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  1. Bartolomej Svoboda, born March 15th 1995, born into a strong nationalist family, his father was a soldier in the CDF, and his mother was a nurse in the local hospital. At a very young age, Bartolomej had shown a very strong interest in the army. Wanting to follow in his fathers footsteps and bring peace and order to his homeland. He studied at the University of Kirovograd, receiving a minor in Criminology and a major in History. At the age of 19, after the hostile takeover of his homeland in 2009 by the Chedaki, he joins the fight to reclaim Chernarus. During the heavy fighting of the war, his
  2. ive recently tried to join the server due to terrific feedback from some friends, but am unable to get passed the log in with steam part, ive made all my setting public and after that it said i needed more then 10 hours played on the game, i noticed i have 502 hours on dayz and only 35 minutes on experimental but my friends said experimental didnt matter. any suggestions?
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