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  1. I would really like tougher zombies I think that it would add a good amount of RP from the danger that's presented. For example going into a big city to loot you maybe need a planned route also make sure to count ammo and even need more people to do it. The darker nights part sounds like it would be better for RP however I think it would make it kind of hell to actually play in the super dark. That just me though.
  2. Had a great time tonight with @RCdaMedic, @Nudey, @MacallyWally and @General Rickets. I also always enjoy my RP with @Craig as-well thank you guys for making my time playing good.
  3. I'm +1 for the wipe and loot tables changing. This is because as I am a newcomer onto the server and dayzrp world loot has been extremely easy to come by. I thought I was getting lucky at first with some nice loot but going to an Northwest airfield and obtaining clothing that seems to me has max storage possibility and finding 4+ field back packs along with over 7 guns four of them being western guns that are higher caliber it seems as loot is extremely abundant to the point when I was trying to trade groups rpg ammo they had turned me down saying that have boxes full of them. When gear doesn'
  4. Before the outbreak and the craziness, I was just a high-school Dropout working in my family owned bike repair shop. Growing up I spent a lot of time and late nights in the garage. Having worked on bikes for so long I knew every biker that had come through my up and coming small Texas town. Including a local Motorcycle club whose members bikes I worked on. After a while I started to get on with the bikers quite a bit. They were cool to ride with and they paid me well to fix their bikes. After my father's hand got crushed by a 980cc Panhead engine in a work-related accident, they held a public
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