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  1. Campfire socialising.. @BravoActual
  2. Prostate Exam was an interesting experience..... hope you enjoyed it @AlexiBlazgovic
  3. I’ve found this not sure if this is the sort of things he means? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2070776834&searchtext=
  4. Dealing with Patient Zero.... Will watches Will receive medical aid
  5. Discussing "Patient Zero" A long and tiring day at the office....
  6. Domestics and the origin of their relationship.......
  7. Just a collection of media as he travels the lands...
  8. Welcome mate I hope you enjoy your time here it’s an awesome community and I hope to see you in game soon
  9. +1 I like this idea and it will really add to roleplay!
  10. Congratulations look forward to meeting you guys in the server
  11. Awesome meeting you mate and I look forward to our rp journey in the future
  12. Reflex

    Hey Guys!

    Thankyou mate
  13. Reflex

    Hey Guys!

    Thankyou man cant wait to get started Appreciate it hopefully see you in Chenarus soon! Thankyou very much
  14. Hey Guys! Just wanted to introduce myself! My names Will and Im an avid roleplayer have been involved with various forms roleplay for 10 years now on a variety of games and I cant weait to start my journey here now.
  15. The Diary of William Jefferson Childhood [1988-2004] So where do I begin? I was originally born in 1988 within the United Kingdom, Manchester to be precise. During my childhood, I was raised by two caring and compassionate parents, who always wanted the best for me and my brother. During this time my older brother helped me develop as an individual, he taught me how to become a better person and how to bring joy and happiness to those around you. He honestly taught me so much during my developmental years of my life. Although my parents were incredibly supportive and loving there was no
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