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  1. Keep in mind that removing the 2hr rule wouldn't affect this experience. But it would give a chance to those people (and I'm sure there's plenty of them) that went in the next building and found an empty can. And went to the next village and found some flares. And went to another village and found ammunition for a weapon they don't have. While I haven't been robbed so far, my experience so far was very much that if I was robbed, there was no way - unless I was really lucky - that I'd even have a chance of thinking about revenge (not even talking about the oh-so-realistic-not-standing-a-chance-against-5-bandits-with-one-makarov situation). Also the other argument, that I could team up with other guys only seems to work on paper. Maybe I was online during the wrong times or in the wrong places, but considering I met 4 people in roughly 12-14 hours of playing time, that would average to 1 person every 3 or more hours. So unless I'm in a clan and have a bunch of buddies nearby,what are the chances of me meeting somebody randomly who is nice and dedicated enough to stop doing whatever he's doing and go off with me to hunt some bandits (that might have gone anywhere in the meanwhile)? I think it would be enlightening to see some statistics on what the ratio between robberies and successful KoS attempts (mind you, only guys trying to do that, not even succeeding) is within those 2 hours. And about the satisfaction of long-winding revenge...well tbh, I think this enforces that the only notable RP happening is aggressive RP. Allowing revenge without limit would not turn this into "just-another-dayz-server", but it would possibly limit the amount of crime (which is about the closest element to a standard dayz-server this server has) and motivate people to find other ways of doing meaningful RPing. The way the argument goes is, that people should be delighted they are being robbed, because it gives them RP opportunities, as if robberies and counter-robberies are the only way to create meaningful RP.
  2. You seem to complain about the RP you have with individuals, but do you think that you will get more roleplay if 75% of the server can get shot freely because of the removal of the revenge timer? (permanent kos rights) Also, you're right about it being hard to do something back against bandits if you have to re initiate. You have two hours to freely kill themm, then you have to initiate. If you're outnumbered, then maybe you shouldn't. I don't think you would do it in real life either would you? If you're constantly being harassed by 5 guys, good luck standing up to that. Sure you can do it, but be prepared to get your ass kicked, bij wijze van spreken. Depends on, if I'm a bandit I get my roleplaying from doing my banditry. Bandits satisfy their own RPing needs without interest in others and that should have consequences. If 75% of the server are bandits, then permanent KoS rights might change their approach to the game, or at least it would help keeping banditry a bit more in check. I cannot see how this would turn into a problem for people that are playing as civilians/survivors. Opposed to a bandit I can't just walk up to anybody and force them into RP with me. If they don't like my character, they can just say something along the lines of "I stay to myself" and go off. Fine, I have to deal with it. A bandit can just kill a non-compliant victim, which - as a bandit - still can count as some form of RPing. And you're right, a lone survivor would not be able to stand up to a group of 5 bandits in reality. But as somebody pointed out earlier, if he has a sniper and invests some time into following the group, he could take a shot at the person that robbed him and get his revenge. Boom, both parties had their RPing satisfaction in their interaction, albeit spread out over a longer time. Why do we have to worry about the feelings of the robber so much? Just as robbers claim their great RPing has victims thankful for their robbery, so could the revenge kill, where the former victim waited patiently for his chance to strike, be a satisfying experience in the sense of "hats off, well done". Sportsmanlike behavior. So far I find the rules leaning strongly in favor of the bandits. Even though everybody (especially bandits) is talking a lot about the RP-experience, let's not forget that losing all your gear does make for a harder game for your character. So far, I spent hours alone in this game and only three times have I met people shortly. Most of the time is not spent RPing, but collecting gear to ensure survival. If then, after hours of collecting, the price for some RPing is losing everything I had and starting off at zero again, it can be frustrating, especially if the same scenario for a bandit is the opposite. The bandit might be collecting alone for hours as well, but when he meets somebody, his price for some RP is not losing something, but gaining the gear of the other person. You can turn it however you want, but there's no denying that the current ruleset is lopsided towards the bandits - which explains also why there's seemingly so many of them. Maar da's slechts mijn mening.
  3. That´s my point. No one would rob anyone IF it was on equal terms. What does that tell you about the situation? It´s one sided and you just made that point yourself. I agree with this - together with an earlier post about the human tendency to organize itself and overcome chaos. This, I feel, is not reflected in most (or any) computer games at all. Probably due to the fact that there's no real punishment after all in these games and as such they have a negative effect on human conditioning. I'm rather new and have only played on two days so far and haven't experienced any robbery yet. I went to the forum looking for overall comments on the roleplaying so far, which - to be honest - has somewhat disappointed me up till now. I've only met four people out of which only one had a mic and he didn't spoke three words and just ran off. It didn't seem like a specifically characteristic trait of that persona (unless that persona is supposed to have a background of a kid sitting all day behind a computer screen), but much rather somebody who didn´t seem genuinely interested and/or excited about RPing and meeting somebody in-game. The other three were quite okay and rather nice, one of them was kind-of RPing with me, the others seemed to be going through the motions. Maybe my expectations were too high, but I feel that there's little ingenuity in the conversations. Which leads me to what I read in this thread - and to which I find a major turn-off: the fact that many people seem to argue that a robbery can offer some of the best RP and that some people are almost grateful for being robbed because they got such great RPing out of it. Even worse I find the whole discussion regarding torture. There's a whole truckload of perversions hiding behind the smoke-screen of RP, and that's not what I've been looking for in this community. I also find that it leads to moral deterioration when torture becomes justified by some rules (after the revenge-timer runs out capture him, drag him away and torture him). I, too, am much more in favor of having unlimited revenge rights - that's how it would work in reality, too. If a bandit robs somebody to gain their stuff, then they gain an advantage at the cost of not being able to sleep safely anymore. If somebody keeps walking around robbing people without need, this person should be free to shoot for all their former victims. The only measurable gain of a robbery is the loot after all (despite all the claims of robbers offering such great RP), so by killing them, you take away their gear just as much as they took yours before. An eye for an eye. Having to initiate on them first makes it a lot harder for their victims to engage them: not only do the victims need to gear up again before engaging them, they usually are outnumbered, too. And to everybody who offers great RP in a robbery: the definitions of great RP vary, and I cannot imagine "enjoying" the fact somebody exerts such a power over me. Which doesn't mean I accept it as a legit possibility in the game, but I think there are far too little consequences for banditry. I think this world offers a lot of potential for real roleplay, but from what I read here and from what I've experienced so far, I still see a majority of players being focused on stereotypical shooter-behavior. Sorry about that rant. Had to get this off my chest.
  4. Adaham

    Priest Skins

    Well, now there´s me as another priest, but without the mask. Since I want to play a priest character, I went to every church I could find to look for a skin. On the second day of playing (granted, it´s been longer sessions) I already found one. So right now my impression is there´s more priest skins than vehicles as I haven´t found one of them yet
  5. Adaham

    Priest Skins

    Well, now there´s me as another priest, but without the mask. Since I want to play a priest character, I went to every church I could find to look for a skin. On the second day of playing (granted, it´s been longer sessions) I already found one. So right now my impression is there´s more priest skins than vehicles as I haven´t found one of them yet
  6. Cheers and sorry for misplacing it. Since it was also my introduction, I thought I was in the right place.
  7. Thanks everybody for the great advice. From what I can see, it's worth a shot to try it as a priest. And I'm also expecting an interesting development as my persona will be confronted with morally difficult situations. I'm looking forward to playing with you guys, I hope I can come up with a convincing application and hope it'll be approved. All the best, A
  8. First answer by "The Reverend", that already partially answers my question ;-) And in any case I wouldn't go for the "I crashed/stranded here" option, I'm going there by choice (even though I have different motivations up my sleeve). Thanks for the advice, though.
  9. Hi everybody, I just registered and wanted to say hi. I'm currently working on my whitelist application and had a question: I had a couple of background stories for my character in the back of my head, but would like to avoid to come up with a story that is either overused and would therefore either annoy people or take the fun out of it for myself. Also, I wouldn't want to think of my characters background story for the application only to throw it all overboard once I'm admitted. I definitely want to play a civilian and was thinking as my first choice of a priest that came to Chernarus to 1) give people spiritual support and 2) fight the battalions of evil (though I am not planning on becoming a Priest-Rambo). Now I don't want to tell the whole story here, as this is not the application form, but I was pleased to find out there was a priest skin in the game. At the same time I found threads during my research that gave the impression that the priest was a rather popular character already and I wouldn't like to contribute to making the world look like an Excorcist training camp (and thus highly unrealistic). Could anyone of you tell me whether you have the impression that a priest would be a welcome addition, or whether you would rather sigh "not another one of those". I have other ideas in the back of my head and while I don't want to bother you with all of them, I would like to know whether there is a section of the forum or a specific thread (I haven't found it yet) in which "needed professions" are discussed. If not, would it maybe be interesting to have such a thread? Even though normal life comes to a halt during the apocalypse, the survivors would (especially after some time) still start fulfilling all sorts of communal services as to recreate some kind of "normality". Thanks for your time and I hope to see you all soon in Chernarus!