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  1. Colt grew up in a small colony of survivors on the outskirts of the wastelands, knowing nothing but the constant struggle for survival. His father raised Colt with a strict hand, teaching the principles of the three types of people; wolves, sheep, and sheepdogs. Colt was taught the values to be a sheepdog, to look out for those that could not look out for themselves, and to never become a wolf. His mother however was a very quiet woman who taught Colt the softer side of life. Between the two of them Colt grew to be a well rounded teen, working in the colony as a farmer and hunter. Everywhere he went he had his little sidekick with him, a mutt he had rescued on one of his hunting trips. Other than the small pup, Colt traveled alone, working better this way and developing his natural ability to move silently. An expert in camouflage and stealth, he could move through even a crowded room without drawing attention to himself. Colt did have siblings but the only one he truly connected with was his older brother. Looking up to him all throughout his childhood, that is until his brother had grand ideas about moving the colony and becoming a bandit town. The colony looked poorly on this and banished Colt's brother. This of course devastated Colt and forced him to consider some harsh realities. For the people who claimed to be so holy and superior, they were capable of casting out a valuable member simply because he wanted to improve their lives, or that's how Colt saw it. Deciding to branch out Colt left his family and little buddy back home, exploring the wastelands to find himself and determine once and for all if he truly was the sheepdog he was raised to be, or destined to become the wolf.
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