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  1. Ana was born in big city Florida, so she had it pretty easy as a child, living what most would consider to be a "normal" or a "spoiled" childhood. Her parents were journalists and/or reporters working alongside various big name American news channels and they made good money. For years of her childhood she had it good, then in 2009 her parents told her to pack everything up, to leave her friends, her neighborhood, her school, and her home. Her parents had gotten a job opportunity in the state of Chernarus, specifically the South Zagoria district, in an attempt to document the rumored civil
  2. You fuck Dont do me like this
  3. These sections seem a bit vague to me. When asking for "Background" for my character, is that where my backstory goes, or is that something different? And by "Features" does it mean like...Bodily features?
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