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  1. APositiveJade

    Group settlements

    Yea no settlement rules the first time we had them was horrible i dont wish that trouble on any of the gms.
  2. APositiveJade

    Group settlements

    Think of all the poor fruit trees unable to be built around but tbh this is much easier solution imo it also helps create some rp hubs for the bigger groups
  3. APositiveJade

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    I think that was @ScarletRose @yuthee & @Opticillunitic that drove you up so that thanks should go to them but ty ty
  4. APositiveJade

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    decent rp from @AndreyQ
  5. APositiveJade

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    I had fun sorry to hear that you guys had trouble afterwards, hopefully next time will go better ;-;
  6. APositiveJade

    Metagaming changes

    +1 gets rid of that awkward silence that ensues when u are on the radio
  7. APositiveJade

    Attention women of Chernarus (Open Freq)

    *A snort of laughter is heard for a solid minute before Mal can actually get a word out.* "Oh shit... oh my god that's fuckin' hilarious. Might have to cancel my pool party then for girls night. Sorry ladies, but hmm do bring your guns to the next girls night to replace the bikini." *She almost sounds uncharacteristically serious as the radio shuts off.*
  8. APositiveJade

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    • Castiel

    👀 Hi Cas

    1. Kordruga-kun


      Hello this is Castiel's manager. He cannot reply to this status update. He has requested me to remind everyone to, quote: "Stop fucking posting on my profile." 

      Thank you,

      Manager Kordruga.

  9. APositiveJade

    Interview With A Community Member: Bot Elmo

    Yer a big nerd @Bot Elmo
  10. APositiveJade

    Ladies Night Visits Stary

    Everyone split after Fae got taken
  11. APositiveJade


    1. Kattica


      I'm crying 😂 help somebody please.

    2. Aiko


      Oh that was great xD

  12. APositiveJade

    Ladies Night Visits Stary

    What can I say I'm a revolutionary
  13. APositiveJade

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    You hurt my characters pride but thank yo ufor the rp very interesting
  14. APositiveJade

    Attention Ladies!

    *The responses she had gotten made her smile and after a few seconds of relishing in her success she'd press the ptt down.* "Alright gals sign up is all shut down. I'll get a hold of you all soon to give you a day, I think I know most these voices anyways. Take care of yourselves in the meantime!"
  15. APositiveJade

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    • Aiko

    Happy birthday Aiko!!!! 😎❤️

  16. APositiveJade

    The Chedaki "A DayZRP series"

    Oh geez trouble is a brewing
  17. APositiveJade

    Attention Ladies!

    *Mallory smiles to herself as she presses the PTT down on her radio. She has a cheery pep to her voice as she speaks.* "Alrighty, attention you lovely ladies of this wonderful province! My name is Mallory or Mal as my friends call me... some may recognize the voice and others uhhh may not it's whatever don't worry about it. Not the point." *There's a pause mid-sentence* "Either way this is a formal invitation to any of you interested in a "girls night" which can be fun. We'll leave all grievances at the door alright? No punching a cunt cause she did you dirty couple weeks ago this is fun meeting! Back onto the topic! If any of you are interested contact me on my private frequency or just pull me aside if you see me. Once we got everyone who wants to come we'll set a date that works yeah?" *A long exhale of air can heard before she starts speaking again, the pep still evident in her voice.* "I'll stop checking this in two days time. Hope to hear from you all soon let's make this work yeah?"
  18. APositiveJade

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    • APositiveElmo

    I love it

  19. APositiveJade

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Had a fun time playing with @Drbeans @Malthis @Hunter @zsmith1111 @Kain @Walnuts @Mugin @Kordruga @SquirtleKitty and anyone else I didn't get the name of Also to @NorwayRP & I think lucas is @Real Vegas ? Either way thanks for putting up with our game last night it was fun
  20. APositiveJade

    Combat Logging

    Honestly unless the hostage wants to exact revenge there's no reason to have to wait a timer out to log. It's just a needless rule +1 to going back
  21. APositiveJade

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Been loving the rp with everyone as of late you all know who you are but wanted to say I really enjoyed running into @LagIsMyExcuse & co. you guys always make me laugh sorry for mixing you up with Johnny but uhhh sometimes it happens ;-; and then also wanted to give a shout out to @disbearex I love your character so much very enjoyable to be around thanks for letting us run with you on your medtrip.
  22. APositiveJade

    Community opinion

    Not a good idea to put the thread up when you're appeal is up, but really that only counts for staff since they are involved with it. Either way how that report got badrp or false report is beyond me. You had reason to put the report up simple as that everyone has that right to put one up if they feel a rule was broken, it would've been different if you shot him after being initiated on and then tried reported him for badrp for killing you or some shit. Imo false report should only be used when there is malicious intent or when you have broken the same rule you are reporting for; which actually brings the badrp verdict into light as well. The initiation is wonky and doesn't really promote the fear rp Scar might've been aiming for. Since your badrp punishment, as explained in the verdict, was based solely on the fact you did not fear rp staff should have taken into account the fact that the initiation and the people involved were not scary, sure guns are scary and having a gun pointed at you is scary but 2 years into an apocalypse numbs you to that fear. The fear rp should not be justified solely on guns being pointed, the person holding it should be able to create the fear instead which Scar and Jim did not do. The only fear they created was pointing guns. However, "Initiation rp" shouldn't be judged harshly due to the fact it's high strung and confusing, what comes after should be judged instead... should anything come after it. My general thoughts about the rest of the report are below here: Along the lines of you being killed Jim was definitely quick to shoot you, the rule itself says: Jim said "Watch your mouth" Once. Once being the key word, and Scars threat was directly aimed at Ryan for calling them "retards". Despite what you said and the fact that saying it wasn't the smartest thing to to say, for the betterment of RP and what could've come afterwards, Jim should've held fire and warned you once more before killing you. Once isn't repeatedly but twice is so always warn twice before doing anything. It sucks to die while trying to stay true to your character, not everyone is a scared bitch. Scars kill on Ryan was also quick, even when you get shot at just run.. don't kill your captive cause tbh sometimes it's not the captives fault for the shots popping off. It just looks lazy when you kill him and makes the initiation pointless. However, the kill technically is justified so take it as you will. Tbh staffs reasoning for the badrp punishment could fall more into NVFL with how it was explained but idk maybe that's just me Also to the @GMs it doesn't matter how upset you think someone is because of a report don't pull the "you upset you die" card... poor GM etiquette and a grasp for malicious intent to justify the false report. Also don't use threads notes to justify a signing sometimes they just don't make sense and people follow the leader when writing them. Always grab at least 3-4 gms or mods if available and discuss, thread notes are a good way to bring up some discussion never to justify the full verdict. That's just my advice thanks for coming to my ted talk.
  23. APositiveJade

    What would you want from a Detective style group RP Wise?

    P.I group that's credible enough to solve rumors going around in the land
  24. APositiveJade

    S1 - RDM- Pustoshka - 01:35ish 28-04-2019

    Jadeboot POV: We walked back to Pustoshka after waiting out the night and hung around for a couple minutes before noticing a giant group of green and orange armbands, calling themselves the "Warbanders", returning to town. No one was sure if we should leave or stay but we quickly all changed our minds once we witnessed a woman get shot right next to us. I heard no initiation and was scared that a KOS spree was happening so I took my ass and booked it out of town. Aside from some shots in my direction I managed to escape, however, Robbie did not and let us know he had been shot directly in the head without warning. Video might be a little loud, turn the volume down but it will fill in the little details I've missed.
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