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  1. Im with you, hail mother of dragons.
  2. Im just kinda curious about if i use the santa beard ingame will it then be seen as a real beard or as a fake one? One situation in mind is if i get robbed if they are then allowed to remove my beard from the face and put it on themselves without any sort of shaving emote.
  3. Astraal

    little piggy

    From the album: The life of Henrik "Doc" Beck

    this little piggy went in the pot
  4. Congrats on approval, hope it works out better then it did with the other medical group
  5. Also something i have noticed with this is that you should NOT try and drag it into your bag, this will likely cause the item to be untakeable. Atleast it became that for me.
  6. A pocket flask would be nice for RP since i now use a alchoholic tincture flask to take a little one from time to time.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pc1am3KyYgA&t
  8. Astraal

    BeanZ WAR

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