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  1. Hey there everyone and thank you for accepting me I'm looking forward to diving into some RP with you guys. I always try to RP on any game I play but I'm looking forward to actually have people engage back in RP to me rather than try to straight up slay me Hopefully meet some of you guys soon
  2. Flew to Chernarus with my brother so that we could go on a hunting trip. we spent a couple of weeks out in the wilderness just hunting various animals and living off the land while we caught up as we hadn't seen one another in a couple years due to me traveling. We were not aware of the chaos that was going on in towns until we ran into our first "thing". it was at this point that we knew something bad was happening as we could not reason with it. Somehow we managed to lose the thing and we retreated back into the woods to plan our next move on what we should do. I often visited Chernarus so k
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