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  1. War rule.

    I think that this community should look past RP and PVP. Neither can work in this server without the other. There's a lot of stories that can be told because of PVP and I think that's been massively overlooked. Ps: this war rule wont work.
  2. I was just about to write a guide for some buddies of mine might as well pop it here as well: Tactics in dayz overall doesn't work. Back in the day what made SVR succesful was because we played into each other's strengths and by performing as followed: -No overly thought out plans/tactics. Keep it simple. When you keep the plan simple you dont have to constantly think about the next phase of your plan and as such can keep your focus on your surroundings. Dont worry about falling back or advancing, weird ass movements or flanks, just hold your own spot. -Situational awareness. The second most important thing in any fight is your awareness, Always keep considering about possible flanks, regardless of your teammates holding it. It's always possible that your ally to the right momentarily checks his surroundings and fails to notice an enemy slip by. What's also very important to keep in mind is the infamous 'tunnel vision'. A teammate calls out he sees a player and a lot of the times the rest all starts focusing on the spotted player. that is a big no-no. let him handle it plus maybe one other. The rest should focus on the surrounding and not be kill-hungry. -play to your strengths and not your likes. Play the role you're good at, not the role you want to play. dont play as a sniper if you can't snipe. if you're good at lurking around the back in case of a flank, then do that. It might be boring but it's crucial to the succes of the fight. My strength never was a straight up brawler. My strength was making sure the team kept their A-game on, made sure they kept their flanks in check, to watch out for civvies walking in fights or to check if everyone was still capable of fighting (health etc.) If i knew that was all well and handled then i would focus on getting in some kills. -communication The absolute most important thing in any fight, is the communication. if you have a TS/Disc that is constantly full of chatter in a firefight, you've already lost. make your comms solid and you've already won half the battle. filter out crap like: "I see a player" Give information with a compass bearing. "I see a car" "He's lying under a tree" "I can't believe he fucking killed me (after already having called out his death) ^ This is unneccesary and we regularly banned someone from ts whenever he/she gave shitty comms. Important to have as well is call-outs/nicknames to locations. we used to have the entirety of Chernarus mapped with nicknames, which can be crucial to any firefight. For example: Little big hill --- Veresnik hill. S-GRU turn --- the road has a slight curve with Woods surrounding it just above Novy Sobor. Nipple hill --- the hill next to the barn at Kabanino. Calls like these can help out a lot. -outfits. Having similar outfits can not only help your teammates but also help the oppsite side. This way you reduce the risk of civillian casualties who 'wander' in a firefight because they heard shots and obviously feel the need to investigate (Cut4clanskins?) -Trust- And finally, trust your teammates. if you're pinned down but a teammate is trying to help you out, have faith in them that they can take the kill so that you dont have to expose yourself. That's basically it.
  3. Dog names

    can't blame ya. all jokes aside, good luck with it
  4. Dog names

    -Rocky -Max -Wunsleh ;)))))) -Svr4lyfe :troll:
  5. Im currently playing with some friends of mine on arma 3 exile, its glorious. I have been thinking about coming back for a while now but so far the rules have made this server into a passive rp-fest which does little to motivate people who like to have a healthy combination of both RP and PVP.
  6. All the while singing the comrady comrade song. and while im at it...drop wep 10 sec.
  7. then ignore whatever I said, blow that shit to hell
  8. kinda gives off an immersion breaking vibe if you ask me. But then again, I havent played SA in a while so I dont know how big of an issue it is.
  9. this would've made me motivated...two years ago. I have completely given up hope and this wont bring me back to dayzrp or dayz in general but I understand your where you're going with it. Amen to that, was thinking the exact same thing haha!
  10. I've been scouring the forums for the last couple of days and I feel this is the right place to post, seeing as it relates to it so apologies if this is against the rules! Back during the golden days of the mod we could all see that it was slowly (very slowly) losing its interest and the hype for SA was unreal. I myself thought that as well that SA was going to be great but I didn't want the days of the mod to end. Looking back on it now I still fully stand behind those thoughts. Dayzrp never should have jumped ship like it did because it jumpstarted a whole new process which is still ongoing. Jumping back and forth from game to game. This community was never supposed to span across multiple games and should have been settled upon arma 2. When finally the days of arma 2 were over we should've gone to arma 3 which was the most logical choice...instead we stepped over to the travesty that is SA. From there we jumped back and forth losing a constant stream of community members who disagreed with the choices made whilst others cheered. Now you want to go to arma 3, even though i agree with it, it's also a dangerous choice because it would most likely split the community even further...But then again, this community is dying and its dying rapidly so I doubt it would make much of a change. To summarize: Never shouldve gone to SA, should've waited for a proper release which we all know is never coming. We should've gone from arma 2 straight to 3.
  11. I remember deg trolling about in other channels yeah
  12. The downfall of svr was a combination of people whom were deadset on bringing it down and just the lack of motivation to play. The accusations that were thrown around was crazy XD.
  13. Tbf it was a mixture of both the above mentioned and salters who just wanted to drag the clan through the mud.
  14. Not nice, I still have you on snapchat, you know </3