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  1. Good Day to Everyone reading this My name is Jeremy but most people online call me Bregy im a 16 years old German boy but am pretty skilled in English and Roleplay. I hope everyone of yall is ok during these times and i wantet to say Hi im Obviously new here and hope i get some nice RP Experience on these servers. Alltho it was short thanks for reading hope yall stay healthy Bregy
  2. Bregy Stardust born on the 16. of december 1997 in Berlin, Germany is a ordinary boy who often listened to his grandfather telling him storys about World War 2 were he acted as German Sniper in Stalingrad. Early on in his life Bregy went hunting with his father Jack Stardust and theire dog Spikey. Bregy often shot precisly and killed the Animals with a clean shot to the head. One day during Hunting Jack,Bregy and Spikey got attacked by an wolfpack. both Spikey and Jack died during the attack and Bregy got bitten twice, Once in the right arm and once in the Left leg. After that day he was very
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