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  1. Dishes

    Offical Elite: Dangerous Thread

  2. More Cosplay pics I was doing a more "realistic" look for Officer Judy Hopps from Zootopia ^-^ Meaning I just used a lot of real stuff instead of a store bought outfit :3
  3. Dishes

    DayZRP Con.

    I'd totally be down for that :3 I'd dress up as Caroline! I just need a brown colored hoodie and I'd be good to go ^-^
  4. Dishes

    New project thread

    This pretty much answers everything
  5. Dishes

    New project thread

    I'm sorry if you truly think Rolle would just suddenly up and leave this huge community that he has spent years of stress forming into what it is now. People are not going to "forget" about DayZRP, we have tons of side projects. Even when ArkRP popped up, it wasn't a big deal. It's two different scenarios, this is apocalyptic RP and people come here to play that. And I don't get where you are getting your thought that DayZRP is no longer going to be getting advertisement. Like Rolle said, this is going to be seporate from DayZRP anyway, its not going to be affecting it... why would that effect our advertisement? And yes, donations are given for nothing in return, but Rolle just so happens to be nice enough to give you something in return, he doesn't have to. So if he doesn't want to tell you something, he doesn't have to. You are not customers, no matter how many people wanna continue that meme and say DayZRP is a business, it's not, it's a community.
  6. Dishes

    New project thread

    So I look at this thread and all I see are shitposts and people whining for no reason. I haven't been very active lately on the forums, but if Rolle and Jim wanna make some sorta new project, who the hell cares? It doesn't effect any of you in any way. Is it going to hinder your ability to roleplay? Is it going to hinder you posting on the forums? And seriously, just because you "donate" doesn't mean you can get everything you want. I think a lot of you have forgotten what the word "Donating" means, it's to give money to help a cause, not use as an excuse to ask for more and more things in return. Again, if Rolle and Jim wanna do something unrelated to DayZRP, why should anyone care?
  7. Dishes

    Forcing New Players to Read Rules before they apply

    No, this isn't needed at all. For one, new members are already forced to read through the rules and such to actually find the passphrase to proceed, thats the whole purpose of the passphrase. Secondly if they aren't already reading the rules in the first place, then a timer isn't going to suddenly inspire them to do so. Thirdly, people are always freaking out over not being able to find the passphrase anyways, or that they already read the rules "thirteen times" or something and they give up, so again, a timer just seems pointless.
  8. Phew that black text, hard to read. Welcome, if you have any questions feel free to message me or a Support person
  9. Heyyyya! Welcome ^-^ If you have any questions about anything, feel free to shoot me or a Support a message!
  10. I've heard of it breaking people's games before whenever the game updates. I don't use it. But yeah, you can totally use it here if you wish.