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  1. Dude, so much fucking hype.
  2. If a guy raises a gun at you after you've initiated on them, just drop 'em. It wasn't even a robbery, I just told him to put his gun back on his back because I could tell he and his buddy were about to hold me up. I hesitated when he raised his rifle. Lesson learned.
  3. Sounds like a pretty sweet idea, as long as you only play piano songs. It'd be really weird to hear AC/DC being played on a piano or something.
  4. My favorite setup is generally a standard AKS-74u with two magazines, a 1911 with silencer and two magazines, and sometimes a longhorn for long-range stuff. That thing is a surprisingly useful and accurate little hand-cannon. Really though, I'll make use of any gun that isn't a .22. They're just too underwhelming, even for zombies. That and, admittedly, I tend to be a crapshoot when I get my hands on one.
  5. So yesterday, my character got killed for the first time, EVER, by another person. Basically, I walked into a compound under the impression that it wasn't full of psychos (you guys were too damn good at that, btw. ), ended up getting captured, tortured, and eventually agreed to a game of chance for my life. I fucked up and got executed, but I would like the capture and torture to become a part of my character's history. To be more specific, there were certain parts I wanted to leave in. I entered the compound, figured out way too late that I was surrounded by shady characters (whose names and faces I don't remember), and got decked in the face by a guy with brass knuckles, which becomes a point at which my memory becomes "fuzzy". The only thing I clearly remember from then on is that I got stabbed in the leg before waking up after having evidently been robbed and dumped outside of Novodmitrovsk. So, yea or ney? Vague enough that it can pass as NLR, or should I just be like "What compound? I got knocked the fuck out? Nonsense!"
  6. This happened a long ass time ago, like probably back in January or some shit. I don't recall exactly when. Basically, I was running my sorry ass all around Elektro trying to get some damn food and drinks because my character was starving like fuck and my vision was practically nonexistent. So, I heard some shots coming from a couple hundred meters away or so and was like "PEOPLE!!! HALP ME!!!" So I find them in the street, about three or four dudes, all of them relatively well off, and I run up to them like "Guys, I'm dying out here, I need food." And then I passed out. I considered just hitting the respawn button, but then I heard everyone talking to each other like "We gotta help this guy." So I waited patiently, hearing them talking about trying to hook me up to a saline bag, but failing every time (thank you, bugged-out-the-ass DayZ SA). So this goes on for about fifteen to twenty minutes, and they were trying their damnedest to save me, and eventually one guy was just like "He's too far gone, we gotta put him out of his misery." I wasn't even mad. Hearing them try as hard as they did and then deciding to just euthanize me. Even though I was somewhat more indirectly involved, the RP was freaking awesome. So yeah, I received a bullet in the head, and that was probably the most memorable death I ever had. And if you guys are reading this, you're all freaking champs!
  7. WAS doing pretty well. Had a long day of nothing really great happening, and then things went from boring to a pain in my ass pretty quickly. So basically, I hid my SKS near some beached dinghies as I went down to the prison island. Found fuck-all there. Between swimming there and back, and exploring the labyrinthine building, I wasted roughly an hour. Fast forward about ten minutes, and I'm clearing the military base near Kamenka of zombies and looking for stuff. Found a couple of water bottles to keep my hydration up for the meantime, then moved on. Went through Pavlovo, took out one or two zombies and found nothing there either, then went to Zelenogorsk. First zombie I see, I go for my silenced 1911, and as I'm switching, it sees me and starts after me from about 15 feet away. I book it and switch to my AK... *ahem* SWITCH TO MY AK (because WTF are hotkeys, right?). So, I turn to shoot the bitch, I put about three bullets in her, one of which I'm pretty sure was a headshot, and she still didn't die. Fired another burst, which finally put her down, then another one comes running at me. He, thankfully, was more reasonable and went down in one burst. Bandaged myself, proceeded to loot the military buildings in Zelenogorsk; nada. Come out of the barracks near the prison building, see a she-zed walking around, pull out my 1911 to go for a ninja-shot. Miss. She-zed spots me, starts running after me, I switch to my AK again... Okay, holster my 1911, then switch to my AK... Still not doing anything. Wait, why is my ping over 9000? Turned around. Realized the she-zed is stuck doing the sprinting animation but not moving at all. I still can't do anything with my weapons. Fast forward another five minutes, give or take a few. Relog, look for the she-zed, don't find the she-zed, turn around just in time to see the she-zed behind me, and just in time for me to raise my SKS and put three bullets in her because she saw me at the same time. Loot the jail building, start going through the rest of Zelenogorsk, went into one building, came back out to see a zombie <5 feet away from me, but thankfully, he's slow to pick up on the fact that I can spit in his eye from that distance, and I'm right in fucking front of him, and I have just enough time to tactically dome him. See another zombie down the road, wait for him to take a pause then dome him as well. Realize that was my last bullet for the SKS. Oh well, still got my AKS-74u. Switched weapons and continued my zombie-killing rampage. Of course, not as accurately or efficiently, but still. Kill two zombies, then follow another she-zed through a building. Character starts panting like a bitch because apparently I can't jog more than 25 meters without getting winded. Wait to re-acquire aim. She-zed begins her attack run. I put a few in her before she can deliver. I come out of the building, ready to fend off whatever zombies I may have aggro'd. Didn't see any for a moment... wait, what was that? Oh shit, there's one. Welp, dome'd him, then got a surprise spanking by a ninja-zed that snuck behind me. Killed him right quick, then two more come through the building the she-zed came through. Killed them, then got smacked in the back of the head again. Killed that one, then got smacked by the two I thought I had dome'd, but apparently they just staggered in a very death-like manner. It was also at this point I heard my character yelp in pain, my vision blinked red, a notification said my leg hurt, and my bomber jacket is suddenly fucked. Fan-fucking-tastic. Rage-sprayed the two zombies, reloaded, prepared for even more fuck-fest-ness... Nothing?... Good, moving on. Get smacked the instant I turn around by a zombie that definitely was not there half a second ago. Rage-sprayed that one. Stand in the middle of the street wondering how many more of the fuckers there could be. Thankfully, after a moment of doing a constant 360 with my gun raised and my finger on the trigger, I confirm that the immediate danger has passed. See a spare AK mag to compensate me for my troubles. Too bad it's empty, but I'll take what I can get. Go to Green Mountain in hopes that someone will trade me. No one there. Get surprise spanked by another zombie just as I enter the compound, sprint in to get some distance, see another she-zed, turn and kill the first, then her, then see another she-zed come from behind the other one and put a couple in her brain-pan. Shit, last mag, and only 14 bullets left. Those three fully loaded mags went by fast. Thankfully, a guy came around and offered to trade me shit. I dump everything I have worth trading on him, SKS with PU scope included, get back about a mag and a half of 5.45 ammo. A VERY worthy trade in my opinion, considering what I just went through. Probably one of the most intense situations the most intense situation I've ever had with zombies, and I will definitely never underestimate those shit-asses again. Also, my character now has PTSD.
  8. *As you skim through the channels, you hear a young man's voice come on the radio. He is calm and has a mid-high pitched voice.* "Hey, Dallas, Victoria, this is Exile. We ran into each other a couple of days ago at the Northwest Airfield and we sorta stuck together for a bit. I've actually been looking for you guys, but to no avail." *There is a brief pause before Exile resumes.* "I know you have probably forgotten about me, or at least probably didn't really expect to hear from me again, but I'd like to regroup with you both sometime. I'm currently near Komarovo. I'm considering making the swim to that island across the way. Chernogorsk and the surrounding suburbs had just enough supplies to keep me going, but of course, that probably won't last forever." *He chuckles a bit before continuing.* "I feel like I've been lucky so far. I've never really found myself in desperate need of anything, yet, and I've never been knocked down hard enough that I needed someone else's help to get back up. But, my luck will probably run out eventually, and then I'll be sorry that I tried to go it alone. Don't ask me why, but I feel like you are the only ones I can trust so far. I dunno. Whatever, let's just meet up sometime. It's starting to get lonely around here." *The radio cuts to silence once more.*
  9. Exile89

    Share 1 random fact about yourself!

    I could probably build an AK, given the right tools and whatnot.
  10. 22, I suppose. Probably not. EDIT: 24, apparently.
  11. I'm not sure if it's been brought up before, but I was wondering if we should establish a universal time to use for IC purposes, or if there already is one. I know, or at least I'm pretty sure, the game is on a 19 hour time format, but I think we can safely ignore that for the sake of having a proper measure of time. If it's midnight and our "watches" say it's 8:30 AM, we can just say that they're really fast and haven't been reset in forever which, to be fair, is how it would likely go. Who is going to have a watch that they've managed to keep perfectly on time when there's nothing but the position of the sun to gauge it off of? So, I would say, logically, GMT would be a reasonable tome zone to set as a sort of in-character universal constant.
  12. I'd prefer no crosshair, but I'm mostly indifferent. I'd call it a very slight step up from the little dot, but that's only because it would mindfuck me sometimes when I'm looking around and just saw that stupid dot in the corner of my eye.
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