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  1. Eagle

    • Eagle
    • Jadeboat

    You did not read it into I said those are situations I have killed people and that is true many cunts have done the same and not gotten killed but with the dumb logic is that hostages cannot be killed for that at all is illogical and dumb. 
    Hostages are not gods and just because you put your hands up doesn't mean you can't be dealt with however it fits the scene.

    1. Brayces


      ohlawdplsplspls don't take this to Status Updates, they'll smack you here and then revoke your ability to write updates. PLS Take it to DMs. ❤️ ilu all thx

    2. Jadeboat


      You can kill the hostage all you want  for little things that make them non-compliant. I don't give a shit about that cause you're right hostages aren't god. If they fuck up then show them what's what and that you mean business, but just because you're trying to prove a point ig doesn't mean y ou should kill them for those STUPID little things they do. There are plenty of other things to do before shooting like rp. It's just imo that killing should really be the last last last resort if you aren't getting anywhere with the rp you're providing. 

      sorry @Brayces bb ❤️ thanks for caring

    3. Eagle


      Ow no I agree neither do I do that unless it fits the scene.
      Either way ty for the talk.


  2. Jadeboat

    Groups initiate way too much and shoot way too fast.

    Don't mean to burst your bubble eagle bb but shooting your hostage the moment he shows non-compliance (that isn't life threatening) ends the rp just as quick as running away. The whole point to a rp server is to create interesting story lines that continue and don't end on the "first" meeting. Make an arch nemesis or some shit keep that rp entertaining we're all acting here, but what do I know I'm actually a campfire rper tbh. Stop being a spicy bird boy eagle.
  3. Elmo

    • Elmo
    • Jadeboat

    Nice avatar

    1. Jadeboat



    2. Para



  4. End me
  • Jadeboat

    Real life picture Thread

    Went to Katsucon like a big nerd
  • Jadeboat

    To Mr. Awesome

    Mallory smiles for a moment as she hears the response and presses the PTT as she gets up. A chuckle is heard for a moment. "Of course I'm alive either way this is no time to act cool! Just let me know if you stop in a town or something for a few days. If that's secret then just give me so random fuckoff town... I'll go anyways." She loads up her bag and mumbles to herself before speaking aloud again. "I'lll see ya' soon."
  • Jadeboat

    To Mr. Awesome

    Mallory leans back on a tree near her camping spot. She ponders for a moment before surfing the frequencies, finally settling on one with a confident nod. "Hey Orson, I know I've been kinda like... saying I'm going to come visit and I actually am at some point. I just felt kinda bad passing word of mouth through the kid so uh yeah figured I'd say it in person or errr... radio person. Just let me know when a good time is to pass through town so I don't walk in like an idiot when you aren't there. Later Gator." She lowers the radio for a second before raising it back up to her mouth. "Oh p.s. the kid has a black eye so chill some meat to put on her eye so the swelling goes down k thanks." She tosses the radio to the side, leaving the volume loud enough for her to hear.
  • Jadeboat

    Yes, I know you can see me

  • Jadeboat

    The Final Judgement

    Excited to see this group roll ig all I can think of is this
  • Jadeboat


    Mmmmmm look at all these green mountain reports

    Just like old times

    1. Lyca


      Haha that's what Ender said too earlier on as we were in the middle ? 

    2. Dew


      I love it

    3. Stagsview


      Such good memories...

  • Lyca

    • Lyca
    • Jadeboat

    I swear I didn't wanted to kick you ❤️


  • Jadeboat

    Where u live? [State]

  • Jadeboat


    I got the perfect angle


    1. Elmo


      As a wise @Para once said, quality roleplay.

    2. Watchman


      I believe i can fly

  • Jadeboat

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    RP was really great today had a lot of fun with you guys and everyone we ran into
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