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  1. Chad grew up in sunny southern California to wealthy parents with a hippy lifestyle. Growing up around ocean beach and hanging at imperial beach taught chad many things and not all were good. He started surfing at5 and skateboarding at 6. he was on the extreme sports tour at 13. chad loved the outdoors and loved nature an was vegan along with his parents. Chad learned about smoking weed from ocean beach an he had good times until he was injured at a skate ramp accident. Chad had to stop skating pro and took up mountain biking. Chad went pro mountain biking and was on the extreme circuit right
  2. Born in Chernarus and raised as a high ranking Military brat, he was born into the conflict and deception that plagued his home. Growing up in the Military, and Government, he saw corruption and the atrocities first hand. It wasn't until late 2008 where he joined the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star to fight against the old Government he had grown to despise. The civil war was very brutal and bloody, and it changed the man he used to be. In 2009, when what is now known as the heinous, "Moscow Bombing", killed his Mother and Father as they slept, he went AWOL from his unit and moved into
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