interesting in writing it as a report if it would just result in someone simply being banned for three days and be right back to it. However, they urged to write it up as a report anyways, so this is what I'm doing.
  2. Before the apocalypse, Socks had left home and joined a Motorcycle Club known as the Sisterhood. She was only in the club for a short time before the world went to shit, however, the apocalypse opened up a new prosperous chapter for the club. The club took over a stretch of highway in the Midwest and soon after that a small town just off the highway. They would mess with and rob anyone passing through and above all just have the times of their lives causing chaos. Overtime they created enemies and lost sisters to either war or just moving on to something new. The group slowly turned from the Sisterhood to the Chaos Crew, known for their destruction and madness. They heard rumors, many rumors, that a small country overseas had a stockpile of explosives, treasure, and even nukes... with those they could rule over the whole country! Or even the world! They rode for the coast, finding a running ship with a crew and taking them hostage, forcing them to sail across the ocean to their riches. They would end up finally after long at sea, pillaging anything along the way, they would finally make landing... in the wrong country. The Chaos Crew left the ship and it's crew to move more inland, eventually discovering they had been in Russia the whole time and having to make their way on foot to Chernarus.
  3. More Cosplay pics I was doing a more "realistic" look for Officer Judy Hopps from Zootopia ^-^ Meaning I just used a lot of real stuff instead of a store bought outfit :3
  4. I'd totally be down for that :3 I'd dress up as Caroline! I just need a brown colored hoodie and I'd be good to go ^-^
  5. This pretty much answers everything
  6. I'm sorry if you truly think Rolle would just suddenly up and leave this huge community that he has spent years of stress forming into what it is now. People are not going to "forget" about DayZRP, we have tons of side projects. Even when ArkRP popped up, it wasn't a big deal. It's two different scenarios, this is apocalyptic RP and people come here to play that. And I don't get where you are getting your thought that DayZRP is no longer going to be getting advertisement. Like Rolle said, this is going to be seporate from DayZRP anyway, its not going to be affecting it... why would that effect our advertisement? And yes, donations are given for nothing in return, but Rolle just so happens to be nice enough to give you something in return, he doesn't have to. So if he doesn't want to tell you something, he doesn't have to. You are not customers, no matter how many people wanna continue that meme and say DayZRP is a business, it's not, it's a community.
  7. So I look at this thread and all I see are shitposts and people whining for no reason. I haven't been very active lately on the forums, but if Rolle and Jim wanna make some sorta new project, who the hell cares? It doesn't effect any of you in any way. Is it going to hinder your ability to roleplay? Is it going to hinder you posting on the forums? And seriously, just because you "donate" doesn't mean you can get everything you want. I think a lot of you have forgotten what the word "Donating" means, it's to give money to help a cause, not use as an excuse to ask for more and more things in return. Again, if Rolle and Jim wanna do something unrelated to DayZRP, why should anyone care?
  8. Really sad to see you go from staff, you were fantastic at what you did and were always so willing to help. I'm glad I got to work with you bun buns <3

    1. bunny


      Thank you <3 I loved working with you too!

  9. No, this isn't needed at all. For one, new members are already forced to read through the rules and such to actually find the passphrase to proceed, thats the whole purpose of the passphrase. Secondly if they aren't already reading the rules in the first place, then a timer isn't going to suddenly inspire them to do so. Thirdly, people are always freaking out over not being able to find the passphrase anyways, or that they already read the rules "thirteen times" or something and they give up, so again, a timer just seems pointless.
  10. Jaaaaaaaaaaaaade! My bby!!! <3 <3 <3 

    1. Jade




  11. Phew that black text, hard to read. Welcome, if you have any questions feel free to message me or a Support person
  12. Heyyyya! Welcome ^-^ If you have any questions about anything, feel free to shoot me or a Support a message!
  13. I've heard of it breaking people's games before whenever the game updates. I don't use it. But yeah, you can totally use it here if you wish.
  14. Heyyyyy welcome! If you have any questions feel free to message me or a Support.
  15. Kinda looking at me funny, makes me feel uncomfortable 6/10
  16. Well for one, the admin was correct in asking your friend to change their character's name because, as it says in our rules, you are not allowed to have the same name as a real life famous person. So a member of a popular band would obviously qualify as just that, so there's nothing to justify being salty about it. As far as your complaints, well yeah, Walking Dead is very popular and deals with zombies, so of course a zombie RP community is going to have that. Now, I can't say I personally have seen these many people straight up copying from the Walking Dead as you claim, maybe it's because I just don't notice because I don't really watch the walking dead all that frequently, but I don't think its that big of an issue. We have tons of people who play with us, not everyone is as creative as the other, nor as experienced, hell I started off with a shitty military character when I first joined here, everyone starts somewhere. Most the time, the people who actually stick around make great improvements to their RP over time. Now I'm not saying that it's a good thing that people act like this, but more so we could do more than just sit and complain about it on the forums, it's one of the reasons we now have the Mentor Program.
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