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  1. caelo_vorago

    Random things around the wasteland

    ... What?
  2. *Sigh* I can't make hostile characters haha. Damn I'm bad at playing them. Oh well, back to Caelo!

    To... probably be shot again...

    1. BorisRP


      Mentor program

      You dont need a hostile character to defend your self ^_^

    2. caelo_vorago


      Ah no, I am fine playing violent scenes and defensive scenes. Hell, even torture scenes.


      I just lack the personality to play a character like say my new Nathan Carmine character. In all my years of roleplay (Let's see, I'm 21... so maybe 10?), I have NEVER been able to play an outright evil/bad character. I can play batshit insane (Wouldn't fit rules here), I can play chaotic neutral/good, but I cannot play a character like Nathan Carmine that well.

      I'm just too damn nice of an IRL person o,o

    3. barto300


      Maybe you should ease yourself in to it? You've played neutral before and neutral is a great first step towards evil. Your characters get into a lot of shit in this world so some are bound to turn evil and neutrals are great at that. Maybe you should start with getting personal revenge on someone. Capturing him/her and then doing more and more evil stuff towards him maybe?

      But don't worry. Many people do not like being dicks towards others. It might help to feel better if you make sure that you are OOC friends with them.

  3. caelo_vorago

    The Kingdome* of Severograd

    Oh look, there's Caelo, standing on the side of the road... Too bad Nate's the one running around now.
  4. Caelo sighs heavily as he shakes his head, listening to the arguing and aggression. "There was a time, when I was deployed in Sicily to deal with a bunch of mafioso's who's heads got too big for their... However that line goes..." "They thought they could win everyone over by beating them into submission. But funny thing about humans... You. Can't. Beat. Us." "My team went in, only 6 of us. And within 49 hours, the family had been torn apart, tortured, mutiliated and destroyed, because the people didn't see them as human anymore..." "Any and all parties who want to try and establish a place for themselves MUST realize that the ONLY reason they get constantly harrassed and attack is because they are either weak-minded and let cruel bastards take over, or are themselves the cruel bastards." "I feel no pity for people who are shot down because they either refused to stand up, or because they got too full of themselves..." "It's no safe place for anyone. Man, woman, or child. Military, or civilian..." "And unfortunately, I've become someone I hate... I won't even bother trying to put up a fight. But I sure as hell am not gonna be rolled over by ANY person or persons. So, I simply put this to the CDF and any other group with big ideas. Are you going to take the route of dictatorship, rule for a short while and end up a mutilated corpse, who's family is brutalized as revenge. Because unlike North Korea, you don't have generations of brainwashing behind your back? Or are you going to take the route of an actually substainable leadership?" He tosses his radio back onto his lap, sighing heavily as he placed a hand on his ribs. He shot another dose of morphine into his system before closing his eyes.
  5. caelo_vorago

    A message about the vigilante Police Department

    Nathan chuckles to himself as he listens over the radio, unable to take it seriously. "Vigilantes... The poor bastards who always end up brutally murdered by the people are are smarter, stronger and better than them..." "They aren't good cops who roll over like the dogs they are..." He kicks his feet back as he leans against the wall, releasing the PTT; the sound of the dead clawing at the door to his building answered with several handgun shots, "Come on ya fucks, give me some fun..."
  6. caelo_vorago

    "My way or the highway" vs. BadRP

    Personally, I had a quick but halfway decent robbery happen to me. They started by convincing me to run from some bad guys with them. Turns out, they needed a magazine to fight these bad guys and ammo. Because of my new character's background, he was more than happy to hand over the ammunition and magazine to them. Even if it left me at a disadvantage, I kinda hope they liked the fact that instead of cursing them out, my character asked if one of those bullets was going to kill one of the bad guys. A robbery doesn't have to take an hour. It can take ten minutes but still give you the rp you deserve. Why? Because a robbery doesn't turn into a damn hostage situation. They shouldn't have to hold you captive for an hour just so you "experience good rp". Being aggressive, changing how you speak and how you act as you're robbing someone can instill that fear into the victim and leave them shaken from the robbery. You don't need to hurt them, and you can't just act normal during it. Such as: "Put your hands up, I need this, this and this." That's bad. "Listen... if you don't wanna fucking die... Put your hands up..." Speak in a low, aggressive voice. Be mean, but not cruel. IRL someone has tried to rob me, and then someone else actually did rob me. A knife was in my face both times. The first time it failed because the guy put the knife in my face and just demanded my things. I laughed and walked away, because that's not scary. "I know you won't do anything with that knife" is basically the attitude I had. Now the second time. The guy came up to me. He pushed me back, held the knife to me and said "Hand over your shit now... Or else I will slice you open and take your shit anyways..." The way he carried himself, and the way he spoke were completely different. It made me shake, it made me panic. The first guy, I called the police right away. But the second guy, I was too panicked to call right away, I couldn't get myself to do it until 5 hours later, inside the station. Tl:Dr As with rps using text (Chatrooms and shit), quantity does NOT mean quality. A 3 paragraph rp post can be WORSE than a 5 line post. Because the 3 paragraph one is using needless details, and is just filling space. Where the 5 lines touches on the important details, which is all that's needed. Tl:Dr of the Tl:Dr Stop being selfish. Both sides
  7. Where to begin... Nate grew up in the capital city of New York state. He grew up in a poor family that lived in one of the projects. His father was killed shortly after his birth in a firefight with the police, who wanted to arrest him for beating Nate's mother. Now with no form of income, Nate's mother turned to the only method she could find to earn money, prostitution. She became a street whore for the local black street gang. It was quite common for Nate to be locked in a closet while she "entertained" clients. Sometimes for days on end. Eventually, when Nate had turned 12, he heard his mother getting attacked by one of her clients. He came out of the closet and saw one of the enforcers for this gang brutally raping her and stabbing her. Terrified, Nate panicked before noticing the gang member had left his handgun at the foot of the bed. Nate dumped all 16 rounds into the gang member's back, but it was too late. His mother had already died from blood loss and internal injuries. The gang came to investigate the gunshots, only to find Nate on using the grip of the pistol to beat in the already dead man's skull. The gang loved the violence and took him in as their own, training him to be an enforcer. This would only last for 2 years however. Even though the leaders treated him as one of their own, the other members of the gang couldn't accept a "cracker" as one of them. They beat him, tortured him, and tried their best to make him fuck up. It came to bite them in the ass when a local drug cartel waged war on the street gang. When the drug cartel's sicarios kicked in the door, they found Nate, surrounded by dead men, a rifle in his hands. The lieutenant leading the war decided to take Nate in next. This time it was... better. They welcomed a "cold blooded" killer, the leader loved the idea of having a risky asset. Nate was sent over to El Salvador to train as one of the bodyguards to the Capos of the cartel. There, his brutality, if lack of finesse, gained him a reputation of being a brutal teen. At the age of only 15, he became a high-ranking sicario in the cartel. From there, depending on perspective, it was either all downhill, or all uphill, from there. He rose in the ranks, leaving a bloody streak of civilians, police, military and even fellow sicario in his wake. Eventually, he was given the responsibility to hunt down betrayers of the cartel. Whether it was an informant popping up, a contact betraying them, or any officers in the cartel trying to leave, he'd kill them. By the ripe age of 20, informants stopping contacting the police, contacts stayed loyal, as did ANY member of the gang. Especially after Nate assassinated one of the Capos of the cartel who tried to steal from the cartel. And now, why is he in Chernarus? Simple. The cartel was trying to establish some form of "Trade" agreement with local gangs, and was trying to help re-arm remnant Chedaki forces. Their contact in Chernarus went silent and Nathan was sent in to "recover" their asset, live or dead. Unfortunately, what with zombies roaming about, Russia not-being-so-nice, and apparently now, "CDF" forces closing in, Nathan can't exactly leave.
  8. Caelo blinks as he sits up, peering down at his radio, hearing a man speaking about Syrian Civil Defense forces. He listens to the next few radio messages. He finally presses his own PTT and leans back. "Hello, Jibril. This is Saboteur Specialist Caelo Vorago of the 9th Assault Paratrooper Regiment, Italian military. Callsign Roma 1-4," "I've worked alongside your men before when I was deployed in Syria." "I have medical experience, combat injuries that is. If I'm nearby when you get some trouble, I can come help. I'd be careful taking other's up on their offers for protection, you don't know what they might be planning..."
  9. Caelo scratches his stitches across his face with a soft sigh before hearing the Irish voice "Perhaps, depends on how the factions develop currently... If it definitely gets more dangerous, I'll look into hiring some guards,"
  10. Caelo hears a familiar voice and smiles weakly, before clicking the PTT. "I'll have to see what I can sort out and what I need to finish other trade deals, I'll contact you when I get the opportunity Nicholas, thank you,"
  11. Caelo coughs slightly as he stands up shakily. Starting to walk down the road again. "They're fairly common... unless you want me to only get you basically... out of the box stuff, they'll be cheap." "You can contact me on my frequency of 165.2 for your details. It'll take me a while to gather them up depending how many you need though..."
  12. Caelo sighs, running a hand down his face as the young boy came over the airwaves. He clicked the PTT once again. "Listen, child. You sound fairly young. The Anarchist's are nice to children who aren't in a group against them. I'm not saying they weren't nice to you. But I also witnessed them interrogate a man, and once they got the information they wanted, they ran him over with a car." "I remember when some of the members used to run Stary Sobor, they hung a mayor from a church after shooting him." "Like I said kid, you had a good experience, but don't refute other people's claims solely on your experience."
  13. With a slight cough, Caelo leans against a building, his eyes closed. He was idly flipping through radio chatter, constantly hearing people bad-mouthing other groups, while other people defend said groups. He finally settles on a channel and clears his throat. "Hello. My name is Caelo Vorago... Fuck... I'm a trader in this region, or well, I try to be." "Well, I'd like to make a statement. There are hundreds of us survivors in this country... Some of the factions number in the tens of people, which is actually pretty damn hi- ow fuck... high," "This creates problems however in certain areas. Let's talk about them... Or well, I'll talk, and most likely, you people will try and hurt me over the radio with harsh talk..." "One, the Corporation. Now, apparently, this group sounds pretty big, and depending who you believe, they steal flesh and blood from people... Now, other's claim this group is amazingly helpful and save people's lives..." "The problem here, is that they try to run things based off reports and data collection. So, my belief is they have a general helpful aura, but fail to fucking see when their own men 'misbehave' in a way that should end with a bullet." "Just recently, I heard a transmission claiming the Anarchist's are friendly people... But they aren't. Some can be nice, but most of them are fucked in the head. I congratulate them on attempting to keep children safe however." "Everyone needs to remember, without video recordings being available, it's all heresay. You say you had an experience with X group, where they helped you. Well, someone else had an experience with X group, where they were beaten, tortured and then left to die..." "As far as I'm concerned, based off the people I've heard and met, I'm willing to trade with any group that wants to make itself known. However, this does NOT mean I support any of their behaviors. I just want to survive this shit, because I've already been tortured, shot, beaten, blown up, set on fire, and all the shit under the rainbow. And I'm bored of it." He clicks off the PTT, going into a massive coughing fit which ends in a shout of pain as he feels one of his ribs shift.
  14. Noooo... not anarchy ;-; I enjoyed the nearly hostile stuff, even if you guys weren't aggressive enough to Caelo being a goddamn smartass.


    I was hoping to show Caelo's dark side by capturing one of you boys and breaking them o,o


    Well, i wish you all good luck! Perhaps you'd do a tad better as a less hostile group, when you get that big. But meh, I just have a lack of hostile rp skills overall so I shouldn't be listened too

  15. *A slightly panicked Italian voice comes over an long-range radio frequency* "Arcangelo, questo è uno di Roma - Quattro. Leggi? Ripeto, questo è uno di Roma - Four to Archangel. I russi stanno spingendo in provincia. Evacuare le case sicure vicino al confine di Chernarus. Per favore David ... Ricevi questa trasmissione ..." *With a heavy sigh, the voice signs off*