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  1. Hello @neom, Gmak has not played in the last 90 days. Please contact him to see if he is still interest and able to up his activity, or remove him from your roster until he is able to become active again. I will check back in a week.
  2. Hello @Checster1999 We require you to give your POV in your own words. Even if you don't have anything new to add.
  3. Hello @thenewdc, Please provide us with the steam account that you were blacklisted for and the name of your old account. Also link any other steam accounts you would have access to.
  4. I personally like the rule so -1 to getting rid of it Before being implemented people would stand silent while on the radio and it was very very obvious when they were talking in disc/TS instead. Hmmm I get that's it's hard to implement when there's no video..... but at the same time people will find any reason possible not to post their video so I don't think it's much of an argument getting rid of it will do more harm than help and bring back the telepathic initiations, conversations, stale walking simulator etc. etc.
  5. 1. Our Harbor (Both versions were great) 2. The Trust () 3. Gamblers 4. The Jackals (2015 -16 version) 5. Dead Batteries
  6. Hello @Kevin Ward, Since you have not responded within the allotted time given this appeal will now be closed. If you wish for us to solve your VAC ban issues please make a new appeal with the information asked of you above. /Closed
  7. I too would love a lower cool down for clothing items .... But I'm not aware if it is the way it is because of Bohemia intervention or just because we don't want a bunch of clothing spawned in. That's a Roland knowledge.
  8. Jade

    Hello Again

    oh worm a hebi back from the dead???
  9. Thank you very much for your kind words ;-; I'm also glad to see how much you've grown since the mentor program! Hopefully I can keep living up to to your feedback
  10. MORE RP MORE!!!

    Kylo Ren GIF by swerk

    p. sherman, 42 wallaby way

    1. Banshee


      If you guys got you guys got it

    2. Jade


      If you aint be doing something you aint be doing something so you aint doing something

  11. Connection Logs: POS: Calling in the following people to post their POV and any video evidence they may have: @Methias - George Mayfair | OP @Maybelele - Martin Halvorson | NOT POSTED @Mofer - Maribek Taisumov | POSTED Was there anyone else in the helicopter with you both @Mofer & @Maybelele?
  12. Congratz stinkies ❤
  13. @Almasm welcome back ! Make sure you have installed and loaded all the correct mods before hopping in the server. If you have ones loaded that are not on the mod list it will give you those pbo errors.
  14. Hello @Smash2 You will need to create a support ticket located -> Here <- if you wish for us to help you in recovering your old account. Thank you!
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