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  1. Bruce Stalwart

    Bruce Stalwart is a distant, unsociable type developed by the passage of time and lack of human interaction after the collaspe of society. The necessities like keeping time, attachments and contact with peers and family have slowly and steadily gone back to the depths of his mind. He sticks to a isolated, hunter-gatherer lifestyle hostile to any human interaction which in the world we now inhabits paints him as a bandit, or thug. Doesn't really seem to be phased by the general and initial rebuilding of human society and seems to enjoy the lack of obligations and/or ideologue usually carried around with it. If he does actually interact with others, he is unpredictable and rather uncomfortable to be around due to his generally hostile and distant nature.
  2. Congratioulations, DayZRP. I'd like to announce that we, the community of DayZRP (as a result of an incident prior to this post) are now known as a respectful, tolerant and mature community! We can relish in the fact, that our staff members uphold a very just and unbiased ruleset and have utter respect for all community members who've joined DayZRP Not only that, but we're not afraid at all to criticize or point out flaws in the way or community behaves, because our staff respects criticism and does not dismiss it. If you're concerned about the danger of having your feelings hurt, do not worry. Our administrative team will take the role of a supportive parent by letting you hug their arm when you are fearful. They'll disregard any notions of veterancy or donorship to make sure that you will not be persecuted by these awful, awful people. Here at DayZRP, we take another stance. Rather then solving things as adults and keeping an issue between the people, We'd rather take a firm and authoritarian stance and show people that the best way to solve interpersonal conflicts is by running off and telling any form of authority. As we all should know, that's the best way of resolving a conflict! We'd like to reassure you that despite losing a great majority of our committed and loyal playerbase and staff members as a conseqence of the necessary stance we've taken to using in our community, there is no possibility of the playerbase diminishing. Because streamers, youtubers and journalists will feel comforted and secure by our rules and policies, because we all know that what they're looking for is a safe coddling community of a dozen active members, rather then an a diverse, controversial and interesting communtiy were all sorts of roleplay is to be found! Now that it all has been said, I'd like to conclude that DayZRP members, New and Old should look towards a bright and positive future where we'll all feel safe playing a game involving cannabalism, robbery, gore and all sorts of cruel inhumane torture and of course the never-ending conclusion of rotting flesh walking around the nation of chernarus.
  3. Will We Bounce Back?

    I've been on and off the game since I first joined, but I'd like to put down some pointers from my own experiences. 1. [Redacted] - Misinterpreted a previous opinion of a player I knew, apparently it was far more relaxed in 2013. 2. Most of my memorable experiences were basically the result of a clusterfuck and not in the negative sense, what I mean by that is when multiple groups, unknown to each other clashed randomly in a highly travelled area, communicating between each other as you could hear the angst in their voices. The great thing was, it wasn't planned at all, it wasn't some underwhelming and over-all kind of cringeworthy forced roleplay with characters which are unbareable. It was real people, with real fears facing real problems in game, the intensity of the situation came first and the ego came second. Unfortunately, this is hard to come by as most clan/group interactions are planned and a lot of it is meta, so basically it's just two groups who know each other circlejerking rather then interacting with passerbyers and people they've never met before. 3. The sense of community, ironically enough faded away. "Metaclubs" basically formed and it was a lot more about groups, clans and "Friends" talking with each other and creating drama then playing Dayz (I remember in 2015, it was steamy as fuck in regards to that, So much fucking inter-clan bitching it was ridiculous, gameplay and roleplay took the back seat while the groups basically could provide a whole city with their salt)it was more about reporting and being right rather then just wanting to play the game. 4. A lot of you might disagree with me, but half of the fun was actually knowing regardless of the rules someone is out to fuck up your day. Kill on sighters were essentially a component of the gameplay for me, You have the danger of people wanting to kill you, But because of the idea of the server, you also had roleplayers. So you got a nice mix of fear and anxiety and moments which would make your hair standup, and you had fun little sessions with players who aren't just going to be shitheads. 5. Finally, while I see the point of the whole application process, It's more of a virus then a cure. The thing is, we have whitelisting, steam connected profiles and an inaccessible server to most "Trolls" and while they still find a way into the server, Neww players are put off by all the non-sense they're put through. In short it's a lot of bureaucracy for what could be dealt with just be banning people from the server via steam-connected profiles making it so they won't be visiting again if they want to stir shit.
  4. Watching ya' ye cheeky cunt. In all seriousness though, good luck and don't let the #triggered get to your head.
  5. Battlefield World Premiere

    But seriously though, it may be something new but I'm not entirely sure if that is a good thing. [align=left]Battlefield after Bad Company turned into a run-fasty shoot'em up, while I'm sure DICE can pull it off I just don't see the appeal for it at all. Vietnam or a World War 2 release with the DICE Engine would had easily pleased the series fandom as well as outsiders. Besides that Battlefield just seems entirely ill fitting for a World War 1 game, honestly I would had imagined Call of Duty doing it before Battlefield because of the vehicular orientated gameplay.
  6. Done, you and your faction has been added to the OP! Sign me up understand the same banner, Andrei Kalinsky | RIAC Insurgent.
  7. ArmA3 Desolation

    I wasn't starting a flame-war, I'd like for you to look back to my earlier posts; One including a comparison to game hype and the other making a statement many other people have made in this thread basically explaining that the people who dislike that the server isn't populated could jump on and easily make it get to fifteen players. I've also addressed that it is more then likely other people are not playing as a result of playing with their threads. I'd like to encourage others to hop on as clans so we can actually get some roleplay, lore and conflict down. Major Tom's clan was about to do this but unfortunately the server is unstable.
  8. ArmA3 Desolation

    -snipped for topic sake-
  9. ArmA3 Desolation

    Yeah sorry didn't realise I was dealing with an anarchist, I better back the fuck down. I'm not surprised you're playing victim major, I've had similar experiences elsewhere. Probably isn't even that, more then likely flaming for the intention of getting off on masochism.
  10. ArmA3 Desolation

    Osaka doesn't resort to condescending cats. Maybe if you had less of a high horse I'd be more inclined to care for your comments. I'm not sure about why I should value your feelings, but I guess that is up there with someone interpreting cats posted in humour as some kind of insult. Osaka doesn't resort to condescending cats. Maybe if you had less of a high horse I'd be more inclined to care for your comments. I'm not sure about why I should value your feelings, but I guess that is up there with someone interpreting cats posted in humour as some kind of insult. I forgot to add, I'm not saying this for the sake of an argument. As a anarchist I just general don't give a shit about emotions or ideals, so I'm not inclined on caring whether you value me or not. Besides, the first post of my which you replied to wasn't even directed towards you so this argument is rather fruitless.
  11. ArmA3 Desolation

    "I'm not in the mood for drama, so let me dismiss your comment by being condescending" You can interpret it whatever way you like, Major Tom. I'm not here to be a throne of moral superiority. I'm just playing the devils advocate. It is relatively amusing you've attacked my posts and not a community veteran, osaka who is far more vehement.
  12. ArmA3 Desolation

    Doubtful, standalone manages to max the server population and it isn't like work occupies the whole day unless you're in a soviet miner. I think it is more then likely people towing in line towards standlaone because their friends are on the game. I mean you're wrong. Most of the people that play(ed) desolation do not play standalone period. They only came back for desolation. Currently, the mentality of, if their were more people on I'd play, is taking place. Please don't try to make random assumptions when you don't actually know what the mindset of the people who play or are supporting desolation are. We aren't like the normal current community members who came specifically for standalone. And just remember, standalone is where it is now because of the mod desolation is based off of. Actually, I'll argue my point. Your argument is that I shouldn't make assumptions or generalizations, you've made a generalization that people who play desolation do not play standalone. You are actively putting people in boxes while criticizing others for doing exactly that. This is known as pot calling the kettle black. You've also argued that your view of why the server is not populated is the ultimate, true argument despite people literally sending beanz towards me for what I've said exampling that it is infact otherwise. As the first part is basically just a repetetion of your beliefs, let's address the latter. Standalone is where it is now because of the ArmA's DayZ? What is even your point. I don't get what you're trying to put across and you're attacking a unexistant viewpoint. Enough to call it a strawman.
  13. ArmA3 Desolation

    Work and school are factors. Doubtful, standalone manages to max the server population and it isn't like work occupies the whole day unless you're in a soviet miner. I think it is more then likely people towing in line towards standlaone because their friends are on the game.
  14. ArmA3 Desolation

    In all irony the amount of people complaining not enough people are playing could easily make the server populated enough to roleplay on.
  15. ArmA3 Desolation

    This post is in contradiction with earlier posts, if we were talking about combat the issues was that people were report happy. Cid brang this up earlier.