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  1. Shoot. I got into some hostile RP almost immediately! XD
  2. Hey Guys! Been looking into doing Dayz RP for some time now and am excited for this opportunity to play with ya'll! My wife, Father-In-Law, and I are all applying and super enthusiastic about the experiences we will encounter while apart of the community!
  3. Born and raised in a small southern Texas town called, "Dripping Springs", he was always avid about Bull Riding, and with his fathers help he achieved his lifelong dream at the age of 14 and started Bull Riding. He was a natural Rough stock rider. By the age of 25 he was named PBR Bull Riding champion 3 times, until one day he got hung up and stomped in the head causing him to lose his right ear. PBR forced him to retire and with the sponsorship royalties and competition money he made, him and his wife decided they would settle down and travel the world. In mid January of 2020, him and his wif
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