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  1. RPing out NPC interactions?

    Recently, I've been developing my characters more aggressive violent side. So my excuses is that the people who attacked him were killed by him
  2. 2018-01-23 - First Entry- It's been a while since I've done something like this... Writing a journal. Hah, last time I was 10 and it was for school work... However, a friend suggested I do this. It's already been nearly a month since my venture into the mountains after finding a few of my squadmates. *Below this text are charcoal frottages of dog tags* ALEXIA GREGORY PETER ROSSI ROMAN FERRARRI BRUNO ALDI _____________ Unfortunately... None of these soldiers made it. I've buried them, and collected their equipment, stashing it away. Capitano Bruno was a good man. It was hard to see him die. The VDV are strong fighters, those mountain men. Hah. Minefields scatter most of the mountain passages, and what aren't mined, are observed by snipers and emplaced machineguns. However, a few gaps are only patrolled lightly by foot soldiers. You can easily enough find a gap, if you wanted to risk the venture. Recently, my... "kill count" has doubled in this country. I've killed more people in the past month than I ever have in this country. Even when the CDF actively pursued us. I still pray to find the six others of my squad.
  3. RPing out NPC interactions?

    Alright, thank ya
  4. RPing out NPC interactions?

    Perhaps a better way of saying it is this: Can I have actions done against my character by a non-player made up character? Such as, say, my character encountering bandits (Who aren't actual characters, they're just nameless, faceless NPCs). I assume it's more or less okay as long as I don't try and force these NPC's to be aligned with a player group (Saying, a MS-13 guy robbed me, even though I wasn't) because that'd be a breach of the rule involving lying about groups
  5. RPing out NPC interactions?

    I don't know how exactly to word the title. I'm wondering how far can a player go with developing their character through events that didn't ACTUALLY happen in game. Such as, say, my character returns to camp, shot. He gives out a reasonable excuse (I was attacked by bandits, didn't recognize them), but in reality, he never actually had that encounter OOC? Like, it HAPPENED to the character, but in game there wasn't ever some body who shot him. I'm mostly wondering so I can somewhat develop my character (Caelo) even during my absences (Burnt-out, work, busy schedule, blahblahblah) I've already know doing things like "Oh, I was in the mountains" is alright (I stated during my recent absence that Caelo was in the mountains trying to find passage past the VDV forces there)
  6. [Open Frequency] Hallowed Be Thy Name.

    Caelo sighed softly, a scream heard in the background before a gunshot is heard. "Father, it is good to hear a man of God. I am Caelo Vorago, I was left as an infant outside an Orphange, where many Sisters took care of me and raised me. Actually, just north of the Vatican. If you meed any assistance, I will gladly provide what aid I can," He clicked off the radio, leaving the barn and body, "I ask the only thing in return is that you take my confession when I visit you,"
  7. Boar! (Secure frequency)

    The radio fills with static before Caelo's voice comes over it, a bit out of breath "Mason, I saw a pack of boars out in the woods when I was gathering wood. Sorry, I'm setting out to track them!" He runs a bit further before slowing down and unslinging his rifle "I'll keep myself dry and warm, so don't worry about me,"
  8. Describe your latest RP with a GIF

    @JkpFrog @Mace that fight... Everyone who drank some of Caelo's $3000 wine
  9. Describe your latest RP with a GIF

    Dealing with Hondo's ( @Mr.Panda ) wounds.... And I'm pretty sure this describes your part of the rp @Mr.Panda D_K5MM:
  10. For me, as long as the roleplay of the hostage taking is good, and they have a valid reason, I'll perm a character Such as, if I started causing issues around Tortuga, like serious issues (Attacking/Robbing black fangs, stealing from them, etc, not just upsetting them over something petty), and the Black Fangs took me prisoner, tortured and then asked to perm, of course. I caused issues that would be a valid reason to permanently kill my character. Now if someone executes (using kill rights) without asking to perm at all, then no, I don't care what you do, my character will magically come back. Or if cannibals take a hold of me, I'll make a decision right then and there, am I playing Caelo Vorago? Or am I playing a more or less random character so they can get cannibal roleplay in eating a dead man? Chances are, for cannibals, to help further their plot without losing mine, I'll play a random encounter for them
  11. The Battle of Tortuga


    Sounds good to me. I have some compliant roleplay ideas in mind :3 15th person waiting to get in the server however
  12. The Battle of Tortuga


    Well, I mean. If the event is going how it... should? It'd be a bit risky to hop in, unless the collective have already succeeded in taking their hostages. Then I'd probably end up as a hostage.
  13. The Battle of Tortuga


    So... If I log on right now... I'm in one of the outside tents... I won't be shot will I?
  14. (Pardon rough Italian) Caporalmaggiore Caelos Vorago Quartier generale. Questa è la mia relazione finale che ti mando. Sono stato mandato perso contatto con il resto del mio squadrone, avendo già trovato due morti. Ho esaurito le risorse e ho persino perso la mia uniforme e le armi da fuoco contro le forze comuniste (GRUPPO SCONOSCIUTO). Continuerò a moniterizzare il nostro canale radio, tuttavia non mi aspetto una risposta in tempi brevi. In effetti, non riesco a capire perché scrivo anche questo. Questa è più un'ultima volontà e un testamento di un rapporto finale ... A chiunque trovi questo, buona fortuna, Dio benedica e lascia che coloro che sono passati riposino in pace. *The bottom of the page has a bloody thumb print, and the page has been worn down and torn in a few places, but miraculously still in one piece*
  15. Alecsynder Korskov

    Alec grew up in the town of Naro-Fominsk, near the military base. He lived a simple life as a child, and when he came of age, he joined the 4th Guards “Kantemirovskaya” Tank Division, the men he grew up around. He was happy to finally be a part of the military, of the men he looked up to as a child. Until he was shipped off to fight in the Second Chechen War. It brutalized him. He saw things he never imagined he would see... He did things he wish he never knew possible. The young man, was left broken on the inside. Soon as the war breaks out in Chernarus, he is sent, along with the 4th Guards to Chernarus. Eventually, with the conclusion of the civil war, he was able to go back home. To the town he hadn't seen in years now. He was developed a few other times with his unit to fend of terrorist attacks and show of power movements. It wasn't until 2017 that they received a major order. "MOVE TO CHERNARUSSIAN BORDER" They began moving their tanks and troops southwest, far, far southwest. They stopped receiving communications from HQ midway through their journey, but their commanding officers insisted they move on. They were raided and ambushed by various militant groups along the way, losing numbers as the men slowly began losing their morale. Two days away from Chernarus, their numbers were depleted, with entire platoons disappearing in the night. Tanks went missing, food and water as well. The only men who carried on were Alec's own squad and one other. However, the night before moving across the border, a friendly fire incident occured between the second squad and a group of VDV soldiers, which left both parties nearly completely dead. None of Alec's men wanted to go on. They turned back, insisting they wanted to return home to their families after hearing the stories of the outbreak from the VDV soldiers. The VDV told Alec that he couldn't cross the border, they wouldn't let him. He camped out that night, until he was able to slip past the VDV soldiers and enter Chernarus. It's been 3 months since he last saw one of his fellow Russian soldiers. He's not even sure if he should consider himself a soldier anymore. It'd been nearly half a year since he last heard from an officer of his. He doesn't care anymore either way. He wants to see what he can do for the people of Chernarus, even if they hate him in return.