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  1. I can't speak to the bubble questionnaire, honestly, since I'm not in a group here, much less a 'hostile' group. What I can speak to is that I wholeheartedly agree with the assertions that so-called villainous groups matter in collaborative RP. In my opinion, they are indispensable to story progression. Yes, sure I could make my character's story about surviving the zombie hordes, starvation, disease and wild animals. But is that enough to really give us a story? Would it have been enough for AMC's The Walking Dead? Where would that show be without the Governor? Neegan and the
  2. Early Life Lenny was born Leonard Mason Armstrong in Washington County, Alabama, second son to his father, John, also a Master Electrician who learned his trade locally from a family friend after the war (WWII). His mother, Jennifer, was a homemaker after quitting her secretarial job when marrying Tommy and Lenny's father. Lenny grew up in rural southwestern Alabama with a mostly white-bread, Southern Baptist upbringing, except for the influence of his grandfather, who knew a little more about his native American heritage and taught Lenny a thing or two. Leonard was an avid hunter and fis
  3. Just want to say that I, too, enjoyed the RP this evening. It was tense and exciting, and totally spontaneous. Another thing I love about DayZRP is you never know what is going to happen when you log in! Amazing antagonists (well, for my character anyway), CLF! Thanks again and I'm sure we'll meet again!
  4. Thank you for the great 'nationalist purge' RP tonight, CLF! I didn't get to take note of any names, but you know who you are! It was a pleasure interacting with you! I'm sorry, I can't resist ... Mother Russia! Mother Russia! Mother Russia rain down, down, down!
  5. The research, thought and imagination that the players of DayZRP pour into their characters and groups is the main reason I came back! I'm very impressed by the concept and level of detail that has gone into it! Wish you all the best of luck, and hope to run into you all in game.
  6. Thanks! Glad you like the show, although I now wonder if it is going to continue.
  7. Well, I'm brand new to the new Lore, but in the old days (circa 2014), I had a character with the Free Medics (Dr. Michael MacLeod). There was a Russian paramilitary group then that used to scare the crap outta me. Well-played and realistic semi-bandits. They would only take military equipment/weapons or medical supplies they needed, but had zero tolerance for resistance. I enjoyed their RP, but can't remember the group name. Also, there was an American military unit and I can't remember the group name either. I enjoyed RP with those guys a lot. Also, the Outpost Rangers.
  8. Born Alecsandr Mikhailovich Andreev in Novogorod, Russian Federation, Sasha’s young life was fairly unremarkable. His father, Misha, was an assembly line worker in the local Autovaz plant, manufacturing cars. His mother, Eleena, was a secretary for a chemical company. In 2016, at the age of 18, Sasha entered military service in the Russian Federation Army. After his primary and secondary training, he was trained as a supply clerk, his unit was transferred to Chernarus to bolster the Russian forces already there in the wake of Gregori Lopotev’s assassination. Although his duties were strin
  9. Greetings! I was a member/player of DayZRP some years ago, but have not been active in quite some time. For the curious, I once played Michael MacLeod, a Scottish Epidemiologist, who was in Chernarus with Doctors Without Borders when the world ended. But that was then and this is now! I don't know who/what I will play yet, but time will tell!
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