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  1. Jack was born in 2050 in Marsberg. He grew up with nice Parents and in a protected environment. His Dad told him many things about hunting and used to bring him and his Mom on long hunting trips in the black forest. He learned a loot about hunting on those trips. In 2066, they got into an accident, Jack mother fell off a cliff and remained lying on a ledge 30 meters above the ground. Jacks Dad Quickly attached a rope to a tree stump and descended to her. He and Jack couldn't see that there was a cave at the ledge full of infected people. When Jack's father got to the ledge, he was attacked by the infected. Jack had to watch as his father and mother were killed by the infected, he tried to shot them all, but he didn't had enough ammo. He sat there for hours and just cried he was also thinking about suicide, but he knew that his mother wouldn't want it, so he made his way to his father's hunting lodge. When he got there, he remembered that his father had once talked about an area called Nyheim. He said there was a safe zone where you could live well and that he would like to go there to make a better life for Jack and his mother, but there was a problem he didn't told him the location, he just said it was somewhere in Scandinavia. But he thought it didn't matter, he would find out on the way, after all, it's 2000 to 3000 km. After 3 Day, the backpack was packed, and he hit the road. In Denmark he met another survivor (Jens) who had also heard of Nyheim and showed him the location on a map. They decided to go together. After 2 months they found an old fisherman who could take them across the sea. When they arrived in Norway, they set off straight away. Eight days later, they were in a dangerous situation. At night there was always someone on watch when Jack slept, Jens should keep watch, but he went to get water. Meanwhile, a bear attacked Jack. Jens saw that, but only ran to his backpack and fled while the bear ate at the supplies next to Jack. Jack pretended to be dead, and the bear only scratched his back a few times, but wasn't interested in him. When the bear left, Jack took care of his wounds and thought about how Jens left him behind. (for this reason Jack is an introvert and has a trust problem)He continued his way alone, but he swore if he saw Jens again he would kill him. Because of his injuries, he could only walk very slowly for months because his backpack was too heavy on his wounds. During the last six months of his journey, he met other survivors more and more often, but only observed them from a distance. That's why he realized that he had to get closer and closer to Nyheim. In 2071, he finally arrived in Nyheim but decided to monitor the situation for a month or two.
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