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  1. Finally we got a normal size joint Now you dont look like snoop dog when smoking it.
  2. Voted yes as right now pistols are just a fasion accessories.
  3. Talk about a blast from the past, S-GRU gave me such amazing RP back in the mod days. Good luck with this
  4. Voted yes as the G36 was my to go rifle back in the mod days.
  5. I like this idea maybe it could work like the fire drill kit that has a lower use number then matches.
  6. Member for 7 years and did just receive my first caution point... im a baaaaaad  boy 😄

    1. Derek Steel

      Derek Steel

      your FM badge will be revoket afther this sir you can show yourself out 😛
      benedict cumberbatch drinking GIF

    2. Astraal


      You're just jello because you're a meek little churchboy 😛

    3. Zanaan



    4. Astraal


      Seeing what happens after a caution im scared about what will happen the day i gets points.

  7. - user had been cautioned for this post -
  8. Weeeeeeell could you then pretty please check what is wrong
  9. Yeaaaah not everyone wants to group RP, shockingly enough some people likes to venture alone to get some good stories. If you are going to force people how to RP what's the point then of making your own character.
  10. Seriously what did you think there Roland? Wolfpacks and bears are already a major threat as they are for lone players traveling.
  11. Always fun to see more medical RP groups emerge
  12. Greeting and welcome To answer your question your character is not set to visible, here is a guide on how to fix it:
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