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  1. So that's why I couldn't connect, thought my game was borked.
  2. Wunsleh 'Davis' Davikov is a born and raised Chernarussian. His childhood was spent like most others in his hometown. Decent. His parents weren't poor, but they weren't rich either. He went to a public school, nothing too fancy. Yet an comfortable and quiet live didn't seem to suit Davis and he was often at the forefront of public rallies...The type that aligned it self with the Chedaki. Once his parents got word of it, they gave him an ultimatum. Stop this ludicrous behaviour, or leave. He packed his bag within the hour and never looked back. He took off into the countryside in hopes of joining the Chedaki forces. happy at the prospect of doing more than just raise his voice and never act upon the thoughts dwelling in his mind. It didn't take long for him to join the Chedaki force and found new family amongst his brothers in arms, sharing his idealistic views. However the conflict that ensued wasn't one that had a happy ending for W. Davikov. The Chedaki insurrectionists lost in 2009. His new-found family were either captured or killed, leaving him alone in a world that loathed his views. Realizing he wouldn't survive in Chernarus, he left and left for Russia, only to return years later after having served a bastardized military that was never publicly acknowledged by it's government. A military that welcomed former Chedaki and others who shared their vision of a future...A future of Socialism. Years later. Davis returns to Chernarus and opens a small store in Dubrovka. His demeanor a facade with ulterior motives. Yet for his countrymen he simply looked like a good-hearted 32 year old man, welcoming everyone in his store with open arms. Yet before his plan could gain any traction. It happened. The world ended. Or so it seemed to him at first anyways. Now, surviving in the woods, along with other men and women in this disheveled yet proud militia, Davikov hopes his plan could still come to fruition.
  3. When's SVR coming back now that we have @Comrade Icy back and @Corks

    1. Corks



    2. Hofer


      watching arnold schwarzenegger GIF

    3. Wunsleh


      I have no idea what you're talking about 😉

    4. Voodoo


      Get SVR back in group ideas, directives need to be upheld once again.


    5. Voodoo


      @Misty report in

    6. Misty
  4. Yup that guy was mental. We always just pointed him in the righg direction while he went on a killing spree.
  5. I was banned, but a lot of people banded together and helped me with my appeal which Rolle was kind enough to accept. But I don't play anymore. Work life has been crazy and all that. But I hear winds are a changing within Dayzrp...rule change finally omg hopefully. So if I can find some time and if the others are up for it, I might give it a shot. I'll ask around;)
  6. 'Pal', I have been part of this community for a short bit longer then you, I see the downward trend because it was apparant back then as well. I'm well versed in the lore and how this community works so please....please dont try and lecture me. Ps: if I have worries, I express them, that is my right as a member of this community.
  7. People are expressing their worries, which they have every right to do so. Seeing as for bandits their RP is suffering because of it, I'd say it's quite a problem.
  8. Badly phrased it, apologies! I myself was among the people who back then had a terrible attitude on the forums, no doubt about it! still, I think there is a common ground that could be found where both the the members and the staff can enjoy themselves without the worries/fears that are currently present.
  9. It's unfortunate that the restrictions being placed upon the community goes beyond the forums and messes with the game as well.
  10. Probably the most accurate way of putting it yeah.
  11. Honestly though, the thread in question could've been kept open but allowed for content to be added appropriate to the thread without disrupting the above mentioned. But that topic aside, I was thinking more in general, not just that particular thread null
  12. I'd like to start off saying that I am not trying to blame or insult anyone within this community. This is how I personally feel about the current situation. I returned to this community a little over a month ago and I have personally realized that there is dampener being put upon the members of the community. People expressing their opinions in manners about gameplay/rules etc. are being shut down without having a adult discussion about it or even considering it. Off-topic threads that are meant for fun/banter are closed immediately. When I look back to a couple of years earlier there was a healthy amount of positive interaction that wasn't being restricted by the staff or the rules so I'm wondering why this suddenly changed. In my opinion it feels like we (the community) are treated like kids and that any suggestions or anything of the sort is immediately being shut down. Again, this is just how I feel and I'm wondering if there are others who feel the same and if perhaps the staff could give us clarity on the situation.
  13. Quite curious about this myself. Seems like the whole #Nofunallowed got taken a bit to literally null
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