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  1. was talking about the launcher you get by right clicking the Dayz game in the steam libary.
  2. Check the "how to join" under the Information tab about the launcher thing.
  3. Checks the forum for fun, sees this post, nostalgia gives a mule kick in the balls
  4. Matthew Falcons, a calm and wildloving man that was born in one of the bigger cities in Sweden but loved more when he could retreat to his cabin in the woods of northern Sweden where there was no cellphones or computers, just fresh air, clear water and plenty of game to hunt. Some called him a hillbilly or farmer freak just because he didn't hang out at clubs and trying to hook up with girls like his work colleges did. But he didn't mind, everyone had the right to do what they felt was fun. One day while chatting with some fellow wildmen they came into discussion about taking a hiketrip to another country. After some research and roundaround questioning they finally came up with the country they would go to, a small country on the way back from a civil war, Chernarus.
  5. Some people says that with the new update horses now also ages when being outside of containers so maybe it died that way?
  6. Also that thing you found is used for firework arrows.
  7. With the server having plant growth period 3 it takes 24 hours until the crop is ready to be harvested.
  8. Having really fun sofar even if the animals are gone
  9. Guess i'll have to start playing before work when all americans are sleeping
  10. How does the ravens mechanic work? Cant seem to understand how to send the little thing flying.
  11. yeah everyones getting kicked for some reason, but just fyi there are no animals theyre bugged this patch Well there went my enjoyment of this game out the window, ill be back when they fix it.
  12. Anyone else that gets disconnected when trying to search for animals?
  13. Astraal

    Bring back Life is Feudal

    One thing i would like to add to the rules is no airstacking, for example if you place logs to climb a wall it has to be realistic with stocks all from the ground and not just a line of stocks in the air.
  14. Astraal

    Whip's SWTOR Hype Thread

    You forgot the most important things: jetpack and flamethrower
  15. Astraal

    Miscreated giveaway

    Might be lucky