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  1. It's time to breast some ass

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      I fully agree.

      are you finally coming back to staff yes

  2. Born to a typical upper-middle class family Jamie always had the opportunity to excel and branch into her interests while growing up. During her teenage years she managed to snag an internship at an up and coming clothing brand looking to expand their business to other countries. Throughout the years she quickly climbed the ladder of the business and
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      stinky 🤮

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      Final Krullix

      it hurts

  4. /Archived at the request of the OP Please message a mod+ if you wish to unarchive this group.
  5. -1 Im sorry knight but those are some ugly ass shoes. Also if we use the lidl brand we might get a cease and desist letter from them for stealing the brand name. At the end of the day its more of a @Whitename question.
  6. Hey Patriot! That would be a @Roland question. He should be able to help ya. Edit: @PATRIOT Whitename has confirmed that it is in game. He is going to raise the the spawn rate of them.
  7. Hey @Griffin! Just a quick roster check. It seems that @Fiizio has last played 21 days ago. Please reach out to them and see if they are still interested in playing if not please remove them from your roster until they are able to play once more! Thanks!
  8. Hey @Alexbelo, You need to put your characters new name under the parameter settings on the main DayZ launcher not the ig setting. If you've already done that then your name may be spelt incorrectly or is not capitalized correctly. You want it to be a carbon copy of your character page.
  9. A chuckle is heard over the radio for a moment. "Don't lump me in with mindless puppets or broken individuals; my mind works fairly well. Your just giving me a bad name and you haven't even met me." She chuckles again as the sound of shuffling is heard. A sigh escapes her as she continues to speak. "If you thought Lomax was pulling strings then are you in for a surprise. Anyways Lomax had that death coming to him... and if anything you all did me a favor speeding that process up it keeps my hands nice and clean. Won't lie though if you got a couple friends to back you up it will
  10. Jade


    Hello @_RCH_, Please join the helpdesk on discord instead.
  11. Hello @Niller, Apologies for the time it took to verdict your appeal, and thank you for being patient with us! After further review of the case your appeal will be denied. We understand your frustrations during this encounter, however, it does not excuse your actions in a situation that is actively affecting roleplay with a hostage; especially one that is right next to you. Your frustrated statement could’ve easily been VOIP’d in game as well to add some emotion to the situation. In the future I urge you to make sure IG communications take priority even when you feel stressed or fru
  12. It was fun running to find the medics with @Xenocide586 Hopefully you find them and I look forward to running into you again!
  13. I was kinda sad when I couldn't put that stuff in the wallet so it would be a nice change to see .... really no downside either
  14. @Fumbles79 As you are the OP of the report it is up to you if you wish to go forward with the report. The staff team looking over this report are confused as to whether or not you would like to keep this open or close it. So would you like us to keep it open or close it?
  15. Hey @ThePurplex, Usually people forget to uncheck the box under the steam privacy settings. It should look like this: Once you uncheck the box refresh your whitelist page and you'll be all set. If you're having any more issues I recommend joining the helpdesk on discord.
  16. This will now be closed seeing as the OP is unbanned from discord. /Closed
  17. Hello @Sloth680, If they are demanding that you hand your bag over under threat of death or otherwise that would be considered an initiation/hostile action. They would be within their rights to shoot you for noncompliance if you ran. However, if they did not initiate they would not have rights to shoot you. (If you are knowingly stealing from them that could potentially place you as the hostile in this situation, and in some cases may deem their kill valid.) Hostile actions are player interactions where you or your group members lives are threatened by other players, you are force
  18. While PKing if you've been a menace to society is a respectable thing to do... forcing them to do so in an application sense is kinda weird... There's always a chance that the staff team wouldn't have a full picture on what the situation truly is especially if someone is trying to prove their case to have PK rights. On paper it sounds nice in effect I can already see people morphing stories and not telling the full story to fit their own agendas. If someone you have hostage won't PK then cut your loses and find someone else who is willing to engage in your story ezpz. Can't win them all s
  19. Been sitting for a while but your goals are in order and your presence IG exists No reason not to approve so! /approved Only thing you need to fix is the stinky OP
  20. I'm a sucker for new hostile groups. Hopefully you guys will live up to the name and make Chernarus a place to be feared. Good Luck!
  21. Shoutout to @VolraSlava for the RP today! First time I've ever done hostile rp to someone but hopefully you enjoyed and it wasn't too crazy for ya . Here's to more rp in the future and my first nemesis!
  22. Hey @WolfTW, We no longer have an age limit for our servers so I'll go ahead and lift you blacklist for you. Good luck with the whitelist!
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