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  1. Better perfomance and i can get my favourite STALKER gun, yeah im +1 this.
  2. +1 Gimme more stuff to add into my stews.
  3. Harald was not your typical child when growing up. Whilst he attended school with a good record his mind was not in the book but rather in the forrests and lakes of southern Sweden. Not wanting to get a boring deskjob as an adult he instead went to more practical works like carpentry and vehicle mechanics which kept him floating ecomonical but it was all out of the window once he could leave all society behing him and trek in the hills of the north. When the pandemic started Harald was obeying the laws of Sweden regarding the infection ,but Swedens government was more casual about enforcing and had more recommendations rather then strict laws regarding the pandemic. 2 years into the pandemic Harald, like many others, lost his job but instead of getting down about it he saw it as an opportunity to go on the hike of his life. Starting from the southern Sweden he planned to hike up through the country, turn west at the top and then hike down south alongside Norways coast. However, little did he know when he crossed the border into Norway a chilly September morning that his life would never be the same again.
  4. I voted yes, biggest reason is that kerkkoh wants it and feels more comfortable with that setting. I also agree with zanaan that we should not put the lore right at the outbreak but rather a couple years into it.
  5. I voted yes for this, mostly because i love this map and wants Kerkkoh to develope it like he wants to. But i also agrees with Zanaan that we should put the lore some years into the future after the infection started. I feel that this could work with the lore factions but also, as some has pointed out, allow raider like factions to rise.
  6. Good RP from you guys when the tavern was attacked, had forgotten how fun it can be to be told hostily to move away from a scene
  7. I honestly haven't noticed any major changes from this mod, but it also might be because i don't play the game on higher graphic settings.
  8. So is this group gonna be a more civilian focused part of PLIKT? Just asking for clarification.
  9. Yeah no from me, i've played only 1st person DayZ and it was not a fun experience.
  10. You need to change the outer color on you profile picture now when you are back in staff.

    1. Derek Steel

      Derek Steel

      Nono No GIF by Sofia International Film Festival

    2. Astraal


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  11. I voted no to this simply because the traders are a valuable addition when you want to get something smaller that many groups dont even consider to pick up, like for example fishing rods, cooking pots, tripods etc. The problem im also thinking about groups forming traders is the constant offline raiding that happens currently, i dont think anyone wants to gather things for some RP trading only to get their base destroyed and all stuff looted because they werent online when the raiders came.
  12. Suggestion: Change the payment option for forum credits to allow the use of credit cards. Reason for the change: Currently the only options are paypal and bitcion and since both are regulary used for scams i feel some people, me included, dont trust to use those payment options instead of being able to use their credit cards for the purchase as in a regular internet payment.
  13. * A cheerful voice comes over the radio* "Hey everyone this is Harald, the owner of the Muspelheim tavern in Nyheim. Our tavern has sustained some damage in the fighting that's been going on for the latest days in the city and me and Ragnar has thus decided to relocate the tavern. We don't know where we will set up the new tavern but don't worry, when we have a new location we will announce it and have some delicious stew and mead ready for our precious patrons." * With a sigh he turns off the radio and starts wandering, pots softly moving in his pack*
  14. Thanks for the nice words, always good to know that our RP is appreciated
  15. The Skogarmaor agriculture has been started
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