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Bob the Builder

"Don't waste your time looking back. You're not going that way."

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    welcome to the server
  2. Astraal

    BeanZ WAR

  3. Astraal


  4. Astraal

    New to DayZ and RP

  5. Astraal

    Aye Aye

  6. Astraal

    Bacon and morphine

    Bacon and morphine addiction, you're gonna fit right in
  7. Astraal

    I'm back innit

    Greetings and welcome back.
  8. Astraal

    Returning Player From Alpha Here

    Greetings and welcome to DayZRP
  9. Astraal


    Welcome back
  10. Astraal

    Returning From DayZRP Arma 2

    Welcome back to the light side
  11. Astraal

    Large Net Trap

    Yeah also the video says its salt water only but this is probably a earlier version of the mod so it should work in lakes aswell.
  12. Astraal

    Large Net Trap

    Hi in this video you see how he has to place the trap first and then place the bait in it. Are you sure you are in deep enough water when trying to place the trap?
  13. Astraal

    DayZRP Staff Agreement

    I, Astraal hereby agree to follow the DayZRP Staff Agreement Version 4 in its current form.
  14. Astraal

    BeanZ WAR

  15. Astraal

    Life is Feudal?

    Any updates regarding the server @Cid ?
  16. Astraal

    Teddy waiting

    From the album: The life of Henrik "Doc" Beck

    "Wait here I will soon be back" was the last words Teddys owner told him. So he waited like the good boy he is.
  17. Astraal

    What do you do for a living?

    I'm working with furniture logistics, meaning i'm loading and unloading furniture on/off trucks.
  18. Astraal

    Life is Feudal?

    What i think could be good for the LiF server is if it has its own staff team that is divided from the staff team of DayzRP. That way there wont be any more work for the already busy dayzrp staff. The only one that should have absolute power is Roland.
  19. Astraal

    Life is Feudal?

    If we get a server i will nag on @Derek Steel until he comes and becomes the lord of horse training
  20. Astraal

    What new food items would you like to see?

    Different kinds of whiskey, also maybe some cans with dog/cat food because cmon its the apocalypse and the regular food should run out soon.
  21. Astraal

    Life is Feudal?

    I played LiF on a roleplay server and has seen what a dedicated staff team can come up with. We had wars, tournaments and trade missions aswell as just daily things such as that the staff team spawned in a herd of deers for everyone to fill their foodstocks. One interesting thing this server had was that the map was devided in 4 parts with a middle Island that was GM controlled but the other parts were avaible for any clan that fulfilled the requirements to claim as their own kingdome. So if there is a dedicated team that is interested in putting their time into a LiF server im 100% for this.
  22. Astraal

    BeanZ WAR

  23. Astraal

    Groups Represented by Spongebob Screens

    Old school Free Medics
  24. Astraal

    BeanZ WAR

  25. Astraal

    A-Z of Music

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