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  1. How do I check my GUID for DayZ Standalone?
  2. Do events and interactions and such from the DayZ Mod carry over onto the Standalone, or does everything reset?
  3. Pretty good ^^ I think i'm getting over a bit of the shyness stuff, just feels a little awkward still though
  4. That big battles are fun to sit and watch :3
  5. wow thanks for all the replies guys ^^ Uuuuuhhh okay, well like one of the big things is that im self conscious about my voice cause, like the majority of you already know, it's really husky and crap and ive always really hated it, so RPing with voice obviously jabs at my confidence. And as for the TS suggestion, I thought that was only for IC chat, like can you just go in there and chat casually?
  6. im female and I RP a female character uuuuhh no? Im a girl uuuuhh no? Im a girl
  7. I was able to get mouthy with some Block guys, but other than that I get all quite and stuff and respond with little short answers cause I cant really think off what to say
  8. omg thats a hella adorable nickname omg! lol
  9. Okay so ive RPed ALOT before in the past, but never over voice, and im a really shy girl and I never really thought it could be a problem before but like, yeah I find myself really shy and kinda having some trouble with voice RP. Im sure im not the only one who's had this problem so, any advice?
  10. I'll be waiting for that info bby Would you like some crackers and a glass of wine with that as well?~~
  11. It's simple....we kill the batman. But if it's so simple... Why haven't you done it already? But in all seriousness, jump in game and start RPing! If you are good at something, never do it for free~
  12. What is 'squee'? ........ Oh, and congratulations! Its a happy noise, like a squeak, you'll hear me do it often over voice
  13. Squee! My Whitelist thingy got accepted!!
  14. I filled out the whitelist thingy :3
  15. cares about what? Welcome to the server! gotta have 50 posts I believe(?) Oh... And thanks!
  16. How do I make a signature? I know I saw it somewhere but now I cant find it.
  17. Well, that's probably because you're not a girl with a husky voice. Or a husky with a girl voice. Or a husky pretending to be a girl. Suppose I'm really getting sick of this
  18. I doubt you'll get yelled at I've yet to be yelled at in TS Well, that's probably because you're not a girl with a husky voice. Or a husky with a girl voice. Or a husky pretending to be a girl. ...
  19. Thanks ^^ I'm really hesitant to join the TeamSpeak though, in fear im gonna get yelled at or something
  20. wow, or ya know, maybe its just a girl? Maybe I don't know, please don't hurt me lady. I. Will claw. Your eyes out.
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