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  1. caelo_vorago

    One Group

    Ah! I remember the Free Medics. When I first got accepted into the Gray Fangs, I got lost and the Free Medics brought me to some meeting or whatever that the Gray Fangs were present at. Holy shit that was so long ago but I still remember it. Patrolling the walls of Solace, whistling and singing to myself as people traded and talked below. Accidentally putting on a Spetsnaz uniform, which were worn by people hostile to the Gray Fangs, so my ass nearly got blown off... Being the first person to get in a plane in the DayZRP mod. And promptly getting it stuck in some trees, much to the disappointment of EVERYONE.
  2. caelo_vorago

    One Group

    The Grey Fangs. The only group I was actually apart of. Good ol' Mod days
  3. caelo_vorago

    DayZ Standalone Experimental 0.63

    I understand that part completely! Trust me, long time player here I was referring specifically to people who can't play a game (That is being used for an RP format) because it's only 20 or so FPS. It was a sarcastic post as well.
  4. caelo_vorago

    DayZ Standalone Experimental 0.63

    Real quick... Why is 30 FPS bad? I mean, I'm used to 30 FPS on many games, even though I can get 40+ nowadays on my better PC *Que old man voice* "In my day, we were lucky to get 20 FPS!"
  5. So! I recently just got back online after having to save up money to buy a new hard drive (Was jobless, now has jobs and monies) I am iffy on if I want to bring my good ol' Caelo back into DayZRP, as it's just been ANOTHER extended disappearance. I have a few ideas, but I just want to pass it through Loremasters to ensure I'm not throwing some not-lore-friendly stuff out there. Personality wise, Caelo is still Chaotic-ish Good, that'll never change. I'm just not built for hostile rp really. But to explain his sudden disappearance and why he'd be out of the loop on shit, as usual for me, he has left the country (He isn't the type to just go camp in the woods for a few days, he gets shit done when he's not in beautiful Chernarus) Being former Special Forces, he understands patrol patterns of whatever remains of various nation militaries, so he can slip through borders, makes contact with other survivors to make his trip shorter (Planes, helis, boats, etc) yattiyattitadda. He was privately contacted after scanning various Italian military frequencies and was brought back to Italy, for various final mission attempts by pitifully minuet remnants of the Italian high command. (He explains as to why he comes back always instead of staying in Italy, is that for him, Chernarus is a better place than Italy in it's current state.) Feel free to move this post if it has a better location to be in. But, it's a question to clarify what I can and can't say about things like this. The state of the world is widely left up in the air for the most part, and if someone who does control lore wants to know more in detail what I've been saying Italy is like (At least Caelo's hometown), they can ask here, or in a PM.
  6. caelo_vorago


    To me, discord and teamspeak are literally the same. Although I prefer discord for general forum/chatting shit as it's WAY more simple. Teamspeak is generally better comms wise, sorta
  7. *Caelo turns on his radio, speaking into it, with a calm voice* "As I bury my friend, I am recalling advice given to me from people throughout my life... The men and women who shaped who I am," *Caelo clears his throat before pressing down the PTT on his radio again, speaking clearly* "The weak bow before the strong, the strong bow before the wise. That is something an older soldier once told me, no matter how strong you are, or how strong your army, you will be forced to kneel before someone smarter than you." *He dumps the last shovel full of dirt onto the grave for his comrade* "Hell hath no fury like a woman who says all is fine. Advice given to me by a woman who worked in the brothel near where I grew up..." *He drops the shovel and clicks off his radio to give a prayer before clicking it back on* "Never trust your life in the hands of a man with bears no scars, for he's never risked it all to save someone in a truly dangerous situation. While not entirely accurate, the man who told me this was the man I would trust with the world if I needed to," *He dusts off his boots as he speaks, the radio constantly transmitting* "And lastly, to any group, gang, corporation, unit, cult, or anything akin to that, I provide this simple Italian... saying: He who has land, has war. If you can't quite grasp it's meaning, it's simple really... Firstly, you're stupid and I'm surprised you've survived. Secondly, if you wish to establish yourself and make a home for yourself, prepare to fight for it. This is not the normal world, there are people more depraved, more violent, stronger and smarter than you who will want it from you. Or, if you're one of those depraved, violent lunatics, then there will be people who wish to see you dead and help the surviving people by doing so," *He stops his transmission before turning back south, looking over the country and heading back into the forest surrounding the hill*
  8. caelo_vorago

    To United Nations or Nato

    *The Italian man picks up his radio, standing over the body of his fallen comrade* "UN exists?" *He looks down at his silk map, "Fanculo... I'm too far out as well... Keep on guard to anyone trying to help you, some don't take kindly to us military types," *He sighs, turning off his radio again and grabbing a shovel*
  9. It made Caelo's month! He got to call someone something horrible, RIGHT TO THEIR FACE!
  10. @Sylva Don't worry my dear Fottuto Bambino! Always a dear fottuto bambino to all Italians from now on! (Don't google translate it)
  11. It's too late to tag everyone, but great rp! Finally happy to get an adrenaline pumping roleplay! Caelo made some new "friends"! Hope to see smiles again, maybe on nicer terms... Ah fuck it, we know that won't be the case
  12. *A man speaks into the radio, clear signs of exhaustion in his voice* "Archangel to Bastion, Archangel to Bastion... I'm re-entering the country. Just got a little further..." *He clicks off the PTT, walking along as he waits for the reply he wanted. When no response came over the radio, he sighed* "Damn it Bastion..." *He said to himself before clicking the PTT again* "Bastion, this is Archangel, I was able to dodge a patrol a few minutes ago. I couldn't tell which military they were, but they were kitted out... But, I'll be exiting the mountains shortly." "Any Col Moschin callsigns left in South Zagoria, we don't have a high command anymore, I suggest either fleeing the country or blending in," *He grunts as he steps over a log, glancing around the treeline* "I repeat... Col Moschin, leave the country or blend in. Fuck I feel like I'm being watched..." *As soon as his sentence finishes, a rifle shot is heard and the radio goes silent for a few minutes. The man returns, panting heavily and grunting* "Fucking snipers, shooting my fucking plate carrier, again. Those fuckers..." *He coughs a few times before stopping the transmission to remove the destroyed plate carrier* "This is Archangel, signing off this net. Good luck you Arditi bastardos..."
  13. I'm back bitc- I mean... you wonderfulnotatallkindasaltyassholes.


    PC broke three damn times and now it's back up and running!

    Caelo will be returning once again to South Zagoria to... just kinda sit back and laugh as assholes shoot other assholes.

    *Caelo was not missed during this whole time*

    *Other members: "Who the fuck is Caelo?"*

    1. Sleepyhead


      Welcome back. 😊

    2. caelo_vorago


      Hopefully good to be back, soon .63 will be out, so I figured it'd be a good time to hop back onto DayZRP rather than dropping it for... 2-4? years like last time something similar happened to me.


      The American-sounding-but-totally-Italian soldier is back

      I'm even gonna be doing dice rolls to see just how badly he got fucked up leaving the country and then COMING BACK

  14. caelo_vorago

    Random things around the wasteland

    ... What?