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  1. Jadeboat

    Make clothing indestructible (ex. hats, glasses, masks, shirts, gloves, pants, and boots)

    It's easy to rip clothing irl especially in a zombie scenario gonna have to -1 this my immersion
  2. Jadeboat

    Will the server be back up tonight_

    Pls no repeat of the ddos summer i dont have twitter hopefully it's just down for the night if it doesnt come back again
  3. Jadeboat

    A-Z of Music

  4. Jadeboat

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    I don't think campfire rp is necessarily the reason hostile rp is hated. I pretty much was apart of a "campfire" rp group for the majority of my time here, and from what I've seen it's not the loss of gear or lack of control that burns the fire it's the lack of rp given. A lot of times you're faced with the same "drop wep 10 sec or die like dog" and after a while it gets old which is why a lot of campfire rp is seen as internal rp. The actions of hostile rp ig have led those who are considered campfire rpers to isolate and hide themselves ig, to avoid get the shit beat out of them on the daily. Don't get me wrong I enjoy my fair share of hostile rp; and there's definitely people out there who get upset over loss of gear but as of recently I don't think a lot of the reports that have gone up were from campfire rpers as much as gearwhores who don't participate in either campfire or hostile rp.
  5. Jadeboat

    Require recording during hostile situations

    Recording doesnt work for everyone and thats fine, but in that situation you made either set a hotkey to start a recording or start recording right before you log into the server you wont ruin immersion by tabbing out and setting everything up.
  6. Jadeboat

    Require recording during hostile situations

    Thank you Dom! I thought very hard about my response. That's fair, even so there are ways to avoid making it public as both yourself and sleepy have said. I don't think any of the reports recently that have sparked this thread has anything to do with the "Campfire v. hostile" discussion. It's literally to help avoid a VOIP bug and prove innocence to those who have initiated instead of throwing them under the bus. If you don't break rules and provide role play when in a hostage situation than there's no need to worry about it. On top of that you can't get hit for anything extra because you have video evidence to prove your side.
  7. Jadeboat

    Require recording during hostile situations

    Tbh recording isn't that hard to do unless you're on a potato but even so have the guy who doesn't play on a potato record. Personally, I think that'd it make reports 10 times easier and I've got nothing against needing video evidence to report, but at the same time I don't think the entire group should be punished for not having video that's just overkill and in a sense double dip. If you have nothing to hide and haven't broken any rules than there's no issues giving in a recording. Plus if there's 30 minutes of rp prior to the situation that has no involvement whatsoever in a report that was put up, you snip it. No need to post 2 hours of recording for a 15 minute situation; as far as I'm concerned there's no invasion of privacy to record a hostile situation in a role play server unless you're literally announcing your credit card information on repeat.
  8. Jadeboat

    What's your favourite dayZRP Jargon!

    @Ender @Lyca "Healp"
  9. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  10. Jadeboat

    Are you allowed to create a character, with a disability trait?

    Yea why not im rping a deaf guy right now as long as you know what you're doing there's no issue
  11. Jadeboat

    Proposed change to the wording of rule 4.6 (CL)

    From what I've known a hostage never has to wait 30 minutes to log out (Unless he's used his rights and killed one of his captors), once he's free and away from the situation he can log out at any point. It's only the Hostage takers and his allies who were present at the situation and committing the hostile action that have to wait. I think your friend was punished because he was present at the hostile event while being apart of an official group who were actively taking hostages and that's fair play. The 4.6 rule doesn't seem toooo ambiguous when you read it over a couple times: But I'm not opposed to clarifying the rules I can see how someone would make the mistake of thinking they also have to wait 30 minutes after being a hostage. Tbh I've always assumed hostile action meant initiation, or anything that would grant kill rights as that's how it was written in the old rules. If you get close enough to witness a robbery without dying or being seen you deserve a medal
  12. Jadeboat

    S1 VDM x2 Bor 03:30

    Jiddleboot POV: We had just been threatened to leave Balota so we packed up and ran for the hills to avoid a third warning. During our travel on the road to Pavlovo, Myself and @Aisling lag behind, we rp for a short moment before Cas tells us he was just hit by a car and killed, not even 10 seconds later Aisling sees the car coming and jumps for cover. Sadly I had my back turned and was not able to get out of the way in time and am launched into space before I die from the shock. Myself and Aisling then announce I was also killed by the car and everyone ahead scrambles of the road to avoid being hit. Tbh the road can be a dangerous place but in a post apocalyptic world I don't think the majority of survivors would be worried about playing frogger in the street, you'd think you'd slow down to at least check on the guy you just hit or even to make sure that others weren't also traveling with them; you had just told us to get out of town and go North or you would come back and deal with us literally not even 10 minutes beforehand I don't see why it's surprising we would be travelling on the road. As for the metagame well there's not much to say on that, both myself and Cas told our group members that we were hit by a car so they wouldn't suffer the same fate, nothing malicious it's the same as telling your friends you've been KOS'd for no reason when you get kos'd for no reason I have no video evidence. I won't be responding unless a question is asked from staff.
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    Some old our harbor vibes 




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      Wow. I was literally talking about this to @Lyca the other day. Great RP xD

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    Do you remember your amazing character Vanessa Brooks