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Bob the Builder

"Don't waste your time looking back. You're not going that way."

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  1. Greeting and welcome To answer your question your character is not set to visible, here is a guide on how to fix it:
  • Astraal

    Hello, looking for some adventure :)

    Greetings and welcome to DayZRP
  • Astraal

    It´s me, Froschi...

    Hello there and welcome. Most of our community are good sports that likely will give you a helping hand.
  • Astraal

    hello all

    Welcome and good luck on your second try
  • Astraal

    Hello Yall

    Greetings and welcome to DayZRP
  • Astraal


    Hello Sage and welcome, i hope you'll enjoy it here
  • Astraal


    Hello and welcome, if you have any questions dont be shy to ask
  • Astraal

    Green Mountain Charity Center [Selective Recruitment]

    Looks really nice and the logo somehow makes you feel in peace
  • Astraal


    Welcome to DayZRP
  • Astraal

    hello everyone

    Welcome and lets think positive about the whitelist getting accepted.
  • Astraal

    First few days

    Always nice to hear when people are enjoying themselves here.
  • Astraal

    The adventures of Jey

    Welcome always nice when experienced RPers joins
  • Astraal

    Otto’s arrival

    Hey there and welcome to DayZRP
  • Astraal

    Hey Everyone

    Welcome and lets hope your whitelist gets accepted
  • Astraal


    Welcome into the warmth of glorious DayZRP
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