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    We have snacks in the corner and drinks in the other corner. ❤️  

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  2. Hello @Phelps69, A separate team of staff have looked over your appeal and have decided to deny it. When you are placed in a situation where innocent bystanders are dragged into the middle of the firefight it is you and your ally's responsibility to make sure you have validly identified them from those who have been shooting at you. The staff team fully understands the difficulty and confusion surrounding a firefight, however, that does not excuse you when you commit rule breaks. Part of your defense in your appeal is the claim that the bystanders did nothing to preserve their lives, however, in the original POVs given you shot the man who was laying on the ground actively trying to preserve his life by avoiding gunfire, putting blame on the randoms who were unable to escape without getting shot or were actively "hiding" will not fly. Unless a random person is running directly towards you with a gun out the blame will never be put on them. We would also like to re-explain how attacker/defender rights work in this situation just for your future knowledge. If you are the attacker in this situation, you only gain rights on those you have initiated on; you may shoot them if they have failed to comply to your demands within a reasonable amount of time or begin to shoot at you, should the people you initiated on escape you have 1 hour to use those rights against them. If you do not initiate or it is shown that they did not hear your initiation you do not gain these rights. If the defending party acts upon their 2 hour kill rights that does not change the fact that you were the attacking party, you will only have rights on those actively shooting at you. If you are a defender you gain rights on those who have initiated on or shot at you or your dynamic allies, these last for 2 hours and are not valid against those who did not commit hostile actions against you. If there are randoms with the group that committed a hostile action against you do not have valid rights on them and must initiate in order to gain said rights, unless they engage and start shooting at you. Official groups and their members are the only ones who all gain valid attacker/defender rights when not present at the initial situation. In regards to your punishment, the 7 day and 15 points is the standard punishment given. It has nothing to do with your intent in the situation. It has to do with the amount of rule breaks or the severity of said rule breaks. In certain situations the staff team can reduce or aggravate the points however given the situation here there is no need to do so. Here is a link to the standard report punishment guide it will show you all the standard punishments for different rule breaks. With that said: APPEAL DENIED, POINTS REMAIN /Closed Signed by: @Jade & @Para
  3. Hello @Dan, A separate team of staff have looked over your appeal and have decided to accept it. Your post, while not unnecessary, was very bare-bones; in the future to avoid similar situations it is always recommended that you add more context to explain yourself further ie: why you don't agree etc. We would also like to make it painfully clear that the team who issued the points do not owe you any apologies for doing what they are there to do... your post was indeed something that borders the UP for its lack of content. Differing opinions will always be present for different situations so patience and understanding are needed when creating an appeal for something you believe is a mistake. In the future it would be appreciated for you to keep the Karen attitude to a minimum. With that said: appeal accepted, points removed & post reinstated. /Closed Signed by: @Jade @Rover @Inferno @Peril
  4. At the request of the OP this report will be closed. If you ever have any questions regarding base building or AOGM bases it is better to directly message a GM as opposed to putting a report up. With that said /closed Signed by: @Jade @Eddie
  5. Hello @ajoldaker, I have personally gone over to the castle and looked over their buildings and have previously spoken to them when a few of their buildings were AOGM. As of right now the base is not AOGM and is easily raidable by using their front gates? As of recently the mechanics were changed so you need to actually hit the gates with either melee weapons or bullets in order to break them... as opposed to getting a pop up actions on the gate itself. The staff team is not quite sure if we misunderstood what you are reporting or if you were unaware of the changes.
  6. Verdict: @Leik - Invalid Kill (On sight): GUILTY Explanation: To explain the situation, Onion and Leik had previously been initiated on by the New Divide group for a situation that took place in Olsha. Maybelele and a few others were present to watch the situation unfold. A short while later the new divide leaders and Maybelele were making deals about their protection on the town, when Maybelele is suddenly killed, followed by edgy Dingle also being killed by Leik. Reasoning: @Leik while your rights on Dingle would have been valid as he was a part of the official group that took you hostage, your rights on Maybelele would not follow suit. Even though he was present for the situation and his allies potentially committed a hostile action against you, he himself never engaged in any form of hostilities against you, and therefore did not grant you valid kill rights on him. He is running in a dynamic and doesn’t share attacker-rights, which means that any defenders-rights gained on his allies are not extended to him. In your own POV you admit to shooting him on accident; on top of that there is no mention of you believing he was involved in the situation aside from just being present to watch. Due to your own admission you have been found guilty of an invalid kill (on sight). We noted down your radical change in story and came to the conclusion that the only reason you would make such a drastic change was that you knew you were guilty and therefore tried to get it changed to be inconclusive. Had Maybelele actually been present for the situation, your initial story would’ve been factually different as you’d have had a valid defense. Instead you shot somebody who had not initiated on you and later tried to make up a story to cover it up. This will not fly. Positional logs also go to corroborate Maybelele’s story that suggests he was not in fact present for the initiation in the barn, nor was he pointing his gun at you. Due to this explanation, your radical change in story has been disregarded; A Clear fabrication. You took a risk to snipe at a group of people clumped together that you did not fully have kill-rights on and it backfired, resulting in a kill on the wrong person. The kills are not a necessity or needed to push the RP and should not be your go to especially if you are on final. Due to these points pushing you over the 30 point limit this will result in your permanent removal from the community. We wish you luck elsewhere. Outcome: @Leik - Invalid Kill (On sight) - 7-day ban & 10 warning-points, resulting in a permanent removal from the community. Signed by : @Jade & @Para
  7. You need to have 1000 characters for your whitelist backstory. Also make sure your about me section have the correct characters as well.
  8. Thank you for posting your POV @iswearimjapanese your tempban will now be lifted.
  9. Hmmm try again. Please post an actual serious POV and not a meme one. Once you do your temp ban will be lifted.
  10. Thank you for posting your POV @Xilinara you ban will now be lifted.
  11. Connection Logs: Hit Logs: Kill Logs: Calling in the following people to post their POVs and any unedited video evidence they may have: @Maybelele - OP | POSTED @God - Rae Peyton | POSTED @Cormac - Adrian McCarthy | POSTED @edgy Dingle - Aslan Ravn Ehlers | POSTED @Leik - Gareth Jones | POSTED
  12. For the time being please do not post your POVs until logs are pulled. This will help avoid a cluster of people all giving their POVs.
  13. As @iswearimjapanese & @Xilinara have been on the website since the pulling of the logs they will be temporarily banned until they provide their POVs and any video evidence they may have to the report.
  14. Connection logs: Hit Logs: Death Logs: Calling in the following people to post their POVs and any unedited video evidence they may have: @Mason - Jaroslav Burnek - POSTED For the sake of not calling every person involved in the firefight/situation we will only be calling in those with hit/kill logs on the OP, if anyone else who was present has video or useful information please PM a GM+ for permission to post.
  15. You guys left the door wide open but it was nice meeting you all!
  16. Pretty sure we did an arma 3 server back in the day as a side project. While everyone thought it was cool only 20 people played on it for about a week then it died. Arma is kinda nice but it feels way more milsim than standalone.... I'm not a big milsim person.
  17. Hello Cas! 

  18. It was poor @Peril who got mauled by wolves
  19. Stinky conor

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      No you, worse beansy

  20. Shout out to @Pelovski (I think) for running with part of the adventure crew last night and for escorting us after the wolf attack! Your RP was topnotch hopefully we'll run into you again!
  21. Link to character: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-2263/ Link to character twitter: https://twitter.com/SydMoss1
  22. Hello @soggypasta, As Para said in your previous appeal you need to create a support ticket. That can be located HERE. From there you need to click new request and link all your steam profiles + your previous DayZRP account, or username, and explain why you were blacklisted there. Do not make any more ban appeals; they will be archived as it is not the correct way to lift your blacklist. Thank you! /Closed Signed by: @Jade @Peril
  23. The sound of papers shuffling followed by a sigh that can be heard as the radio comes to life. The voice of a Aussie girl would cut through the static. "Uhh, my name is Sydney Moss... And about 2 weeks ago my parents stopped answering my calls. I know that erm.. that's not a very good sign but please! If anyone hears from them let me know! Their names are Alan and Susan Moss! My father has grey hair and blue eyes, he's most likely wearing a suit with a Watchcorp ID... And my mother has brown hair with blue eyes. I don't remember what she was wearing, but she always has a green beaded bracelet on!" There's a pause for air that lingers before her voice comes back through. "Even if- ... Even if you find their bodies please let me know. I want to bury them myself."
  24. Verdict: @YaBoiChuck - Invalid Kill (on sight) - GUILTY Explanation: To briefly summarize the situation EPerry gained the help of OblivionCross, Iswearimjapanese, & Nathaniel in an attempt to free his truck from being stuck. OblivionCross and EPerry make a deal to drive back to the trio’s truck just up the road so they would have an easy trip home. Nathaniel and Iswearimjapanese move to a nearby town to gather supplies as the other two drive down the road. While driving, Yaboichuck initiates on OblivionCross and EPerry; OblivionCross doesn’t comply and is shot but continues onward. Once out of danger he leaves the truck and bandages, proceeding to tell EPerry to stay in the truck. Iswearimjapanese and Nathaniel make their way back to their ally after hearing the shots. They question if EPerry has a gun on him to which EPerry offers to put his hands up so they could check. OblivionCross tells him to do so and orders Iswearimjapanese to pat him down. In the time this is happening Yaboichuck moves up to the rocks overlooking the bridge and manages to snipe Iswearimjapanese after seeing his friend with his hands up. For the sake of clarity, EPerry will be treated as if he was still on the Rosenhan roster due to the fact that we are unable to pinpoint the exact time he left and that he has basically been a part of the roster since the approval of the group. With that said this will not always be the case with similar situations. @YaBoiChuck While you would have had valid rights on @OblivionCross due to his previous non-compliance, you would not have had any rights on @iswearimjapanese due to the fact that he was traveling in a dynamic and did not threaten or initiate on your ally; on top of that he was not present for the original initiation from yourself where Oblivioncross went non-compliant. As shown below here are the positions of the three dynamic members around the time of Oblivioncross being shot: From the situation explained to us there was no threat or demand given, as EPerry essentially offered to raise his hands so they could pat him down and deem him as not a threat. Please keep in mind that dynamic groups do not share attacker rights. Since @iswearimjapanese did not issue his own initiation he would not have valid attacker rights against you or your approved group and in turn would not grant you or your approved group defender rights on him. Since you had no previous interactions with @iswearimjapanese you have been found guilty of an Invalid kill on sight. In the future we would advise you to hold your fire until you are 100% able to identify that your ally has been initiated on, and you are 100% sure that you have valid kill-rights. We would also like to make a quick mention to @EPerry. While we completely understand your concerns about metagaming please do not leave your group CP until after a situation has ended. If you do have concerns about your placement in the group you are more than welcome to address them to your group leader afterwards. Leaving the CP when rights are being brought into question make it harder for us to verify if they are valid or not. Thank you for being honest with us in your responses. Outcome: @YaBoiChuck - Invalid Kill (OS) - 7 days, 10 points and character reset Signed by : @Jade @Banshee @Eddie
  25. @Cook_TheOG We need you to post your recollection of the event that happened as well.
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