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  1. Vitaliy was born and raised in Chernogorsk . Unlike most of his peers during the time of the USSR, Vitaliy had enough to eat due to his father being a wealthy man. this was because after his grandfather had died in Berlin during the final days of WW2, his son, Vitaliy father, came to live in a state funded house in Cheranus after the war and helped as the head of rebuilding for a large construction company. This meant that Vitaliy had a much better education than most at a young age, which opened the opportunity for him to do in his life as he pleased, but after working in a boring off

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  3. Born in County Mayo, Aaron O'Haren was part of a large family of a poor farmer. At the age of 16 he dropped out of his local school and decided to do manual labour after determining he wasn't fit for an office job. As his employer knew he didn't have any qualifications, his employer made sure Aaron got a small qualification in First-Aid and a Driver's Licence for Trucks and Cars. He worked at a local construction company for four years. After that, his colleagues told him about a working opportunity in a Russian Sub-State, called Chernarus. After travelling to Chernarus, he got a job at a l
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