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  1. *The speaker is heard picking up the microphone from the CB Radio, shattered glass sounds to be on the ground being stepped on by the speaker* [It was God's will, to have me one more day on this Earth, I was craving for a sign and so He gave me one] [I was found by a group at my deathbed, dehydrated and starving, they saved my life] [They told me they were setup in Berezino, and as such I followed them to their base] [But as my mother used to tell me when my dad beat us, we can only look to the sky and wish for Heaven, never touch it. So I don't think I will stay for
  2. *The transmission starts with what sounds like the wind blowing through the CB radio's microphone as the speaker picks it up* [If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.] [I did not purify myself, and as such may not be walking this Earth tomorrow] [Worry not as we shall find safe passage] *A lot of interference* *A text-to-speech sounding ominous kind of voice starts transmitting* [22B 48 49] [TERMINUS] *The transmission suddenly ends with a rapid sound of a door shutting closed a
  3. Thanks for the welcome! Hope to see you too !
  4. Hey! As I've said in the replies above I'm not new to roleplay, I'm new to DayZ Roleplay, I do have like 5000 hours of GTA V RP, 2000 of GTA IV And San Andreas and some odd hours in red dead RP. But I get everything you are saying , although my character was in the special forces he is now a passive character since he isn't sane and can't handle a lot of situations too well, he is more of a wanderer than a fighter at the moment.
  5. I'll warn you guys if I have some, don't worry Thanks alot for the warm welcome!
  6. Hi, I have like 70 hours on DayZ, recently bought it since I didn't have much money to spend on it before. I know the basics well on the base game, just never RPed with it, but thanks alot I'll be sure to look up when I encounter some issues. I do have a lot of hours of RP in other platforms, so I hope I'll adapt well to DayZ since it seems sooo nice
  7. Hey! I just arrived here, bought that Bronze premium since I can already see this will be great! Any tips you'd wanna give me beforehand?
  8. Markus was born in Chernarus in 1972, his mother was Cape Verdian and his father, which took off when he was about 12 years old was Chernarussian. Markus had a tough past, his father was an abusive drunk, ex-military so Markus was raised with an Iron fist. He later signed up for the Chernarus Armed Forces as Infantry and later signed up for the Special Forces where he served until the Outbreak, he was one of the last to abandon his post and so he saw a lot of his fellow soldiers die with the "lunatic's flu" as the people in the army called it. His mother died of cancer before the outbreak and
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