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  1. @iswearimjapanese Did you initiate on EPerry? As in did you tell him to put his hands up so you could search him for a weapon? @YaBoiChuck Can you please explain the dynamic between you and EPerry. It sounds like you had actually initiated on EPerry while he was traveling with a different dynamic group.
  2. Even though the model looks different ICly there would be no way to distinguish it from other meats just by sight and taste. I personally wouldn't consider it bad RP if your character was to taste it. Best advice is to go the Hannibal route if you're trying to slow burn a cannibal character.
  3. Nothing wrong with adding some new civvie type clothes imo, however you might have to look to see off you can find any existing mods that have priest clothing. As a side note @Comrade Politruk please add an unbiased poll to your thread per the suggestion rules.
  4. Thank ya for the feedback Elmo I think next time around I might put the longer rulebreaks in spoilers to make it easier on the eyes. Or at least give it some more spacing.
  5. Verdict: @ContheTank - Metagaming/ Lying in a report | Guilty @RocJag - Metagaming | Guilty @Taniks - Metagaming | Guilty @DrCrazyGamer - Metagaming | Guilty @TryaxReck - Metagaming | Inconclusive @The Jester - Metagaming | Inconclusive @ThatOneGuy281 - Attempted Invalid Kill (On @cultist)| Guilty - Metagaming | Inconclusive - Combat Log | Not guilty @JasonBR - Metagaming | Not Guilty @cultist - NVFL | Not Guilty @Clarence - Invalid kill (On sight) (On @RocJag) | Guilty - Attempted Invalid Kill (on @DrCrazyGamer) | Inconclusive @Bulgarian Bombshell - Attempted Invalid Kill (On @DrCrazyGamer) | Inconclusive - Attempted Invalid Kill (On @Taniks) | Guilty - Invalid kill(On Sight) (On @JasonBR) | Not Guilty @Vulf - Invalid kill (On Sight) (On @DrCrazyGamer) | Inconclusive - Invalid kill (On Sight) (On @Taniks) | Guilty - Invalid kill (On Sight) (On @ThatOneGuy281) | Not Guilty - Attempted Invalid kill (On @JasonBR) | Guilty @Ducky - Attempted Invalid kill (On @ThatOneGuy281) | Not Guilty - Invalid kill (On Sight) (On @TryaxReck) | Inconclusive @groovy patz - Invalid Kill (On Sight) (On @ContheTank) | Inconclusive Summary: This is quite the situation, before we start we would like to thank you all for being so patient with us while we figured this out. To briefly explain what happened ContheTank and his allies all suspected an attack from the groovy boys was going to take place. They make their way to the radio tower above Olsha and hold some positions, however, in the process a few of them continue to crash. After a few moments groovy patz shows up followed by Ducky, Vulf, Bulgarian Bombshell, and Clarence. From there Ducky initiates on ContheTank and a fight breaks out immediately, Ducky is heard re-initiating on the rest of the people present. ContheTank, Taniks, DrCrazyGamer, and RocJag all die within the first few moments of Ducky’s second initiation. About a minute later TryaxReck shoots at Clarence, but is killed by Ducky. Five minutes later Thatoneguy281 relogs due to a crash and visual glitch; once he's back in he shoots at Cultist (who had rejoined a few minutes prior and made his way up the hill to rejoin his allies) but is killed by Vulf. Lastly JasonBR loops his way up to the radio tower, crashes, rejoins, accidentally fires, and is then shot at by Vulf. He kills Vulf then turns to kill Bulgarian but is killed in the process. This last kill marks the end of the fight. Explanation: Lying in a report @ContheTank While the staff-team understands things can be forgotten, the fact that you failed to mention that your hands went down during the fire-fight could have drastically changed the outcome of this report. While we don’t necessarily believe this was of malicious intent, it is still a great enough exemption from your POV that we feel a ‘lying in a report’ verdict is necessary. In the future please take the time to fully and more accurately recall the events that happened before posting your POV, or in this case the report. Metagaming @ContheTank @RocJag @Taniks @DrCrazyGamer The four of you are all heard announcing your deaths at 8:33 in the video shown here. While announcing your death is not the worst you can do in regards to metagaming, in this situation you are letting your other allies, who are alive, know the numbers of those left on your side. It is giving an unfair advantage and knowledge to the members of your group who did not witness the deaths first hand. Once you die please mute right away as it helps prevent heated attitudes and the possibility of metagaming; alternatively you can also join another channel dedicated to those who have died, which seems to have been the case as shown in JasonBR’s video. @ThatOneGuy281 @TryaxReck @The Jester We have no definite proof of any of you using metagamed information and/or metagaming info to your allies in the situation. Due to this the claims against the three of you have all been deemed inconclusive. However, please use the advice given above for future reference. @JasonBR Throughout the situation you double mic’d through discord and through the IG VOIP. There was a point near the end of your video where staff believed that you had begun to metagame information to your teammates, however, after watching further we understood you had changed discord channels to join those who had already died. The fact that there was no information said or used by you has led to the claims of metagaming on yourself to be Not Guilty. As a side note we would also like to make a mention to @DieselTheSnowMan. In the longer video provided by RocJag we can hear you refer to the groovy boys as groovy ICly at 2:01. Next time please be careful using OOC affiliations on the forums as they are never to be referred to as such IG, unless otherwise mentioned in RP. NVFL @cultist After logging back in from your crash you were told the fight was over and ran up the radio tower to rejoin your allies. While trying to loot a body for medical supplies you are shot by Thatoneguy281. Originally looking into this situation it was made clear that you did know what was going on and knew the risk of going to an area where a firefight had just occurred. However, there was a lull in the fighting and the main people known to have been in the area were dead. On top of that you were not a part of the initiating party and the person who shot you was someone who was relogging back into the situation because of a glitch. Due to this we have opted to find you not guilty for NVFL, however, in the future please be aware that if you're actively walking into a situation where you know fighting has occurred or is currently on-going because of the actions of your allies you could potentially be found guilty. Combat Logging @ThatOneGuy281 Looking over your connection logs it is clear to the staff team that you were actively trying to get back into the server as soon as possible, and gained no real advantage over the situation. We will not be finding you guilty of combat logging due to this. Attempted Invalid kills & Invalid Kills To make a quick note, Banshee and I went IG and tested the VOIP distances in the area surrounding the Olsha radio station. We will provide the VOIP range images to all those involved in the initial situation. Here is the original photo from the voice range perspective of RocJag. @ThatOneGuy281 Once you log back in after fixing your glitch you see Cultist lingering over the bodies of your allies. While he was a part of the dynamic who had previously engaged in a fight with your allies, he was not present for the initial situation and happened to log back in after things had calmed down. Cultist did not initiate on and/or shoot at any of your allies, and therefore did not have any attackers rights; which in return meant that you would not have had defender-rights on him. Due to this you have been found guilty of an attempted invalid kill. @Clarence Your shots on DrCrazyGamer have been deemed as inconclusive due to the conflicting POVs and lack of video evidence in that little area you were tucked into, however, the kill on RocJag has been deemed Guilty. When asked by Rover you state that you had initiated in whisper mode. We have no reason to believe you have lied about the initiation, however, it most certainly would not have reached Rocjag due to the distance of whisper range. Due to this your kill on him has been deemed invalid. You must always make sure your initiation is heard and understood before obtaining kill-rights. Just because they go non-compliant towards your friends does not mean you gain automatic kill rights against them. You must initiate on all of those present in order to gain those rights, as you can not gain kill-rights from someone using their Defenders-rights on your allies. @Bulgarian Bombshell As explained above to Clarence your shots on DrCrazyGamer have also been seen as inconclusive due to the lack of video and conflicting POVs. However, your shots on Taniks have been deemed guilty. Seeing as RocJag was within your yelling distance we are able to tell that you were not in the yelling-mode when you initiated. The photo below will help you pinpoint who would have been within your range. You claim you were unsure if you even initiated at all, but regardless of whether or not you had done so you would not have had valid attacker rights against Taniks due to him being outside both your normal and whisper VOIP. In regards to your kill on JasonBR the staff team has decided to deem it as not guilty. While JasonBR would have had defenders rights against you and your allies, you would not have attacker rights against him due to his placement in the initial situation; but because Jason had shot and engaged you first after using his defender rights on Vulf (as shown in the hit logs) you did have the right to defend yourself at that point. Despite this, staff would still like to advise you to re-initiate on new combatants in the area to ensure all your rights would be valid. @Vulf As explained to Clarence your shots on DrCrazyGamer have also been deemed inconclusive for the same reasons stated above. While you claim to be in normal VOIP we do not have a clear view of the situation that happened regarding your initiations, or lack thereof. One thing we can note is that your claim to have initiated on the normal setting would make your kill on Taniks invalid since he was not within your normal initiation range. However, your next kill on Thatoneguy281 has been deemed not guilty. You were actively defending your friend/dynamic member against someone who did not have valid rights on them. Lastly, your attempted kill on JasonBR has been seen as guilty. JasonBR was not present at the radio station during your claimed initiation, and while he would have defenders rights on you for your hostile actions against his allies you would have needed to re-initiate in order to gain valid attacker rights. As seen in his video that was not the case; you shot him first as you both crossed paths with each other. As has been stated before; you must initiate on the people who were not present for the first initiation in order to gain valid attacker-rights for non-compliance. Below are the position logs of a JasonBR to show he was not present within the initiation range that caused cause the main firefight : 00:37:47 | Player "Drew Williams" (pos=<13314.2, 12881.8, 98.5>) 00:42:00 | Player "Drew Williams" (pos=<12891.3, 12872.1, 179.5>)[HP: 91.8829] hit by FallDamage 00:42:21 | Player "Drew Williams" (pos=<12919.5, 12853.9, 184.8>)[HP: 88.9796] hit by FallDamage 00:42:47 | Player "Drew Williams" (pos=<12982.2, 12818.6, 198.0>) 00:43:56 | Player "Drew Williams" (pos=<13068.6, 12903.1, 153.4>)[HP: 90.6719] hit by FallDamage 00:43:59 | Player "Drew Williams" (pos=<13074.2, 12910.1, 148.4>)[HP: 88.5731] hit by FallDamage 00:47:47 | Player "Drew Williams" (pos=<13452.1, 12906.4, 78.7>) 00:52:47 | Player "Drew Williams" (pos=<12774.4, 12847.3, 183.7>) @Ducky As shown in the video provided by RocJag you are the only person who is heard initiating, as you were on yell-mode. Your initiation reached everyone in the radius shown below, meaning out of the whole group all the hits and kills that took place during the initial situation that you were involved in are valid. There is a moment where you shoot at TryaxReck, who was using defenders rights against your allies. While he was in the server near the time of the initiation we are unable to pull his exact logs to figure out if he was within the radius of your initiation. Coupled with that fact that he claims to have never heard the initiation because of a crash we have decided to find your kill on him to be inconclusive. @groovy patz Once ConTheTank put his hands down you are the person who shot and killed him. You do claim to have initiated in whisper-mode by mistake and we have no reason to doubt that, however, ConTheTank claims that the only initiation he heard was from Ducky. Due to the conflicting POVs and lack of video from your position we have found your kill on him to be inconclusive despite him putting his hands down. As a general statement to everyone involved in this report please make sure that if you are able to record your gameplay you do so in the future. It allows us to accurately look at the full situation without the guise of inconclusive and word-vs- word. With that said we would like to thank you all again for your patience and cooperation during the report. Outcome: @ContheTank - Metagaming/ Lying in a report | 7 days 15 points + Character reset @RocJag- Metagaming | 3 days 10 points + Character reset @Taniks - Metagaming | 3 days 10 points + Character reset @DrCrazyGamer - Metagaming | 3 days 10 points + Character reset @TryaxReck - Metagaming | No action taken @The Jester - Metagaming | No action taken @ThatOneGuy281 - Attempted Invalid Kill (On @cultist)| 3 days 10 points + Character reset - Metagaming | No action taken - Combat log | No action taken @JasonBR - Metagaming | No action taken @cultist - NVFL | No action taken @Clarence - Invalid kill (On sight) (On @RocJag) | 7 days 10 points + Character reset - Attempted Invalid Kill (on @DrCrazyGamer) | No action taken @Bulgarian Bombshell - Attempted Invalid Kill (On @DrCrazyGamer) | No action taken - Attempted Invalid Kill (On @Taniks) | 3 days 10 points + Character reset - Invalid kill(On Sight) (On @JasonBR) | No action taken @Vulf - Invalid kill (On Sight) (On @DrCrazyGamer) | No action taken - Invalid kill (On Sight) (On @Taniks) & Attempted Invalid kill (On @JasonBR) | 7 days 15 points + Character reset - Invalid kill (On Sight) (On @ThatOneGuy281) | No action taken @Ducky- Attempted Invalid kill (On @ThatOneGuy281) | No action taken - Invalid kill (On Sight) (On @TryaxReck) | No action taken @groovy patz - Invalid Kill (On Sight) (On @ContheTank) | No action taken Signed by: @Jade @Banshee @Duke
  6. Agreed! People would definitely try to make themselves look scary way later on down the road. We might have to find something other than munghards but its defo something to look forward to. I'd prefer the crazies over the soldiers tbh. They at least bring some fear to the server that helps shift the roleplay mood from "howdy neighbor" to "stranger danger" P.s. @SwampyMuffinz Make sure you add an unbiased poll to your thread per the suggestion thread rules.
  7. @Bulgarian Bombshell When you claim you initiated did you also do so in whisper?
  8. -FIND OUT IC PARA APRROVED- Lore Approved Lore Approved Lore Approved Lore Approved Lore Approved Lore Approved Lore Approved Lore Approved Lore Approved Lore Approved Lore Approved Lore Approved Lore Approved Lore Approved Lore Approved Lore Approved Lore Approved Lore Approved Lore Approved Lore Approved Lore Approved Lore Approved Lore Approved Lore Approved Lore Approved Lore Approved Lore Approved Lore Approved Lore Approved Lore Approved Lore Approved Lore Approved Lore Approved Lore Approved Lore Approved Lore Approved Lore Approved Lore Approved Lore Approved
  9. @RocJag Your temp-ban will now be lifted. Thank you for your time and I will be uploading the video shortly. Update: There is an hour long version of Rog's video, however, for the sake of only focusing on this situation and not the full roleplay session I recorded the relevant portion of the video from RocJag in the helpdesk that was not included in the first video provided.
  10. @RocJag You will remain temp banned until you provide us with the video evidence. If you have time to get IG you have time to upload the video, we would like to not drag this report out any longer than it has been.
  11. @RocJag Have you uploaded the full video yet? If so please provide it to us here.
  12. @JasonBR Can you please identify everyone speaking in discord, after your death, who were involved in the fight. @DrCrazyGamer Did you hear anyone in the group of three men initiate on you?
  13. @YerYayo For the sake of having your side of the side, please post your full POV of both of the situations (if you were present for the first one).
  14. Connection Logs: Hit Logs: Kill Logs: Position Logs: Calling in the following people to post their POVs and any unedited video evidence they may have. Allies: @rhothar - Eric Golani (OP) | POSTED @The1FreeMan420 - Frank Krest | POSTED @Chimmy Chonga - Henry Heller | POSTED Accused: @cultist - David Grant | POSTED @groovy blisna - Janda Kacek | POSTED @Clarence - Felix Dubocek | POSTED @groovy patz - Erik Horak | POSTED
  15. Just to reiterate, you ran up to the area where you knew your dynamic group had initiated and the people being initiated on were noncompliant? What made you think you were safe when you ran into an active firefight and proceeded to loot bodies?
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