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  1. Aiden lived in a ranch near the town called Nashville his father servers in the United States Air Force and he wanted to serve in the armed forces so he started training at a young age so he didn’t have to try that hard for when he went into the forces he did not know what he wanted to be.He thought being a U.S Marshal would be good for him and so he went through law school then police training he served in the police force for 3 years.He enjoyed but he wanted to be a U.S Marshall a man that was 5 years younger than him but he had been in the service for a while.The mans named was Jared Coffma
  2. Jared was a hardworking man he loved his job one day he saw a bounty that he would like to go after and it would have brought him back some good money he knew about Chernarus and the hell hole it was but he didn’t think much of it going for the bounty the bounty was to go after some cartel men on the open seas the boat was registered under America so he could go after it he got his team and got on a dinghy they had a idea we’re they was around the gulf they searched all day and then it turned to night Jared had to take over driving around 4 o’clock in the morning they found it so they loaded u
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