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  1. Emil Dohnal POV: Met up with ducky in NWAF, we roamed around looting the new barracks building where we met some bloke with a purple face mask, Ducky talked to him but he didnt stick around long, after that we ran into a bloke at the barns who ducky invited inside to talk with. after awhile i hear a garbled voice and considering id seen some people running around being a little suss i told Ducky over TS that we might have been initiated on. If it wasnt for the fact i played with my volume at an unhealthy level i probably wouldnt have heard anything at all. After that me and ducky ran while nigel died and we died shortly after.
  2. Emil was apart of the 66th battalion fighting against the Chedaki during the war, and was an active military personnel in the peacetime that followed. When the infection hit he and his unit were left behind in Chernarus to fend for themselves, but under the strict guidance from his officers Emil and the rest of his unit never lost hope and still believe themselves to be loyal Chernorussian soldiers and will do whatever it take to ensure peace in their own country.
  3. GodOfInternetLag

    S1: NVFL, attempted KOS, possible bad RP - 04/26/18 ~ 20:35

    Yes they still had Gyth hostage, i noticed it by chance when they were taking him to the camp and decided to suss it out, waited for the opportune moment and killed the two guards and ran off with Gyth before the reinforcements came from the compound.
  4. GodOfInternetLag

    S1: NVFL, attempted KOS, possible bad RP - 04/26/18 ~ 20:35

    First of all in response to the NVFL while we were outnumbered we had the advantage, you were all inside a compound with only one entrance whilst we were outside covering said entrance, If it was NVFL how did i not die considering i was nearly right next to AP? AP only died because he overpeeked, i mean he lived 90 seconds after the shit went down so i wouldnt call any of that NVFL. And yeah, i would've liked to have RP'ed it out with the two guys i killed in the summer camp, but unfortunately i wasn't there for them, i was trying to save my mate from a group of people who were making him work naked with a compound of 12+ reinforcements not 300m away, i didn't kill them just to kill them, i killed them because it was my best option of getting my mate out alive.
  5. GodOfInternetLag

    S1: NVFL, attempted KOS, possible bad RP - 04/26/18 ~ 20:35

    I meet up with AP and the boys and we decide to suss out Green mountain, we split up and coughman and grim end up getting found in the woods, so me and AP back up a bit to see how things play out. After awhile things seemed calm enough until Grim was initiated on in the compound by what we knew as the CDF/svoboda. So me and AP went up to the gates all casual like and met this woman standing at the gate, AP talks with her for awhile until he gets double conformation of her being Svoboda, then he mows her down with an mp5(Scaring the shit out of me in the process) after that he takes a position near the gate and i do the same, he starts screaming initiations into the compound and after maybe 15-25 seconds starts taking shots at the people inside, soon after he is killed. At this point im still near the gate and i can hear the people inside yelling something like "Be careful there could be more out there". So not liking my chances i run off down the road and hide in a tree near the dirt path that goes to the summer camp, figuring id stay there and see how things went for Coughman and grim. after awhile grim gets released because of some kind of sleeper agent thing i didn't understand, and not long after i hear a fuckload of separate gunshots. Knowing that coughman was still in the compound and the Svoboda being a military group of sorts i assumed he had been executed by firing squad or something similar. So i stick around for awhile longer and then start making my way past the summer camp into the woods, i was playing it safe and paranoid,looking over my shoulder and what not, and then noticed two blokes escorting a bloke in handcuffs toward the summer camp. And i didn't think much of it at first considering i thought Coughman had been executed. But as i got a little further away i said fuck it, and went for a look anyway. So i snuck up using the trees as cover and got a bit of a look into the summer camp grounds, and i watched and waited until the two Svoboda boys were close together with there backs turned, and snuck up alongside the fence to find a way in. Unfortunately most of the ways in were blocked by tents, but i did get close enough to here them interrogating what i now knew to be Coughman. So i backtracked a bit and found a way through the fence, took a few deep breaths, and ran up behind them with my gun raised, when i got maybe 2 meters from them i sprayed down the first guy, my pc froze for a solid second as i moved to spray the second, but unfroze just in time for me to get a shot or two in before he ducked behind one of the cabins, i immediately sprinted after him, and turned the corner seeing a Svoboda on the ground, at the time i hadn't given much thought to if he was uncon or not, i was in full try hard mode and shot the first uniform i saw. After that i ran back to where coughman was whos shouting "dont shoot dont shoot" or something like that and promptly yelled "Its me cunt fucking run, run now!" and we booked it the fuck out of there. after running in random directions for awhile AP told us that sylva was in open comms and wanted to talk, so after he talked he came back and told me he wanted to talk to me, but at that moment i was lost in the woods with coughman and had just noticed i was brown thirsty, so Ap asked him if he wanted to wait awhile or if i could log to talk to him, he said i could log and so i did. He basically wanted to know why i executed him while he was uncon instead of RP'ing but like i said i was in full try hard mode with the adrenaline flying.
  6. We all have bad days, days where just every person you meet is a complete dick. Maybe they shout a random insult while they drive past you, maybe they talk shit about you when they think you're not listening, or even some random stranger jumping out of their car and banging on your windows because they though you were driving too close behind them. Well for Woods, that was everyday life, whether it was some cosmic deity just torturing him for fun, a misdeed in a past life, or maybe it was just a ridiculous coincidence, either way it was his life. As you can imagine living that kind of everyday life tends to make a man more than a little disillusioned with his fellow man. So at the age of 22, Woods journeyed out to the state forestry, an isolated place no one ever visited, and began his lifelong dream of living alone as a hermit. He wasn't stupid of course, he chose the location well enough. Freshwater plenty of small game and fish, and only half a days hike to a nearby village. It wasn't perfect though, what with the police and government always scouting the area with helicopters and satellites, looking for crops of weed and other illegal operations. But he was alone, and for the first time in his life he was almost content.
  7. GodOfInternetLag

    Computer giveaway

    Dear Santa
  8. Born in raised in a dead end town where hard drug use was the norm, Matthew had joined the ADF the moment he turned 18 in order to try and make a better life for himself. However he'd found that the military life suited him rather well, staying on far past what he'd needed to for the money to start a new life. However after awhile he grew bored with the ADF, having spent the majority of his time doing about nothing, with a few rare relief effort's here and there. So when the option was given to volunteer for the United Nations he jumped at the chance.
  9. GodOfInternetLag

    Regulator's Call to Arms (183.6 MHz; Closed Frequency)

    *Matthew is sitting in the woods, cleaning a fresh caught stag when he hears a familiar voice through the beat up old radio, he kept in his Makeshift lean-to* "Well shit, I thought all you other boys were dead and gone. 'Cept Tate o' course, that cunts far to fucking stubborn to die." *He pauses, looking around his campsite turned home* "Fuck it, were all gonna' get ourselves killed, but what's life without a little excitement, ay mate? Might as well go out with a bang." *Matthew smiled for the first time in too long, and went to the lean- to to gather his old kit.*
  10. *A startled voice breaks through the radio* "Vlad!? Vlad is this you? Hang on bratr, I'm coming as fast as I can, please just try to stay where you are!" *The radio cuts to silence*
  11. Matthew Maher Pov: I was waiting around to give OP a saline before i logged for the day, i alt tabbed for a moment in the middle of the compound with my mates around me and the people in TS started freaking out a bit saying i'd just been shot in the head, i figured they were joking till i tabbed back in to the "you are dead" screen
  12. Matthew Maher POV: I died pretty much straight away so i dont have much to say and i didnt have have anything to do with the OPs group, but basically while leaving Kab with the rest of Los Angeles we met two guys by the church in knight helmets accusing us of saving warlocks or something wierd like that, we saw them setting up around us in the bushes and when i went to talk to one of them hiding in a bush nearby the two Knight helmet guys on the road initiated and were subsequently mowed down and i was shot and killed.
  13. i was not present for this situation and have no POV to add
  14. GodOfInternetLag

    In High School did you game? If not how did you end up gaming?

    Nutrigrain to be specific
  15. GodOfInternetLag

    In High School did you game? If not how did you end up gaming?

    I think i was about 12 and ended up getting Age of Empires in a cereal box