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    Lore Wipe Discussion

    People who continue to recycle characters like a plastic bottle are the only ones who will not enjoy a lorewipe imo. We have to be the change and bring our own form of new refreshing rp to the server in order to change it, it won't change on its own. I love lore wipes tbh its a chance to change and honestly maybe adding something interesting to the lore to give it a spark of difference from the usual chernaruz slava might be a good way to peak new ideas.
  2. APositiveJade

    Aggressive staff

    tbh people get too upset they do something they know is gonna get points, honestly staff are just doing their jobs unless u got some solid evidence of bias
  3. APositiveJade

    House Call [Strict IC Recruitment]

    Let's do it
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    1. Jamie


      🙄 anime

  5. Jamie had been in and out of foster homes since the day she was born. At the age of 10 her first outburst of anger had finally emerged, as far as the adults were aware she was a kettle ready to boil over, this pent up anger lead to her beating on one of her foster siblings when he insulted her. After being throw out of multiple more homes, Jamie, at 12 year old, finally landed in the custody of Willis McCloud, a lonely old farmer living in Ossipee, the town Jamie had been born in. Jamie wanted nothing to do with him or the town and made it her mission to get sent somewhere else. However Willis was tougher than he seemed, he was no pushover. He began to make Jamie help him with chores around the small farm trying to give her an outlet for her anger by setting up chicken feed punching bags, and hay bales she could kick if she dared to. Eventually Jamie settled down and made an attempt to mingle into High school; no longer lashing out at random kids in her path. On her 17th birthday Willis surprised her with adoption papers; she was ecstatic to actually have a place she considered home. She managed to graduate, but continued to help make a living on the farm. However, when Willis passed a year later to a heart attack Jamie went off the rails. She was the only to attend his funeral and thought she was the only one to mourn his death. After a month she sold the farm, taking her inheritance and blowing a good portion of it on gambling. With still a decent amount left and more money in her pocket from her wins she headed to Alabama for cheap living, enrolling in a local Community college to pass time. Unsure what to actually pursue she enrolled in mental health classes in some attempt to help her along the way. Instead she found friends. Daisy, and TBD trhey began to take interest in helping people but realized that there was way to much work being put into it. Midway though the semester they all dropped out and created their own little business, bringing in Finch and Sparrow along the way. Though they weren't licensed somehow they got away with it... at least for a while they did. Once the first patient keeled over dead Jamie was well aware of what they needed to do. Before anyone would come to their door they destroyed evidence that the person was ever in their care and fled out of the country. South Zagoria seemed to be the country in their sights and after settling down there business opened back up... well... it was open till all the clients began to turn into zombies.
  6. APositiveJade

    Livonia Characters

    I was also under the impression that there was a time difference in years between the two servers but idk if anyone read that or if it got changed or if I just can't read
  7. APositiveJade


    My only wish for christmas is that the sassy black woman character page makes a resurgence ... I know it's out there.

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    Growing a plant is very nice



    and rewarding




    1. Eagles


      Wholesome content.

    2. DrMax


      You should probably rake them leaves... they’re making a mess! 

    3. APositiveElmo


      how bout that weed you got growin out back

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    5. Aiko


      This is fake I are no snow! 

    6. Eagle


      And  boring.

    7. APositiveJade


      Patience is a virtue dear birdboi

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    My Final Feedback

    rip in peace dude
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    S1 - NLR

    Talked to @Juice Hand in discord and agreed to close the report. Just want the other boys involved who weren't there to just take the time to re-familiarize themselves with the rules. Never hurts to check and wish you guys all the best.
  11. APositiveJade

    S1 - NLR

    Server and location: S1, the town south of Gvozdno Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 12/4/19, Around 9:30 -10 ish EST Your in game name: Connie Bernard Names of allies involved: n/a Name of suspect/s: @Juice Hand + 4 others idk the names Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Forget what it's called but blue truck with bed in the back Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I was taking the backroads towards Severo and saw a big group of guys roaming the street but decided to stay away cause it looked sketchy. After going down through the trees a truck carrying about 8 guys passed by on the road so I stay back and watch them drive over the hill but didn't see them enter town so I was curious to see what they were doing aaaand fast forward down at the truck they hit a pole and all died. Quite happy with my find I decided to pigeon the stuff and began to place it all on the ground so I could go through it easily. After emptying the truck I started recording just incase someone came back and then a couple second later after I started recording three freshies pop up out of nowhere. I was kinda skeptical that it was the guys who died so once one of them asks to grab stuff and then holds me up I comply. Personally the hostage rp was fine and I was left in a good condition so I have no qualms about that it's just the blatant break of NLR and initiation to grab all the stuff and leave that bugs me. Suffer like the rest of us and just re-gear (or rob people whatever floats your boat). Edit: Added the video it'll show the little details I've missed in my POV
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    1. Aiko



    2. Tonkatsu



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    I've never once seen anyone in the zones :< maybe I'm just bad at spotting
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    Sorry andrey rzone has the same exact thing and noone even uses it. A nice idea on paper and worth a trail run but I don't think it'll stay popular after people get tired of dying
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    • APositiveJade
    • Hofer

    A bean for you

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    It's that time of year again

    You could always continue to keep your character but just mold them to the new lore or age them so they're older. That's the easiest way around it if you're set on keeping them
  17. APositiveJade

    East/Northeast get no love?

    I always love when people are spread out on the map make it so much more fun to travel and find someone. However, most people want to stay around hotspots cause that's where everyone else is so it's a conundrum Best way to battle this is to just say fuck it and move somewhere far to drag people around, or create a hub away from the hotspots to promote travel.
  18. APositiveJade

    It's that time of year again

    Also a good point to say with a time jump is that with food/ammo being less frequent people will have valid reasons to hold people up and become bandits, or group together to stay alive. We need more middleman groups instead of strictly bad or good imo.
  19. APositiveJade

    It's that time of year again

    I'm not saying we throw Livonia into the future I'm saying we throw everything into the future (s1 included). We can say all we want about rp not changing and stuff but ya never know til you try. There's less limitations to certain characters and groups in the future setting that Rolle specifically disallowed near the beginning due to the believably of it. But if you already made lore fair play it's still something to think about for the future when the inevitable lore wipe happens again. Honestly don't know what the lore is for Liv but if it strays away from snoozefest milsim that make the $15 dollars worth it then it'll be a hit, just has to be creative. (tbh we need new map in general chernarus is so boring) I'm guilty of playing the same character tbh but again you never know. People might have a change of heart or get some inspiration to try something new.
  20. APositiveJade

    It's that time of year again

    Hello people, APositiveJade here bringing you some ideas. I think it would be cool to do a time jump into the future once Livonia comes out. Lore wipes always seem to be the same old "going back to day one" so I think a jump to the future would give us more leeway with interesting groups. Not only that but communities and settlements would be more popular and believable. It could also spark some new characters and story lines since we aren't going back to a beginners survivor story. I know there's always downsides to lore wiping or changing the lore in general but it's definitely something to think about imo. This is something that could re-inspire those who have lost motivation in creating storylines and characters who mean something to the lore whether it be good or bad because tbh there's not many groups, as of late, that have left a mark on the server and actually made people either fear them or love them. There are so many great rpers here who have lost interest because it's a simple rinse and repeat system. Either way let me know what you guys think I'm interested to hear others opinions and ideas tldr; Do a time skip to the future once Livonia hits to help promote a new and interesting aspect to RP.
  21. APositiveJade

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Had a fun night running around with @Drbeans @Georgia Banks @Rederaz @Squillium & @Rocka Here's my highlight from tonight
  22. ______________________________________ __________________________________________________________ Born to a wealthy political family allowed for Connie to have an easy upbringing. Her school life and relationship with her parents were both excellent and healthy. As per usual, she grew bored with daily life and tried to make her living a bit more exciting. She began to dabble in small crime around the age of 15, slowly making her way into a local gang of kids. Their crimes consisted of pick pocketing and robbing the poor tourists passing through town. As she grew so did the kids around her and eventually they decided to become a smaller group to lessen the divide between profits. Once she turned 18 she attempted to transfer money from her father's bank account to her own but was caught beforehand. Angered and embarrassed her father decided not to call the police and swept the ordeal under the rug, however, he disowned and kicked her out of the house. Caught in a rut and now living alone she began to delve more into darker crimes. It wouldn’t be until 6 years later that she showed her face in Chernarus, posing as a backpacker in an attempt to complete a job. _________________________________________ TBA
  23. APositiveJade

    Deer Isle shutdown

    I for one loved Deer Isle so sad day sad day
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    Alright which one of u made it say 70 people were in deer isle 😥 got my hopes up

    1. Aisling



    2. Aisling


      There's only 20 people on tho...

    3. APositiveJade


      fAKE 😤

    4. APositiveElmo


      @Roland scammer

    5. Mugin


      Fake news

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