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  1. Born during the height of the pandemic in northern Germany, Arthur "Lee" Samson was taught how to survive and exposed to the harshness of reality at a young age. His father, Leonard Samson, was a Ranger in the US Army, and had married a German girl named Monika Schmidt, while stationed in country. She spoke very good English as she had been a foreign exchange student in the Eastern united states for a while. The pandemic had began shortly after the had married, they moved around Europe for years, and found comfort in a small settlement near Hamburg. There they stayed for 8 years, they also had their only child, Arthur. When Arthur was 7 the group they lived with was attacked. All of them escaped the raid but, were now on the move in search of a new home. They were on the road for a year before they found a new place to call home near Flensburg, a city on the border between Germany and Denmark. Resources were less than plentiful. When Arthurs mother had gotten sick, they had no real way of treating her. His father had said that she died of Pneumonia, whatever that was. Arthur was 11 when his mother had died. They berried her on a hill overlooking a nice valley, it was a peaceful spot. His father Leonard had always talked about moving them north, that some place up there was safe he had said. So after his wife past Leonard took Arthur on the road yet again. By the time Arthur was 16 him and his father had made it across the border of Sweden and just north to the city of Gothenburg. There Arthur met his first love, a girl as old as him named Klara. Her and her family moved all across Sweden and had found themselves here in Gothenburg. It was a large center still not completely mangled by the pandemic and raids that plagued most other places. Arthurs father had found a job working gate security for the town. This gave Arthur the chance to explore and be somewhat on his own with Klara. This however did not last. A building near the Gothenburg wall had collapsed and took with it a part of the wall and started a fire inside the town. Panic ensued. All the noise and commotion attracted the infected, Arthur watched helplessly as his father fought off the dead at the breach as long as he could. But this was to no avail, the horde was much too large... After this his instincts kicked in, he went in search of his love Klara. He searched for weeks he never found her. It was nearing his 21st birthday, a day his father had told him would be a great celebration for them both. But he was alone. With nobody and nothing keeping him in one place anymore, he ventured north...
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