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  2. @Cletus poncho You need to send us a support ticket in order for the name change to go through... if you haven't already. edit: I'll take a look at it right now /solved
  3. why does it smell so bad on your profile?

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      Never heard of her

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      It smells like beef here

  4. Connection logs: Hit Logs: Death Logs: Calling in the following people to post their POVs: @ShroudKN - OP @Kamaro50 - Posted @Kamaro50 Can you please give us the names of the allies that were present with you during the time you killed Shroud. Also if you have any video evidence post the unedited version. We also require you to post a full POV or the situation that went down.
  5. Calling in @TurkRP to post his POV and any video evidence he may have. Death logs will be provided shortly.
  6. Stinky para 😭

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  7. Bumping one more time! We are looking for more people to join the staff team who are able to dedicate time both on the forums and IG! Feel free to put in an app, hope to see you!
  8. Take care of yourself Lettuce my golden child 😭 ❤️ 

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      Thank you ❤️


  9. @GaryCash Time for an activity check. Please look through your entire roster to see who is still interested in playing and update it accordingly. The last time one of your members was in game was 11 days ago. If you are unable to keep playtime active and wish to archive please let us know asap otherwise we will give you a week to get your activity back up.
  10. Hello Cerberus, The admin team would like to extend a cautionary message to all of you. The low key flame and snarky attitudes towards County Lines stops here. We’ve heard several times that there is “no beef,” or no issue, but that is obviously not true for everyone in your group. If one person in your group has any issues with County Lines, how they handle it can reflect negatively on the rest of you. We recommend reaching out to any of your members who have issues with County Lines and talking over their indifferences with the other side. The admin team is sick and tired of the perpetual forum wars and subtle shading that go on between you guys, and we will not be tolerating it any longer. If we continue to see this type of attitude from your members, do not be surprised if more warning points are issued and this thread gets archived. Enough is enough.
  11. Hello County Lines, The admin team has received some evidence regarding your conduct both in game and OOC that we would like to address with official feedback. We will not be calling out anyone specific; instead, take this as feedback for the entirety of your group. Firstly, there have been instances where your group members have put themselves in situations where they have NVFL’d for the sake of saving hostages or other group members. You are welcome to try and attempt to rescue group members, however, when you NVFL into a situation where you are obviously outnumbered you not only break one of our key rules, you are also putting your own group mates in potential danger to be executed. We recommend trying to resolve the situation with radio negotiations instead so you do not risk your character's life as well as others. Not all hostage situations need to end with a fight. If we continue to see your members NVFL in firefight/hostage situations we will issue bans and perm the characters. Secondly, you guys have your fair share of PvP mentality. While you also contribute to the RP side of things, a lot of your interactions end up devolving into firefights. To help progress more story we would like to encourage you guys to step back from the PvP, regardless of whether you did or didn’t start it. On top of that, the memes about your lack/abundance of PvP need to stop. Do not dish it out if you can not take it in. Lastly, the continuous petty replies and addition to the drama between County Lines and Cerberus International need to stop. Both groups can claim that there are no issues between each other, but the sheer amount of flaming and low key jabs from both parties is enough evidence to show the admin team that there are still bad feelings somewhere in the mix. It stops here. No more. Do not respond to flame bait, do not flame or bait others, do not throw low key shade at anyone. The childish attitudes that have been shown when you do not get your way will no longer be accepted. Simply report the situation or create a report/support ticket when something like this occurs. We can not guarantee that every situation will be handled how you want it to be, but continuing to add to it does not help your case in creating a solution for both parties. Try to work your issues out like adults or we will step in and put an end to it permanently. The admin team will be keeping an eye out to make sure this behavior changes for the better. If we continue to see the actions that have been brought up in this feedback, your group will be archived, no ifs, and, or buts. Take this feedback greatly into consideration.
  12. Regular armbands are not exclusive to official groups. If you and your dynamic want to wear armbands you are more than welcome to do so! I just recommend steering clear from a certain color if you know it is being used by someone else.
  13. @John Lime Keep this report on topic, there is no need for side comments. This is your only warning.
  14. Jade


    I would love to try something new for the wintertime season that isn't... Winter Chernarus. So a +1 from me. While I have sympathy for those who don't want to leave their characters behind I think it would be so much more interesting to make a new character that is built for the area/map. As of right now there's about 20 people who are playing so aside from them it seems like a lot more stories have already been put on hold due to inactivity/ taking a break etc. It would be a good excuse to play a character you've never done before.
  15. No politics threads as stated by Roland.
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