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  1. Could you please stop? No one is getting heated here, we are trying to have a serious discussion about people using loopholes and abusing game mechanics. I'd appreciate you not making this about me, thanks. I'd have to +1 what Cipher said though, thread isn't really going anywhere anymore. I guess a quick little summary will do then. The whole backpack thing that is being done is in fact an abuse of game mechanics and if reported it will most likely be leading to points, so I guess I'd kindly warn against doing it anymore
  2. It's funny how you're now resorting to the whole "Ex-Mod" card. As stated, we are trying to have a serious discussion and are continuously being pulled off-topic. Feels more like the people derailing it have ulterior motives here.
  3. Could you please stop trying to pull the thread off-topic to avoid our questions? Thanks.
  4. Weather there is a gun in the bag or not does not change the fact that you are making them carry a backpack in their hands as an OOC method to gain an IC advantage. Still classifying as an Abuse of Game Mechanics.
  5. Yet you're fully aware that making someone carry a backpack with all their stuff in it, through the mechanics of the game, makes it a slower process to have to pull a weapon or anything on you, but in an RP sense all they would actually have to do is pull it from the bag and shoot you in one swift motion? So you're literally admitting to using OOC methods to gain an IC advantage? Fairly sure that THAT is a punishable offense right there actually. Abuse of Game Mechanics buddy And you just admitted to it. This sorta thing right here is exactly what I'm talking about, there are these kinds of people here that do not care about integrity in the slightest and just want to prove they are the big guy on campus. Like I said, I find this horribly disgusting and I hope to never be forced to sit through this sort of excuse for RP. There are going to be these kinds of people who simply do whatever it takes to gain an advantage ICly or OOCly. And that's okay, the world isn't perfect and karma will get them eventually, it's not anyone's place to try to directly combat this with more little tricks. All we have to do, is stay true and genuine ourselves, and like I said before it will show in the end.
  6. I've never had this backpack thing happen to me, but I'd honestly be pressed to reporting it for BadRP if it were. I don't see any real IC reason behind making someone do this, and it's apparently just the new way to restrain people now. The whole method is an OOC thing which I think is really crappy that anyone would do IG. The whole radio thing, yeah sounds pretty annoying and stupid honestly, someone in the apocalypse smashing their radio, their only way of contact with others. I haven't really heard much of this one, so I can't say much. As I said on a previous thread, if there's one thing I've learned from my time here, it's that people will always find loopholes, skirt around the written rules, and do whatever they can to gain an advantage over others. I just can't stand this really, especially when we are all here to Role Play, not see who's dick is larger. I wanna highlight a post that I, to be blunt, found simply disgusting. So what you're saying here is, it's completely just for you to pull that kinda OOC crap right back on them because they did it first? Is that really what we have become? Didn't your parents ever teach you that just because someone else is doing something wrong, you DO NOT do it right back simply because they are doing it too? Seriously this is something you learn in Elementary School! Doing something wrong, because someone else does it to you, is NEVER okay. I said this somewhere else recently, and it applies here as well, this issue falls on individuals to really make the difference. We can't always just rely on rules to save the day, because its extremely hard to mend every single little loophole fairly with more and more rules. If you really want something fixed, take it upon yourself to try and fix it. Don't use loopholes or the little OOC tactics yourself, if your friends do it, ask them to stop. Seriously if each of us did this there would be no problem at all, and it seems that many people here DO have an issue with it, so for the most part it would actually really help stop the problem. I'm not saying it would be all better, as I said before, there will still be people trying to use these methods to gain and upper hand because that's what they do. This shouldn't stop you, or anyone from ever doing the right thing. If people are doing this stuff to you, just continue to play genuine and I guarantee you it will show. Lead by example, it will go far.
  7. Well I'm actually happy to see this brought up, however I'd suggest being careful how you call people out. The entire OP of this thread came off as a more hot-headed rant than an actual matter of concern. The way you present your information can really make the difference and more than likely have a better result, honestly I don't know how I feel about those sort of accusations coming from someone who hasn't even been here for that long, Tony. Now, to really essence how I feel about this topic. I'm actually glad to see this being brought up, because I have seen this sorta thing quite often in game and I never really liked it. I can understand why it's done, and I'll bet no one even thinks twice about it, but it does feel a bit like cheating. You're right, people shouldn't be able to chatty over the radios in that way while they are right in front of other people they are interacting with, it brings that OOC element into the equation that just kinda makes the whole RP feel less genuine... at least that's the way I can describe it compared to when I run around without TS. Though like the others have said, and as it has been said hundreds of times over the years in threads calling for more rules for TS use, frankly there is little to no way to even enforce any rules for this. Trust me, if there was an easy way to do it then yeah, this would have been a rule implemented long ago, but it's not. I think what Boston said is 100% true, if it's not against the rules, people are going to do it. If there's one thing I've learned from my time here, it's that. If it isn't against the rules, people are going to use it to get the upper hand no matter what. There is no rule for this, and cannot be as of how things are now, so there is absolutely nothing that can officially be done. However, there is something everyone personally can do. Like you said yourself, you don't tolerate that sorta thing, and I think that's great! This is something that falls on the individual to make the difference, if people would like to see this issue fixed, then take it upon yourself to simply not do it. If your friends are doing it, nothing is stopping you from asking or suggesting them to not do it. Like I said, there are still people who will always use this to have an advantage, but that's okay, because this is an RP community and frankly upper hands shouldn't matter at all. Just continue what you're doing, staying very genuine with your RP even if you are faced with these people, and I guarantee it will show in your RP.
  8. Heya welcome <3 If you have any questions feel free to message me or a Support... Supporter? Supportee? Something like that.
  9. I'm squealing so much omg all these songs! :DDDD
  10. Professional Raccoon, 5/10 needs more lemons
  11. The servers have their days, the population on them go up and down. I remember not long ago it was 60/60 on both so meh.
  12. Yeah pretty much how I feel too. I can see that Rolle has been actively working on it though, it just feels like it was all rushed suddenly before it was actually finished. The old website took a while to get where it was, so I guess all we can do is wait and see.
  13. Phew well I'm super glad I could help with that! Like I said, I'm not really techy so I was really trying lol. /solved
  14. I spilled water all over myself again >.<

    1. Dan


      Hello there, @Dishes! Sorry to hear about that :(

  15. Well I was able to find this: http://wiki.nexusmods.com/index.php/Fallout_4_Mod_Installation What I'm reading, and I think I'm understanding, is you need a custom ini file in your game file for NMM to work. Since you say you have that file with the correct edits made to it, it seems like your NMM is not picking it up, so there is some sort of routing issue with it? I'm kinda trying to work this out in my head, I'm really not good with tech stuff. I also found This Mod on the nexus that is said to automatically edit the ini file, so it might force the NMM to find that file that it needs. I'd give that a shot, deactivate all mods you have and just try to run that one. I've been reading over tons of stuff on the internet trying to figure this out for you lol
  16. Is it in there as a plain text file? Or is there a little cog in the symbol for the file?
  17. No it's still not up. The new website is currently still being worked on, just be patient. Keep your eye on the Whitelist Page and in the meantime I'd suggest reading up on our rules and lore.
  18. Okay try this. Create a new .ini file in your documents\My Games\Fallout 4 folder called Fallout4Custom.ini and paste this into [Display] iLocation X=0 iLocation y=0 [Archive] bInvalidateOlderFiles=1 sResourceDataDirsFinal= Save the file.
  19. After you ran Fallout 4, and went back to start up NMM, it still said to run Fallout 4 to initialize the file?
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