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  1. Return of SVR?

    I remember deg trolling about in other channels yeah
  2. Return of SVR?

    The downfall of svr was a combination of people whom were deadset on bringing it down and just the lack of motivation to play. The accusations that were thrown around was crazy XD.
  3. Return of SVR?

    Tbf it was a mixture of both the above mentioned and salters who just wanted to drag the clan through the mud.
  4. Return of SVR?

    Not nice, I still have you on snapchat, you know </3
  5. Return of SVR?

    Did someone say SVR
  6. Back from the dead.

    Hey! welcome back!
  7. Coolest thing you've done in DayZRP

    When CLF had their base, haven and we (SVR&Dragonzu/banzaiXD) attacked it. one of the craziest fights i've ever been in, then we decided to take a picture next to a car and a grenade killed a lot of us ;p. That or the nwaf fight with Legion and so many of the retired clans that lasted I think 3 hours or so. god the nostalgia ;p edit: https://youtu.be/2YJMIV12vKc I found ieeet!
  8. Vac

    Well you know which game caused the Vac I think
  9. DayZ 0.63/BETA Discussion Thread

    Ah rip! well cheers for the info
  10. DayZ 0.63/BETA Discussion Thread

    i've been trying to get some more info on this. Has this been confirmed that the lifetime progression is going to be added in 0.63 or in the near future?
  11. Thanks for having me!

    enjoy your time here!
  12. Survival Games Event

    Chopper crashes bro hehehe i'm sure that's it . there were more rifles in this event (alongside it's clips) than a regular dayz server
  13. Survival Games Event

    You can't die to overheating... you get thirsty much much faster, which causes you to die of that.
  14. Survival Games Event

    have to be honest, i am completely dissapointed by the turn of events. I enjoyed to some extend but dayz is not made for this and we should've used arma 3 and its files, it has a complete mod for this stuff. I was more focused on not dying due to overheating then I was surviving against other players