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  1. Eagle

    • Eagle
    • APositiveJade

    You did not read it into I said those are situations I have killed people and that is true many cunts have done the same and not gotten killed but with the dumb logic is that hostages cannot be killed for that at all is illogical and dumb. 
    Hostages are not gods and just because you put your hands up doesn't mean you can't be dealt with however it fits the scene.

    1. Brayces


      ohlawdplsplspls don't take this to Status Updates, they'll smack you here and then revoke your ability to write updates. PLS Take it to DMs. ❤️ ilu all thx

    2. APositiveJade


      You can kill the hostage all you want  for little things that make them non-compliant. I don't give a shit about that cause you're right hostages aren't god. If they fuck up then show them what's what and that you mean business, but just because you're trying to prove a point ig doesn't mean y ou should kill them for those STUPID little things they do. There are plenty of other things to do before shooting like rp. It's just imo that killing should really be the last last last resort if you aren't getting anywhere with the rp you're providing. 

      sorry @Brayces bb ❤️ thanks for caring

    3. Eagle


      Ow no I agree neither do I do that unless it fits the scene.
      Either way ty for the talk.


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